Widnes, Cheshire
Photos, Maps, Books and Memories

Historic maps of Widnes and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Widnes Memories And Friend Search!

I was born in widnes in 1949, my dad taught at St Maries so we all went there to school. My best friend for a long time was Valerie Casey, she lived on Bancroft Rd and ...Read full memory

A memory of Widnes by sue_scherzo

The Old Coop Funeral Parlour Lugsdale Road

Can anyone remember if the funeral parlour was sited were the coop used to have its repair shop in Lugsdale Road? I can remember the repair shop, I did work at the CAB in the 80s, which used that site before it moved further along the building, above was the old theatre/cinema which I have seen.

A memory of Widnes by Graham Brash

My Life In Widnes

I lived in Beach Terrace until 1948 then moved to Christie Street. I went to St Bedes school and the Fisher More until 1955. I went to work at the Co-op in Albert Road,it was a great ...Read full memory

A memory of Widnes by Mavis Thomas

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