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Burgate Gateway To The Cinema

BURGATE is where the CASTLE CINEMA used to be . That bring's back lot's of HAPPY MEMORIE'S of day's gone by . I went to the cinema as a child , and then worked there , on the projector's with RON RICH . The WHITE ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickering by anneandchibby

The Sign

That's me in the sign by the chippy. The photographer ask me to do it.I was7 and lived round the corner at no. 37 Bank St. John Johnston.

A memory of Cherry Tree by

Watching Brentford Playing Football 60years Ago.

I have only just found this site for sharing your memories of days long gone by, I used to live at No 30 Coningsby Rd South Ealing W5, we lived in 3 rooms upstairs in this house until my dad was ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentford by wrgbuck69

Bridge Road

We use to live at number 19 Bridge Road. My earliest memory is watching a parrot flying across Greenham's field behind the prefab. We never has a bathroom only a out side loo. Our bath night was on a sunday. A old tin bath infront of ...Read full memory

The Uplands Hotel

I remember staying at the Uplands Hotel for 2 weeks about 1956 or 57. I'm pretty sure it was in Clarence Road and run by a Mr and Mrs Spickernel,( not sure about that spelling ). I was 12 years old and had a great time. The ...Read full memory

A memory of Bognor Regis by ronnieibi

The New Fender Club

A view of Kenton Road to the west of the railway bridge. To the immediate left of this shot behind the Shell petrol pump (now a car park) is Churchill Hall, home of the Wembley North Conservative Club. Rather more ...Read full memory

A memory of Kenton by The Laird

John Perrin Place, Preston Hill

I think that this is a photo of the (then) newly built John Perrin Place flats. This unremarkable construction was built on the site of the centuries old Lyon's Farm, which was torn down for the purpose. The farm ...Read full memory

A memory of Kenton by The Laird

Childhood In Tantobie

i was born at larch terrace tantobie in1941 name harry hall i remember the old picture house the gaff i was in the boys brigade went to school tanfield lea and burnhopefield great days hard winters but we enjoyed them i now live in suffolk but will never forget tantobie

A memory of Tantobie by marion.hall2

My Childhood In Tantobie

i was born at larch terrace tantobie in 1941 i was in the boys brigade ther i rememer the old picture house the gaff i went to tanfeild lea and burnopfeild schools i now live in suffolk but will never forget tantobie harry hall

A memory of Tantobie by marion.hall2

My Schooldays At Tilbury

I remember my school days at Tilbury where I started school in 1934 at the Roman Catholic School in Calcutta Road and left in 1944 just a year before the end of the second world war In 1947, I was called up for National ...Read full memory

A memory of Tilbury by John Ryan

My Roots 1962 Onwards Annitsford John Douglas

my first school was annitsford 1966/67 the first week kept running out off school didnt like it we lived in a flat jubbilee terrace cobble stones next too the railway line when the trains went by ...Read full memory

A memory of Annitsford by jdloveswork


Hello, I was shipped off to skegness when I was 8 years old when my father died it was to give mum a rest, I remember the matron who had a room off the dormatry we were not supposed to talk after lights out. The nit nurse used diluted ...Read full memory

A memory of Skegness by osbcarol5042

Southall Havelock Road 1960ish

I remember the dairy in Havelock road i was a milkboy helping a milkman on a round in a bedford van doing as far as heathrow airport driving across the tarmac to the aircraft hangers, try that now, i remember ...Read full memory

North Wembley / Harrowden Road

I remember being brought up as a child around my Grand -dads business. My grand parents run a family business called Waldec. It was a timber yard and DIY business. Mr n Mrs Jones. Around 1967 I would like to go back ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by dollyx1

Village School

I moved to chigwell row when I was 4 and a half years old ,we had been living in army qauters and for the last year been staying with family till we got housed in chigwell row it was may time I can all ways remember it felt ...Read full memory

A memory of Chigwell Row by pigface56


I remember the Manor House in Child Okeford, my mother worked for the Glassbrooks the then owner s of the manor, this was about 1943/44 and a battalion of the Newfoundland Army were billeted in the grounds. I as a 6 year old boy ...Read full memory

A memory of Child Okeford by jonjacley

The "Brackston" Family

Good morning. I'm researching my family history and have census records of unknown date (possibly1880's) in which Rosina (Rosenna??????) Brackston (38) wife of Uriah, a gardener (41) have a daughter Rosina (16) who was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Croscombe by bracky

Summer Of '63

Hello. Although I spent all of my early life - that is up to the age of 21 - in Penge, South London, I also spent some time(s) in Ash (Kent) during August to December, 1963. I have already written about my early life in Penge in ...Read full memory

A memory of Ash by Anthony Godly

Townsend Road

I lived with my Mum , her name was Olive Hughes in Townsend Road from about 1961 to 1970. We lived at number 148. My Mother drove a Torquoise blue Austin A 40, she was probably the only woman who drove and actually had a car way ...Read full memory

The Poston Family 1920s 1950s

My Father John Poston was born in Aveley in 1927 hes brothers and sisters were Lilian, Frank, Grace, Twins Janet and David and Ruth he has many memories of growing up in the Village all of which i will endeavor to get ...Read full memory

A memory of Aveley by tonyposton12

The Farr Family

My Nan lived at 1, Hilltop Cottage Rowledge. It was a tiny rented cottage that had been occupied by my family for over 140 years until my Nan passed away in 1970. I think that the cottage was along Boundstone Road but I am not ...Read full memory

A memory of Rowledge by mikefarr

Paxhill Farm

My Grandma and Granpa Burlong lived in the No 1 farm cottage which is next to where the milk churns used to be collected. Grandad worked the shire horses and was 83 yrs old when he retired having worked over 50 yrs at the farm. ...Read full memory

Crocuses, Halifax Gala And Other Memories.

