Windsor, Peascod Street 1937

Windsor, Peascod Street 1937

Neg. 88141

Memories of Windsor

Windsor, The River 1960

Lovely place to take a summer's walk and visit with the swans.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Caleys 1004

Famous department/clothing store

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Riverside Train Station

Just as immaculate in 2010

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

Brunel's Railway Bridge 2004

Still in use 2010 - a great example of his work.

A memory of Windsor by Carolyn Babin

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About this photo

This is an excerpt from Berkshire Photographic Memories, by Nick Channer

Peascod Street lies at the centre of Windsor, at the top of the hill. The town centre is characterised by its streets of essentially Victorian and Georgian buildings.

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