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The Changes in Lifestyles

I was in school in Long Sutton and worked part time for Phillip Stow the butcher. I had to go round customers' houses in the morning and take orders for their meat requirements.  I then went to school. After school I had to deliver the orders on a trade bicycle with a basket on the front.

The local supermarket was I believe Fine Fare.  I always remember a little three-wheeler coming and parking outside there and a similar model appeared on 'Hearbeat' in the first series.

My father John worked for Parson Bros and Snape coal merchants, and my mother was welfare officer for Lockwoods Foods.

The headmaster of the Peele school at this time was Mr Noone.

The one memory that I always remember is the bombing on The Wash which seemed to go on endlessly.

First Impresstion of Long Sutton

I first came to Long Sutton after my husband was given the job of being the local'bobby'We came to live in the local police station, which was an office room in the house. My first impresstion of Long Sutton was how slow the pace of life was after comming from a large city of Birmingham where the pace of life was fast and hectic. I soon got to know the local people and found them friendly and helpful along with the local charictors of the village. Live has now moved on and the village town has grown much bigger,since my husband and collegue retired the police station office has closed down and moved to a larger town.
I am still living in Long Sutton and the pace of life now moves a little faster but only a little. I feel also now that i am not the outsider i once was and with working with the local people have become one of them, only when my Brummy accsent comes... Read more

Lincolnshire memories

Garnsgate Hall


We have just moved to Garnsgate Hall and are trying to research its history. I would love some memories of the Hall particularily from 1911 till today and in particular would really like to see some old photographs or paintings.

Many thanks

Caroline (

Staines Family of Sutton Bridge

My family moved from Sutton Bridge to Canada in or around 1912 or 1913. Looking for any family that may still be in that area. William Staines and his wife Rosa, and their 6 or 7 children left for Canada. Thanks, Lisa Freeman, in Canada

My Wonderful Grandparents!

I remember my very first taste of independence at the age of 7!! I cycled to my grandparents at The Rising Sun Inn for a holiday - they managed it for some 40 years. I loved that place!! I loved Gedney Drove End; the marsh, the samphire and the creeks, the smell of the sea. I loved the park and the small ditches where we used to go 'tadpoling'. I remember the planes doing low flying and target practice over the marshes and walking out onto the mud flats as far as we could go. I remember going on the bus to Long Sutton Market with granny every Friday morning. I have many other memories such as when a whale was stranded on the marsh and the whole community turned out to see it. Some people even stood on it to have their photos taken. Although I put 1957, the actual timescale extended to 1966.

Cookery Days

As Christmas 2012 approaches, once more I have baked my family Christmas cake using the same recipe, from the same book, all those memorable years ago. Attending Holbeach Bank School at that time, just pre George Farmer, we girls would bus into Holbeach each week to be taught how to cook a variety of food. I trust my attempt at poetry will explain.... COOKERY DAYS 1957 I was taught to cook at school, the lessons took all day. We travelled on a bus together, several miles away. And there with well packed baskets containing all required ingredients, we schoolgirls learned our culinary techniques via a lady of great experience. We baked biscuits, chocolate sponge or maybe fairy cakes. It just depended whatever, our patient cookery teacher dictates. The room in which we used was an old Community Hall with dingy antique ovens but we didn't mind at all. Working on trestle tables that had to be well scrubbed, hygiene was most important to do a proper job. During our return journey at the end of... Read more

Father's Connection With The Park

Carters Park c1960, Holbeach
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My father worked in the field that became Carters Park when Mr Carter gave it to the town.  He was Cyril King and he was aged 13 at the time, having left school to work on the land.  It is very moving as he died in 2003 and his ashes are now in the cemetery directly opposite the park.  He eventually went on to farm down Crown Colony/Sluice Road Holbeach Marsh until his retirement.

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