Witley, Whitaker Wright's Tomb 1906

Witley, Whitaker Wright's Tomb 1906

Neg. 53565

Memories of Witley

Jasmine Cottage, Petworth Road

In 1956, my family moved into Jasmine Cottage which stands behind the wall on the left of this picture. It was (is) the centre cottage of 3 in one old building. There was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by Hans Marsen

Newspaper Delivery 1939 42

Directly across the road from Woodersons grocery store was Mrs Stent's, the newsagents.. As an 11 year old I went there to pick up newspapers for delivery on my bike to the ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by mikep428

Northfields, Witley

As a child on holiday with my aunts, uncles and grandma who lived at Northfields (where the post office is situated by the main road), I would spend many happy times buying pens, pencils, notebooks etc. I remember a Mr Bannister used to run the shop then.

A memory of Witley by Janet Savage

Sweetwater Lane

I was born in 1928 in the first house on the right on Sweetwater Lane. Still there, it was one of many "tied" houses occupied by those who worked for the Enton Hall estate of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Witley by mikep428

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