Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

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Caption for Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

The impressive facade of the Hotel Metropole, with the Ship Hotel next door, faced the end of the Jetty to greet the thousands of holidaymakers who travelled down on the paddle steamers. In the foreground is a 'guess your weight' machine, where you only paid if the proprietor guessed your weight correctly. He could do this by cleverly adjusting the weights to his advantage. Six houses to the left was the lodging house of Mrs Sophia Booth, where J M W Turner stayed between 1827 and 1851. From here he painted watercolours of golden sunsets over the sea to the west and the misty dawns to the east. Between 1939 and 1945 the Hotel Metropole and surrounding properties were demolished as part of the town's Fort Road Improvement Scheme. The area as it was before demolition can be seen in the aerial photograph on pages 8-9. Three acres of rundown cafes, souvenir shops and a wooden arcade were cleared, and a new dual-carriageway swept down the hill offering a clear panoramic view of the sands and bay.

Book of Margate Town and City Memories

An extract from the book Margate Town and City Memories.

Memories of Margate

My Holidays In Margate

My mum & dad used to take me and my sister to Margate (Cliftonville) for 2 whole weeks back in the late 50s/early60s. I shall look up some old photos when I have a chance. Although we didn't have much money then, we took a bus from East Malling, Kent to the Maidstone Bus Station where we travelled on the sea coach to ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Wendy King

Charity Boxing Match Winter Gardens

My father of 76 yrs has a problem. He has a photo of himself at the Margate winter gardens on a charity night, as he used to box for the army. He was in the boxing ring with a marine in 1957. He had the report from the paper that has since gone missing. The bout he won was in aid of the Cheerful Sparrow ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Allan More

Family Home In The Churchyard

My grandmother was born in the churchyard - as was my mother and her siblings- well actually in a cottage which abutted the church wall - the family lived in the cottage for almost 100 years until it was condemned and pulled down in the 1920's - they built an air-raid shelter on the site during WWII and now they ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Sally Culshaw

70s Thoughts

I came from the north to work in Margate from 70 to 72--at what was then called the Isle of Thanet District Hospital, Margate Wing. For my first 2 months I lived in staff accommodation at the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital. I'm sure that people in far more upmarket accomodation would have killed for the sea view from my room. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Ian Warburton

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