Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Neg. W40048X

Memories of Watford

Disco Days

I was 6 I think, I and my sister would go to Saturday morning pictures, then, about 11.30, go to Top Rank and would disco dance the Saturdays away. I remember I would either have a cold ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Paul Skinner

Born In Watford

my memories of Watford start in 1947 when I was born in the front bedroom of our house in Liverpool Road from the 1950s till approx 1968 there is not much I didn't know about the town I ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by David Rush


I was taken by my parents to the Odeon Cinema in December 1939 and heard the song 'There'll always be an England' sung for the first time. Whenever I hear this song today, it takes me back to ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Richard Hughes


We moved to Bushey in the early 1960s. My love of Top Rank came as I grew up with Waford being a big town. My dad worked on the new M1 Cox's corner, which now I understand is not there. ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Kay Harris

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