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Lynx Trading Estate

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Somerset memories

Brympton D'evercy - as I Knew it Claire School

Brympton D'Evercy House 1900, Brympton
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I spent as a boy four years from 1970 to 1974 at this magnificent house, as it was a boys' boarding school. It was a fantastic place to be as a 10 year old, to study and grow up.
I yearn to return and see its splendid huge wooden staircase we use to slide down, its hamstone turret stairscases, and the japanese garden that we spent many hours tending due to detention!!!!
I hope the house is still in good hands it is a national treasure in my eyes and I feel privliged to have lived there for four years of Brympton's long history.

Western Morning News 28.12.09 Brympton

Brympton D'Evercy House 1900, Brympton
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1959 - 1962 I was also in 'inmate' of Clare School at Brympton, this spectacular alleged Inigo Jones fronted building and certainly then did not value its stature until later in life. It is featured in the BBC programme 'The Turn of the Screw' on 31st Dec 2009 and page 2 of the Western Morning News. The Hockey pitch (front lawn) looks in remarkably good nick so The Glossops, the now owners, have done a good job. The paper says they are encouraging folk to visit and use the house as a wedding venue. I will turn up one day! Alec

Clare School, I Was There...........

Brympton D'Evercy House 1900, Brympton
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The summer of this year, I left Clare School at Brympton after spending a few years there. The house was an extension, but for older boys, of Clare school at East Coker Court. Clare School opened to just a few of us, Boarders and Day Boys, in the year 1957. The Headmaster and owner was Mr Bowden. It was a private school and run as a Grammar School. It was strict, not that I always enjoyed the rules but I appreciated the discipline as I grew older. Both houses were lovely but I prefered East Coker as the ceilings were lower and the whole premises had a warm atmosphere. Many happy years at both. If I can find a picture and remember more I will update this letter. I am retired now but so very glad I had a strict schooling but fear THIS is what is missing today. So sad!!!! Michael.

Clare Boys School

I also, was a student at Clare School in Brymton. I attended (if I recall correctly) from 1960 to 1963. The headmaster was Mr Robinson, some of the other 'masters' names were Mr Hemmings, Major Burns and Mr Gall. A beautiful place which I think we all took a bit for granted. I am now retired and living in Canada (have done for forty years). Brymton was lovely - school life was quite tough, but I was fortunate enough to make a few good friends. Where are you all now?

Memories of Clare School 1958-62

Hi to any old Clarions out there. It truly was a great place to be a boy. There were so many characters among the boys and staff; Major Burn (or "flinty") who taught French but also great tales of WW1,Slattery or "slatts" had the quickest temper, cross country runs with "Robbo"who would literally bounce along,"Pongo" Hemmings and the slightly unusual Mr Winch. The House was an amazing place for lads and the grounds went on forever. I was lucky enough to be a prefect and the toast was always on as we were always hungry. You are not supposed to be happy at boarding school... but I loved it! Good pals and great adventures.

WW2 Woolworth,S Bombed 1941-2 Approx.

The George Hotel And Middle Street c1960, Yeovil
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My mother & I were rushed into the cellar of the 'George Hotel' which was opposite Woolworths which took a direct hit. We came out afterwards and I was rushed home from what seemed quite an adventure for me, but it was 35+- years after that I had a sudden flashback and realized how lucky we were, as several people were killed that day. Not long after another bomb dropped close to us on a Saturday near to White Post on the East Coker/Hardington Road. So you can see the 'George Hotel' has vivid memories for me. I have a Frith picture (above) hung in my hall to remind me of this fine old building that was destroyed many years ago in the name of progress. But it saved my life and I wish it was still there as it was a fine Tudor (?) building. I remember the small cellar window next to the coach gate.

Wyndham Hill And Penn Mill

My house backed onto Wyndham Hill and I spent my childhood playing over there. My cousin and I loved to watch the steam trains passing by and sometimes (if our parents weren't nearby) would run onto the bridge at Pen Mill station and hang over to get lost in the smoke - the things kids do!
There was also another smaller field beside Wyndham which had three horses; Penny (a chestnut), Dusty (a dark grey) and Joey (a brown). The lady who owned them gave riding lessons, which I went to every Saturday (after coming back from the Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon). My horse was Joey, a lovely little horse, and I always remember cantering at the bottom of Wyndham (the Pen Mill station end); when for some reason Joey decided to 'put the brakes on' so to speak and I went flying over his head. I kept hold of the reins though and wasn't hurt but when I stood up the smell was dreadful. Dear little Joey... Read more

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