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Home Town

Yorkersgate c1960, Malton
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The place where I was born and grew up.

Church Going Memories.

Market Place c1960, Malton
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I lived in Malton for many years and as a schoolboy sang in the church choir. Services alternated on Sundays between St Leonard's Church (the one with a spire) and the older St Michael's church in the Market Place. St Leonard's was eventually transferred to the Malton catholic following as diminishing membership of the Church of England Church could not support both buildings.

North Yorkshire memories


c1965, Old Malton
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Where in Malton is this?

Great Aunt Muir Legard

Swing Bridge c1960, Huttons Ambo
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My great aunt, Muriel Dundas Legard, lived for many years in Huttons Ambo. She built a house called Colswayn and then built two other bungalows in the grounds; firstly Mynchon which she lived in for years, then Bardolf. My sister, brother and I have many many happy memories of visiting her and staying in the oasis she had created around her. Bees, veg garden, sheep in the field belonging to a farmer, and her old Ford Poplar car, which she'd drive up and down the drive as we stood shrieking with delight on the running board! We'd visit the farms as I was deeply into animals; and once stayed with Mrs Johnson near the church I think in Low Hutton as Muir was full-up, where we bathed in a tin bath, and had a brilliant time with the kindest person. I'd have been about 10 years old at a guess. When she could not longer manage living on her own, aged about 88 years, she moved into a home in... Read more

Happy Days

Swing Bridge c1960, Huttons Ambo
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I have happy memories of going down to the swing bridge in the school holidays when we visited our grandma in Huttons Ambo, long summer days going down to Leamans' shop for a block of ice cream and running back up the hill before it melted. Grandma Allen lived at Wolds View Cottages, we would go with her to clean the church and would play in the churchyard till she was ready. She seemed to always to be cleaning for people, she was widowed and lived there with our uncle Steve, he would take us up and down the lane on his tractor. Went to the school there for a while in 1955 when our mother was ill, Mrs Ronald was the school mistress and lived two doors away from Grandma's. Lovely little village which has not changed, and so reminds me so much of my childhood whenever I go back.

Very Happy Times

Swing Bridge c1960, Huttons Ambo
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I spent the early years of my childhood living in the Station House at Huttons Ambo,my dad was the signalman there. I attended the village school from 1958 - till it closed 1962 (?). Both my parents have unfortunately died in the last 4 years, but I still go back to Huttons Ambo when I get the chance. The memories of the steam engines chugging past my bedroom window, the warmth of the coal fire in the signal cabin and the fishing in the Derwent near the swing bridge are vivid. Everybody wishes at some point they could turn back time, this is where I would go, given the chance, without any hesitation!

Gowing up in Huttons Ambo

Swing Bridge c1960, Huttons Ambo
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I grew up in Huttons Ambo and my mum still lives there today. What a wonderful carefree childhood. We lived in Low Hutton for a few years, my mum (Eileen Routledge, brother Simon and sister Sarah), and then moved to High Hutton and lived next door to my Gran and Grandad Gibson. We used to play down by the river and the swing bridge and loved standing in the middle making it swing, on school summer holidays we would take off with a picnic every day and go through the fields making bale dens. We had so many places to go play and hide. I was baptised in the village church. My brother went to the village school but it closed down before I started although I do remember the school teacher Mrs Ronald, she carried on living there after it closed. Leaman's shop was a must every Sunday morning after Sunday School to spend our pocket money on sweets, black jacks, gob stoppers etc. I remember the... Read more

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