Wimborne, The Minster, The Astronomical Clock 1886

Wimborne, The Minster, The Astronomical Clock 1886

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Memories of Wimborne Minster

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Langers Saddlery

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Wimborne Square

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The Minster Crypt 1886 There are many fine tombs within the Minster, including that of Saint Ethelred, a brother of Alfred, who was killed by the Danes in 873. John Beaufort, the grandfather of Henry VIII, lies buried nearby.

This is an excerpt from Dorset Photographic Memories, by John Bainbridge

The minster's third historic timepiece dates from the 14th century, and is based on the pre-Copernican system with the sun, moon and stars revolving around the earth. It can be seen in the baptistry under the west tower, although repair records from 1409 suggest that it was originally in the central tower. The internal mechanism was renewed in 1695 and again in 1792. Until the late-19th century, the clock chimed eight tunes on its bells. The baptistry also has a working model of the astronomical clock, made by the Wimborne clockmakers William and Ralph Kerridge in 1916.

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