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St Bartholomew's Church c1965, Maltby

St Bartholomew's Church c1965, Maltby

St Bartholomew's Church c1965, Maltby Ref: M140018

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Happy Days

I was born in 1950. I lived with my grandparents for a number of years at 17 Dunnsdale Road, their names were Annie and Billy Walters, my mum was Carol Walters. I had loads of relatives. Nancy Green my aunt lived Manor Road. I have many wonderful memories of Maltby, it was great growing up there in the 1950s. I remember the open air pool at the craggs, the cinema, my mum used to work there, no longer there. I remember my grandad being a member of the workman's club and used to go for day trips to the seaside. I loved Maltby, still do though I no longer live there x I go back to visit from time to time.

Childhood Memories

My name was Yvonne Davies, I was born in 1958. My mother's name was Mary Davies (nee Meredith). My mother lived at 33 Clarence Place, Maltby. My grandparents were Polly and Mo Meredith. I was born in No. 2 Clarence Place. I have an older brother called Paul. We left Maltby when I was quite young and went to live in the outskirts of Leeds. I have fond memories of Maltby, my grandparents and my stepfather's family who also happened to live in Clarence Place (confusing I know). I never did know the Davies family but I would be interested to hear anything of them.

Maltby Baths

We used to go to the baths from Thurcroft School. A great bus ride and then the pool. It seemed that it was always cold or rainy. I always had 4 pence and bought beef and onion crisps.

Maltby Lido

I remember the Open Air Lido very well. It was managed by Sid and Minnie Armstrong. They looked after their customers well and once they got to know you they let you stay over your time and sometimes never charged you for the basket which you put your clothes in. It was a good and cheap source of entertainment plus all your mates came also, they were happy days.

Maltby Lido

My memories are the happy times I spent as a child at the lido.  We had little money, just a bottle of water and dry bread and jam on a Sunday morning and fun in the Lido.  I well remember Harry Wood the baths attendant.  He used to let us stay over our time.  My brothers used to throw me in -- I soon learnt to swim -- yes happy days.
Renee Greenwood nee Cobb

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