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Memories of Clwyd

Original Owner of The Plough

The Plough c1960, Gresford
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My Great, Great Grandfather, Thomas Evans was the original owner of The Plough. While doing some research into my family tree I discovered in the 1861 Wales Census that he was listed as a farmer(owner of 10 acres of land) and publican of the Plough Inn. He lived there with his wife Jane and son Robert and twins Edward and Eliza. Edward is my Great Grandfather. His son George immigrated to Canada but George's brother (another Thomas) lived in Gresford all of his life. I have more recent photographs of The Plough taken by my Aunt on a visit in the 80's.

Gail Evans Lalonde

Narrow Lane

The Plough c1960, Gresford
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I can remember Narrow Lane, Gresford although I lived there for a very short period. My Uncle Bob lived in the lane with my Auntie Peggy, he used to have a smallholding just across from where we lived. I am sure many people will remember him, his name was Robert Martin, in fact some of his family still live in Gresford. I also remember the dance group called the Gresford Bells, if anyone reading this recalls them I would appreciate if they would email me. And does anyone remember a Mr and Mrs Taylor who lived in the 1960s in a cottage just past Willises dairy? If anyone can remember them please let me know for I will always remember.
Phil Kersey-Smith.

Moss Hall, Gresford

The Plough c1960, Gresford
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I am just remembering Moss Hall and Mr and Mrs Yaylor and their son Stan who lived in a cottage near the copse, and how at a night time you would stand outside and listen to badgers crying, it was really such an amazing place, the memories which are still fresh in my mind. I wonder if anyone in Gresford would still remember them, in fact their granddaughter still lives in Gresford, her maiden name was Pauline Yates, she later married Ron Smith. The last time i saw her was in 1985. She has a sister, Patricia, again I have not seen Pat also since 1985, in fact it would be nice to know if anyone knows of or is friends with them, if so could you please contact me. I may have left Gresford very young but I will always be Gresford born and bred.

Ada Shareen Johnson Nee Evans

The Plough c1960, Gresford
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Having read Gail Evans Lalonde's memories of The Plough, Gresford, I realise that her great grandfather who owned The Plough was also my great grandfather. Thomas Evans was my grandfather and his son Edward was my father. This is incredible news to me as I have been searching for any relatives on my father's side. I am 72 years old this year and would love to get in touch with Gail. I now reside in Prestatyn, Denbighshire, North Wales.

Horsley Hall Pioneer Army Camp

The Plough c1960, Gresford
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Hi can anyone help me am looking for a photo of the royal pioneers army camp at Horsley hall in the 1955 if any one as got a photo please my i have a copy.

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