Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Wickford, St Catherine's Church c.1955

Neg. W195024

Memories of Wickford

A Walk From Wickford High Street Down The Rettendon Raod

My name is Kevin Mears, I lived in Wickford from my birth in 1958 until I got married in 1980. I shall describe my memories of Wickford in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Kevin Mears

Living In Wickford 1963 1972

We lived from 1963 - 1972 in Wickford, all of us 3 children going to Wickford Junior school up Market Road. I can recall a man who used to paint lead soldiers from his ...Read full memory

Alvin Stardust Mums Cafe At Wickford Station

Right, I may be showing my age now and out of the blue finding this on the internet about 1973/1974. its about Alvin Stardust and his Mum at Wickford BR ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford

The Evacues

My sister and I were evacuated to Wickford in 1940, I was just over 5 years old and my sister 11 years old. We came from the east end of London. We moved into a bungalow with an elderly ...Read full memory

A memory of Wickford by Leonard Askew

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