Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

Margate, Hotel Metropole 1892

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Memories of Margate

Charity Boxing Match Winter Gardens

My father of 76 yrs has a problem. He has a photo of himself at the Margate winter gardens on a charity night, as he used to box for the army. He was in the boxing ring with a marine in 1957. He had the ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Allan More

My Holidays In Margate

My mum & dad used to take me and my sister to Margate (Cliftonville) for 2 whole weeks back in the late 50s/early60s. I shall look up some old photos when I have a chance. Although we didn't have much money then, we took a ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Wendy King

Holy Trinity Church 1891 Margate

The Margate cliffs were chalk. An extremely tall church named The Holy Trinity Church sat in the middle of Trinity Square about 800m from the sea. During the war, the roof had collapsed leaving the outer walls, ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Dave Harris

70s Thoughts

I came from the north to work in Margate from 70 to 72--at what was then called the Isle of Thanet District Hospital, Margate Wing. For my first 2 months I lived in staff accommodation at the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital. I'm sure ...Read full memory

A memory of Margate by Ian Warburton
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