Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Wokingham, The Terrace c.1955

Neg. W123033

Memories of Wokingham

That Old Shoe Shop

The old shoe shop was called "Caiger's Boot Store" and was run by my two elderly great aunts, Ruth & Kizz (Kezia) untill 1969. Their father, Frederick Caiger who married the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham by Frank Caiger


I remember going there pre 1959. My memory is a little train. It waited in a little station with a roof. My dad must have paid and then the train set off on quite a long journey past trees. Presently it arrived back at the station.

A memory of Wokingham by Nick Beard

Pt. Puaka Whitau 16/188, Died:10th October1915

My grandfather's, brother was in the New Zealand Maori Contingent (Company A), an ex-Gallipoli Veteran, he died of sickness and is buried at St Sebastions ...Read full memory

My Great Grandparents House

My great grandparents lived in one of the houses you can just see at the right hand side right at the end, they are lovely black and white houses and are still there, offices now I think.

A memory of Wokingham by Nicky Lane

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