Woodford Green, The Old Toll Gate 1903

Woodford Green, The Old Toll Gate 1903

Neg. 50607X

Memories of Woodford Green

My Years At Woodford Bridge

I lived in Canfield Road, Woodford the very last house on the left hand side, right next to the cricket field. I went to the little mission (The Bridge) run alongside ...Read full memory

St Barnabas School For Girls

A very small window for any results, but, would anyone remember a SANDRA IRENE NELSON who attended the above school in the years 1958+? She resided in Fairfield Rd ...Read full memory

Wartime Memories

Mr Geoff Duff's memories sent to you on 27th July 2008 gave me such a surprise. I too remember the strange woman who would walk down to Woodford Station around 3.30 in the ...Read full memory

Sky Reals Road

My mother came from Woodford Green. She met and married my dad when they were in the army. I would often go down with my mam to see my granda. I remember one particular time ...Read full memory

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