The crocuses around Savile park Manor Heath and on the way to Scircoat Green were, and still are the first glorious sign of Spring in Halifax. The roundabouts and parks have always been especially lovely ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by jane.heighton

Childhood Days Around Tonbridge

My parents moved to the village of Golden Green in about 1956, , to run the village shop and post office. At first I was sent to Sussex Road school, but soon moved me as one of the first intake to the New Hugh ...Read full memory

A memory of Tonbridge by jean.ralph25

The Old Tram Bridge In Wartime

During WW2 as a young lad I lived in Ribblesdale Place and Avenham Colonnade and remember that the timber bridge decking was almost completely removed apart from a narrow walkway to hinder invading troop vehicles, ...Read full memory

A memory of Preston by Mike Lambert

Manor Road And Darkes Lane

I grew up in PB, lived in Manor Road and went to Mount Grace from 68 -74. Worked a Saturday job in Delmars and remember standing outside Nethercotts with my Guy Forks doll in an old pram thinking I'd do well standing ...Read full memory

A memory of Potters Bar by theninie


If you look closely at this photograph 3/4 of the way down on the left hand side just past the lady in the white coat there is an old women in a dark coat standing in front of a stall. This is my grandmother Charlotte Delieu. She ...Read full memory

A memory of Woolwich by j.delieu

Early Memories

My parents lived in Fulham in the 30's and met at what was called 'the rec' the grounds that now have sporting facilities on. Both my grandparents lived there until their deaths. One in Bayonne Rd and one in Buer Rd. I spent lots of ...Read full memory

A memory of Fulham by lesleyhall_home

East Barsham And Constance Evelyn Everett

My only recollection of East Barsham was in 1961 when my then boyfriend, now husband of nearly 50 years, drove past the gate and pointed out "Thats where mother was born". Since then I have visited ...Read full memory

A memory of East Barsham by Pam Hewer

Rainham Village

I lived in rainham, betterton road from 1940 onwards, then moved to New Zealand way in around 1955. I used to attend dancing classes at Harry Doughty School Heathway from 1956 I would love anyone who was in the same area ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by

Dancing In Dagenham

i remember dancing over Burtons at Heathway Dagenham with Harry and Phil Doughty, 1958 onwards.I would like to hear from anyone who can relate to this time and place, I had a group of friends who some I can't remember their ...Read full memory

A memory of Dagenham by

Kirk Hammerton Hall

My grandfather worked at kirkhammerton hall as butler for a while The family lived in laundry cottage He was Harold burns Before that he was valet and driver to colonel stanyforth and prince henry, duke of glos attending the crowning of sellasie

Happy Days

Janet Craddock, went to Markham school, left in 1965 to go Blackwood secondary for a year, then onto Pontllanfraith Grammar when left in 1973 Lived in Berllanlwyd Avenue with my sister Heather who still lives in Blackwood. Staff in ...Read full memory

A memory of Markham by jancraddock

Kirk Hammerton Hal

My grandfather worked at kirkhammerton hall as butler for a while The family lived in laundry cottage He was Harold burns Before that he was valet to colonel stanyforth and prince henry, duke of glos

Accident At The Brewery

I have been researching the Howard and Binks families from Halstead and area. My grandmother was Matilda Howard, born in Belchamp Otten. The Binks family came from Halstead and Little Maplestead. Imagine my surprise ...Read full memory

Woolwich Open Market

there used to be a lone policeman in the middle of the open market in 60's on Sunday's when the market was empty. We used to go round and round him on our motorbikes for a joke. He used to tell us to "sod off you lot, go ...Read full memory

A memory of Woolwich by Chris

Farms At Mossley Hill

Hi - does anyone know if there were many farms in this area in the early 1900's please. I am researching my ancestor who was a farm bailiff in 1916 and was living here at this time. Thank you very much.


After moving from birmingham to abertillery to live with my grandparents in chapel street we lived over the fire station the front of the station being in the street below.My grandfather a miner would give me a penny on Friday on ...Read full memory

Happy Days In Blakes Lane

Way back in the 1940's,on a pre arranged Saturday and as a young lad who was very interested in athletics at the time, I would walk from my home, that was at the bottom of Seaforth Avenue (Number 34),up to Blakes ...Read full memory

Electrical Shop And Viking Grill Bar Frimley High Street Circa 1970

Does anyone have pictures of these shops. They were owned by my parents carol and Harry Eyre. My memories of frimley was that it was lovely and friendly. I can remember the ...Read full memory

A memory of Frimley by hunteyre

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