Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Neg. 70157

Memories of Woodford Bridge

Waltham Road Residents

I would like to know if anyone remembers the Cutmore family in Waltham Road, my former name was Stow, and I was good friends with Pam Hayden that lived at 129. But I would like to contact the Cutmores if anyone knows where they are. Thank you Valerie Sims (nee Stow)

Mixed Memories Of This Famous Hospital

About the time I was born in 1939, I had two aunts who were nurses in Claybury Hospital. Several years later, in the early 50s, I used to help the ...Read full memory


I was born in Gaynes Hill Road in 1941. Was the shop you are writing about John Bankils (or similar spelling) oposite Gaynes Hill Road. I can remember going to the shop for my Dad ...Read full memory


I think this is the date or so, I was fairly young, about 13 at the time. My granny was in this place, it really disturbed me having to go through all the wards with the locks and ...Read full memory

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