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Oaklands Children's Home.

I was in Oaklands Children's Home about the year 1963-64, and I have not been able to find out about what has happened to it since then, so if anybody can help me with this quest, or was even there, at the same time as me, I would be most grateful to hear from you!

Cheshire memories

My Grandmothers Place of Birth

My grandmother, Ivy Ashurst, was born and lived in Golborne for about 18 years, she told me lots of stories, of the mines and the cotton factories. Her father, Harry Ashurst, used to run a Boot and Clog Depot in Golborne, I have a photo.

My father, Robert Moon, was born in Golborne also, his father was Robert Anthony Moon, who came from around the Golborne area.

My grandmother worked for a little while in a hospital called Winwick.

If anyone remembers my grandmother or my father, please get in touch with me.

Thanks for your time, as I am so interested in Golborne.


I grew up in Burtonwood from 3 months old, we lived in the Stephouses next to the Methodist chapel until I was three then in 1955 moved to a new council house on the Miners Estate, Knight Road. I moved to Ashton In Makerfield when I got married in 1977 and am still there. I go back from time to time to see old friends. It is good to see that the old Filterbeds where we played (forbidden but that made it more fun) is now a children's playground, very fitting. All the pubs are still there but I see the old Labour Club is now the church hall.

The Farm on Broad Lane

I was four years old and lived with mum in a caravan parked in this farmer's field along with other caravaners. Mum and dad would have paid rent to the owner of the farm. I was the only youngster around and had no choice but to roam around and play in the fields by myself. The farmhouse was a big old white detached one built many years before I lived there and there was a bungalow across the yard. Once I became familiar with the folk who lived in these two homes, I certainly had a lot of "uncles" and "aunties". One of my dreaded mad dashes was to run across the yard from the farmhouse to the bungalow or vice-versa. There were three white geese out to get me if they should be around the yard but, luckily for me, I could outrun them thereby saving any tears in my frocks. I attended the little nursery school up the road but... Read more

Early Days of Living in Collins Green

My maiden name was Iris Potter, I was born at 82 Penny Lane, Collins Green. I have a lot of good memories of living in Collins Green, lots of friends are still living there. I went to school and church in Burtonwood. I always seemed io get in trouble with the local bobby. I have very good memories, I wish I still lived there...

Collins Green Farm

It was in 1958 when I was just 5 years old that my mum, dad, 3 brothers (John, Les and Robert) and younger sister Barbara went to live in Collin Green Farm. For the next 5 years it was absolutely brilliant. I started school at Burtonwood where I met a girl who was to be a life long friend, Rosemary Atkinson. This being a small village we, as a family, got to know everyone living there. We had a fabulous childhood, every day an adventure. Rose and I would go off armed with jam butties and a bottle of water to play on the muckies (mounds of coal dust). Living on the farm had many advantages; roaming around the acres of land finding ponds and catching tadpoles, my brother's put trapezes up in the barns where we spent hours swinging about on them, even winter was great, there was a huge dip in the back field which filled full of water, maybe 12 inches deep... Read more

Willow Crescent

Green Lane c1955, Padgate
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The next turning on the right is Willow Crescent (I think it's a cul-de-sac now) if that's how you spell it. Yep, this is where I grew up, we had 1 bus, the 81 Dam Lane. If I remember right it used to turn up every hour (with no digital display as well). I had some good times and some bad, but more good. If only we could turn the clocks back, eh. I remember the local bobby dragging me home by the ear because I was riding my bike on the footpath. What a vandal I was, ha! We used to jump over the brook which was at the bottom of our garden and sneak into the L.C.C. Depot, shhhh don't tell my dad. Them were the days. Anyway I think that will do me for now. It was nice seeing Green Lane as it was even though it ain't changed that much. If you can find any photos of Padgate walking day or St Oswald's that would be... Read more

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