Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Neg. W195024

Memories of Wickford

A Walk From Wickford High Street Down The Rettendon Raod

My name is Kevin Mears, I lived in Wickford from my birth in 1958 until I got married in 1980. I shall describe my memories of Wickford in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Kevin Mears

Irvon Hill Nr Wickford County Junior School

I remember the man who used to paint lead soldiers, he lived in that tiny little 'bungalow in Irvon Hill! A couple of years ago it got burnt down and now ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Lnda Golding

Living In Wickford

I lived in Wickford until 1963. My sisters and I would walk down London Road to the high street, first stopping at the little sweet shop and then looking into the windows of ...Read full memory

Blue Lagoon Battlesbridge

The Blue Lagoon at Battlesbridge was a very small nightclub. I worked there on a Saturday evening as a waiter in the restaurant. The other waiter was Bernie Wright, and we ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Kelvin Binding

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