Wembley, Empire Pool c.1960

Wembley, Empire Pool c.1960

Neg. W314052

Memories of Wembley

Shops In We Blew In The 60s And 70s

I remember when we lived in Perivale, we used to walk to Wembley High Street where my dad worked in J Davy, the car place. My nan and grandad owned the bakers across ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by Diane Dover


I was born in Park Royal Hospital in Dec 1948. I remember Woolworths in Wembley town had an exit on a corner of the high street and there were trolley buses all round. We used to shop for toys ...Read full memory

Wembley High Rd. And Ealing Rd.

One of my most popular places to hang out was Finley's Tobacco shop on the High Rd. They had a really nice coffee shop downstairs. I also remember a cafe on Ealing Rd. ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by Patrick Hoare

My Memories 1950/60s

How I remember Wembley. I went to St Joseph's Catholic Primary which in those days was opposite the Empire Pool. I used to go and pet the horses when the Horse of the Year show was ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley

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