Lowestoft, Punch And Judy, Children's Corner 1952

Lowestoft, Punch And Judy, Children's Corner 1952

Neg. L105079T

Memories of Lowestoft

Photographer's Kiosk

This photo show a small photographer's kiosk. I obtained a Frith print of this image but with a magnifier all I can see is the dot screen used to produce the print. I wonder if anybody knows who was running the photographer's kiosk in 1955?

A memory of Lowestoft by Paul Godfrey

Great Grandparents Lived Here

Great grandparents lived here in 1890

A memory of Lowestoft

Great Grandparents

My great grandparents also lived in this road. Charles Alexander Adamson & Mary Elizabeth Adamson nee Dover

A memory of Lowestoft

Family Connections

My parents both worked here after they left school. In fact, I think it was during this time that they started courting. This would be in the 1930s. About 60 years later, our oldest grand-daughter was to work here, as well, in the 1990s. Young Rebecca was thrilled that she had followed in her great-grandparents' footsteps.

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