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Hannafore And Island 1920, Looe

Hannafore And Island 1920, Looe

Hannafore And Island 1920, Looe Ref: 69648

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Boating Lake

The Mill Pool 1912, Looe
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I remember the millpool being used as a boating lake and being able to hire rowing boats, canadian style canoes and sailing dinghys. Over the years the council reclaimed more and more of the millpool for use as a carpark and now there is only a fraction of it left and what was a nice big boating lake is now the main carpark for the town.

Diving Rock

Diving Rock 1920, Looe
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This rock is known locally as "Tom Barbers Rock". This name was given as Tom Barber died as he hit the rocks below when diving.

The Beach

The Beach c1965, Looe
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This is The Beach at Hannafore (West Looe).

Where is It?

This view is at the west end of Hannafore, before the road terminates.

Not so Much A Memory, More of A Query.

The Bridge 1888, Looe
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This bridge is usually referred to as a seven arched bridge but looking at this 1888 photograph, there appears to be eight of them. The tunnel nearest the camera still exists and I recall how it once gave access to the old Regent Cinema which these days serves as an amusement arcade. Is it possible that the arch or tunnel at the far end could also have housed a road or even a railway line? Although from the photo, it appears to span part of the river. I can also recall from the 1950s, the railway line extending past the Eastern end of the bridge and down to the quayside. I seem to remember a daily goods train going down to the quay presumably to take fish 'up country'. But I certainly don't remember the existence of that eighth arch or tunnel. The only explanation I can offer is that when the bridge was built in the 1850s the quayside at East Looe had not yet been extended up as... Read more

Large Water Container in West Looe

Has anyone photos of the large water container which sat in front of the Baytree Hotel, presumably used during the Second World War for firefighting?

Summer High Tides

I used to hire the Council deck chairs and beach floats on East Looe beach and rake and clean out the beach tents as a student summer job. On the high tides when the tents were removed the sea would break against the promenade wall. After each wave the kids would identify any exposed silver coins lost by 'visitors' in the tents when they changed into their swimmers, jump over the railings to pick them up and clamber back up before the next wave broke. There were mishaps but the return was often greater than the 6d obtained from a none-returned deck chair ticket or the 3d for an empty drink bottle. Recycling in its earlier form!

Skiddery Rock

I remember as a child sliding down 'skiddery rock'. It seemed so large at the time.
Alas, most of it has now disappeared beneath the 'new' promenade. The rock was a large inclined slab behind the 'top' Bassett's Cafe.

Punch And Judy

During the summer season we had Punch and Judy shows on Looe main beach. The puppeteer would parade up and down the prom and beach on a pair of very tall stilts. This, of course, would get everybody's attention. He would 'advertise' his next show. Can't remember how much it cost though!

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