Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Woodford Bridge, Claybury Mental Hospital Entrance 1921

Neg. 70157

Memories of Woodford Bridge

Police Station

I have only just found this site. I was born in 1944 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, my Mom was sent there as bombs were falling still in the London area and Woodford was still ...Read full memory

21 Purleigh Ave

I lived there from age 1 something untill I married at St Pauls at 18. My best friend was Rev Wright's daughter, Christine. My school friends were Ann Richards, Joan Saville and Theresa Ancona. xxxxxxDiane

Shoe Shop/Bridge Mission

Looking at this picture brings back memories of the Bridge Mission. You went down a alleyway, I think beside a tie factory and a shop called Grants. Because I had very ...Read full memory

St Paul's Church

What memories I have of that lovely church and the drive up to it, lined with Horse Chestnut trees, in full bloom in the spring, and bearing all those beautiful conkers in the ...Read full memory

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