London, Westminster Abbey, The Nave Altar c.1965

London, Westminster Abbey, The Nave Altar c.1965

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Memories of London

The Hub Of My Young Universe

London's main railway stations truly are wonderful and Charing Cross was the one that I frequented the most as I travelled every weekday from Woolwich Arsenal in SE London to Green Park Underground, near the great ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Dylan Rivis


The George Inn in Southwark was one of the favourite watering holes and eating houses for the young men of the accounts department of Borax Consolidated Ltd. in Victoria. In those days the serving wenches were all dressed in Dickensian ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Peter Wiles

The Bank Of England

The "Bank" has occupied this site since the late seventeenth century. Although you cannot see from either this view or indeed from the street, there is an exquisite garden and lawn in the centre! The Bank underwent an ...Read full memory

A Day Around London

The day rock 'n' roll singer Eddie Cochran was killed, I went around London and had my picture taken on Eros, then in the evening I went with my friend to see Adam Faith on stage.  It was a sad day because of the death ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Deborah Rowsell

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We have entered the abbey at the west - this sequence of views goes from west to east, starting in the nave. Henry III's abbey replaced the Norman one started by Edward the Confessor. Edward's choir, crossing and transepts were complete at his death in 1066, but all was swept away in the 13th century. The pulpitum or screen behind the altar is mainly 1828, and the monument in the left recess is to Isaac Newton.