Wembley, Empire Pool c.1960

Wembley, Empire Pool c.1960

Neg. W314052

Memories of Wembley

Shops And Places The High Road And Ealing Road.

I was born and lived in Wembley until 1960. The Railway Hotel was the pub on the corner of Ealing Road and my mother was head housekeeper there for a long ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by Barbara Fisher

Ealing Road Wembley.

I Moved to Wembley in 1948 at age of 2 and lived there for 22 years. We lived in Ealing Road opposite Lyon Park Ave. My friends and I used to go up Lyon Park Ave to the Iron Bridge ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by Alan Riddell

C&A And Henry Cooper

On the right opposite Dixons Cameras was C&A. I think Henry Cooper's greengrocers shop was somewhere here too - does anybody remember? Used to see him in the shop Saturday mornings.

A memory of Wembley

I Was In The Train Crash At Wembley Central In 1984

On 11 October, 1984, a freight train was crossing from one line to another just south of Wembley Central station when my commuter train from Euston ...Read full memory

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