Luton, Congregational Church 1897

Memories of Luton


I used to work in Dewhursts butchers on Whipperly Ring, Farley Hill Est. Mr Brookes, the Area Manager, had his office over the butcher shop on Market Hill about 50 yards from the Red Lion Hotel. I have very fond memories of Luton from ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by William Rooney

Bute Hospital, Dunstable Road, Luton

Later to become part of the old St Mary's hospital, Dunstable Road. Luton. I was born there in 1948.

A memory of Luton by John King

Lane's Children Wear Store Circa 1950's

Looking for any memories anyone might have of Jack Lane's store in Luton which sold children's wear. It was a family run store. Jack's wife was Bessie and their daughters, Eunice and Sheila, used to work in ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by hbrill

Grandmother's Sweet Shop

I was born in the flat above my Grandmothers Sweet Shop in Wellington Street in 1955. I think it was on the right as you went up the Street just before the chapel that was on the left.

A memory of Luton
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