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Lower Claverham memories

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Memories of Avon

Brockley Hall

I believe that my great grandfather Robert Landeman Jones owned Brockley Hall but I am unsure of the date, I am guessing it was the 1870s.  I think that he later moved to Weston-super-Mare.  My brother and I have a photo of the old house.  I also have a diary that my great grandfather kept for the years 1896 and 1905 which has fascinating detail about  his accounts.

Beautiful Brockley Hall

I used to live at Brockley Hall, I had my first born son John at Brockley, followed by four more children, I have the most wonderful memories at Brockley, walking through the gardens, It is a beautiful place, so many precious memories..  xx


The Weir And Footbridge 2003, Congresbury
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I can't be 100% sure but this is a great likeness of myself and my brother Rob... I have fished this swim for large roach since the early 1990s and we still fish the weirpool to the present day. I have had many happy memories here and have some nice photos of truly outstanding catches.
I have also met some lovely old boys there and have enjoyed hearing their tales of whoppers caught in the days of way back when the river here used to be tidal. They even used to have flatfish competitions!!

My Family

My mother's family is from Bristol and my first memory of going to Congresbury is when I was four, in 1984. Me, my mom and my three older brothers went to visit my grandma and grandpa in their beautiful cottage home, on Orchard Lea. The beautiful flowers, crab apple trees, the smell of summer...the list goes on. I remember going snail picking and being too scared to eat one. My grandpa would make us kids ice cream sandwiches, it was heaven. My grandpa took me for a walk, to buy me a gift, and it was a metal set of mini pots and pans, I still have them to this day. We would go to the ocean, and play in the sand, we'd get frog and dracula popsicles and eat fries and gravy chips. I absolutely love and miss that time and place. How heartbroken I am now to think, that my grandparents, their home and even my one brother is no longer on this earth with me anymore, and... Read more

Born in Congresbury

I was born in Congresbury in 1951 and lived there until I joined the army in 1966. I have very fond memmories of growing up there, one of the fondest was riding the strawberry train from Cheddar to Yatton. My uncle ran the the local coal business and had his coal delivered at Congresbury station. I attended the local primary school and the local choir under the direction of the Reverent Cran who we all feared, I once made 2 shillings and sixpence collected from a bride leaving the church after her wedding, the custom was to throw small change to the choir boys as they left the church, I was the fastest. One of the saddest moments was to find on subsequent visits that a lot of the orchards and open ground have been given over to housing developent.

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