Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Walthamstow, Wood Street 1907

Neg. 58548B

Memories of Walthamstow

A Fondly Remembered Childhood

I was born in 1942 and and spent my childhood in Walthamstow, which up to the time I left in 1967 was predominantly a white working class area in north-east London; I ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Roy Beiley

Bells, Graves And Wood Pigeons

I lived at 11 Church Lane with my sister Anne and parents, John and Barbara Mawson, until 1978. It was my grandfather's house (William Henry Cazaly) that he bought in ...Read full memory

A memory of Walthamstow by Joy Connell

Living In Wood Street

I was born in Thorpe Coomb in 1949 and I lived in Cuthbert Rd until they pulled most of the houses down in the mid 60s, we moved to St David's court on the corner of Wood St ...Read full memory

St Marys Conevnt

I was put in St Marys along with my two sisters, Betty & Maureen Killin. Our mum & dad separated so our mum put all my brothers away & an older sister; she was put elsewhere, none ...Read full memory

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