London, Westminster Bridge, Queen Victoria Jubilee Day 1897

London, Westminster Bridge, Queen Victoria Jubilee Day 1897

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Memories of London, Westminster Bridge, Queen Victoria Jubilee Day 1897

Boys In The Crowd

My great uncle may be in this photo. I remember he told me that he and some of his pals walked from West Ham in the early hours of the morning and managed to get a spot on the Lambeth side of the bridge. They were just boys and came from poor backgrounds but had wracked their brains to come up with something that would contribute to the festive spirit of the day. The answer was strips of brown paper tightly rolled to look like cigars! So as the Queen drove by they felt like real swells cheering and brandishing their "cigars".

A memory of London by Philip Cousins

Memories of London

Alexandra Railway Bridge

Alexandra railway bridge was just behind Blackfriars Road Bridge and was removed in the 1980's. I seem to remember Taylor Woodrow cut it up with machinery mounted on the rail lines, then Smit, the Dutch salvage firm came upriver and the sections were lifted over the working railway bridge into their boats. I think the ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Dave Hill

Lost In A Field

I remember coming across Temple Bar in a field in Enfield/Cheshunt whilst out for a walk as a child in the 1960s. It seemed such a strange place for it to end up. There were no explanatory signs to say what it was and why it was there. There was tall grass all around it and possibly some sort of fence; so it was impossible to ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Carol Fisher

Alexnadra Bridge

Seems to be before the Alexandar Bridge was added between the railway and road bridge, it carried the railway line to Holborn.

A memory of London by Dave Hill

London,Piccadilly Circus 1951 1955

I was a young Constable in the year 1951, and fresh from Peel House, Westminster was assigned tio the Savile Row station known as CD. I lived at the Section House on Broadwick Street, Soho named after Lord Trenchard. Many times I was assigned to Piccadilly Circus, on the early turn or at 5pm to 1am for a two ...Read full memory

A memory of London by Nelson Jones
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Jubilee day was the perfect occasion for royal pageantry. After a service at St Paul’s, the ageing Queen was driven in her state coach past Parliament and across this crowded bridge, escorted by her loyal troops. The bridge is decked with garlands.

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