Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Watford, The Odeon Cinema 1961

Neg. W40048X

Memories of Watford

Top Rank

I can remember very vividly going to Top Rank on a Saturday morning with my friends. We all went to Francis Coombe Secondary School. We all had so much fun dancing on these Saturday ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Linda Adkins

Proud Of My Watfordian Roots

I was born in Watford Hospital March 1961. There is evidence that we - mum, dad and l - lived in Durban Road, and Wellington Road. I'm told one of these 'homes' was a flat ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Julie Simmons

Watford School Days 1957 To 1965

I well remember my school days at Watford Chater Junior School from 1957 to 1964, getting sick from drinking to much school milk, as class milk monitor with my friend ...Read full memory

A memory of Watford by Andrew Jennings

Vanishing Watford

My family moved to Watford in 1953 to a large house in Rosslyn Road, a side road within a few yards of the Rickmansworth Road right opposite the Town Hall concert hall entrance. I ...Read full memory

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