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Astbury Butchers

This was the family business. Started in the 1860s by John Astbury who had been a miner in the Brereton colliery, it would have been run by his son Herbert at the time of the photograph. I think they sold to Dewhirsts butchers in the 1970s.

Skellow Pat Hines

My dad Jim Mitchell. Worked with pat Hines on adwick council. Pat had a brother called terry he built the bungalow. You are right that they are wonderful people pat would let my dad have a gallon petrol till Friday lol as a ...Read full memory

A memory of Skellow by barnett-pam

Bewley's Beach Boats

I worked as a novice deckhand on this vessel in the school holidays in the early 1960s. This was the largest of Mr. Bewley's small fleet. He had two other launches that did bay trips and mackerel fishing. I remember I was ...Read full memory

A memory of Paignton by drwalter

Cadana Bakery

Hi my name is gerry Guthrie I worked at the cadena bakery in park rd in Shirley Southampton in 1963 to 1968 my nick name was Gus then and I am looking for anyone who can remember me it would be nice Gerry

Life At Harleford

Harleyford was my weekend home for some twenty years when the Foley Brothers turned the place into an exclusive caravan park, we had a small boat and would go shopping into Marlow or up to Henley. It was probably one of those ...Read full memory

A memory of Marlow by Ted Lay

School Days

I started in St Bernadettes as it was called in those days. 1952 It was on the loaning. I lived in Dechmont Ave, or Decky as we called it. I then moved to Park Street school till the new St. Bernadettes opened then in 1958 went to ...Read full memory

A memory of Motherwell by carepro

The Children's Convalescent Home

I too spent about 6 weeks there in the early sixties. i had recovered from Polio but was very sickly. i remember sleeping in the woods at lunch time if the weather was good all the ground sheets where stored ...Read full memory

Walsh Manor 1949 Through 1962

How lucky I was to be able to spend many holidays from age 11 at Walsh Manor with the fantastic family the Hemmens. Then Walsh was just a struggling farm, complete with Dolly the very large cart horse, out ...Read full memory

A memory of Crowborough by macssmith38

The Old Days

I was at fallin primary,capt cracie was head,he was always marching us into the hall;I was born in 3rd block,then family moved to stirling rd,I remember the fire,was in the house with my gran and cousin david,mum had taken my brother ...Read full memory

A memory of Fallin by tayloremily6

November 1940

It was around the first or second week of November 1940 and I was still to be born. Mum and Dad [and me] lived at 252 Percy Road. Dad worked at the BSA and Mum was pregnant with me. Mum had just made a pot of tea when the Air ...Read full memory

Bomb Blast 'Siding' Margaret Street/Victoria Street 2

Another memory of Treherbert Ben Thomas' recollection of January 2013, reminded me that he was not the only one who was lucky on that fateful day. A call of nature was Ben's escape, mine ...Read full memory

A memory of Treherbert by 2coopers

Where Is This House?

I've recently discovered this postcard that was sent to me in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Part of the message reads: "This is where your great-Grandma lived in Clun." I wonder if anyone recognises the house? Jane

A memory of Clun by grovesjane

Happy Days At Pickmere..........

So many good times had during my youth at Pickmere........ A mate of mine (who had been there previously with his Dad) invited myself and some friends to travel with him down for a days fishing on a farmers pond off ...Read full memory

A memory of Pickmere

Small Cafe In Borehamwood High St.

Does anyone remember a small cafe from the late 70's, run (I think) by older ladies, that used to be in a turning off the main Borehamwood High Street, quite near the front 'studio' end of the road? I believe ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood by mfarrier

Happy Times Remembered.

We moved to Waterlooville in 1952,we lived in a row of houses called Salisbury Villas ,now that is the back of Waitrose.Our neighbours were Mr and Mrs Henry Cannings,and Jim and Nellie Olding.My dad Tony Blair worked in ...Read full memory

A memory of Waterlooville by jamespage

My Barmouth Holidays

In 1946 my dad decided we would join an aunt and uncle holidaying at Barmouth. They had hired a little caravan for two weeks at Caerdaniel farm Llanaber. Dad dug out his prewar camping gear [we were camping at Clevedon in ...Read full memory

A memory of Barmouth by johniemason

Ashton School

I attended Aston school in church street. Mr cunningham was the headmaster. The school had a path up to it with cottages to the right.(now demolished ) Many happy years there, especially with mrs pratt. I failed my 11 plus and ...Read full memory

Park Farm Colliers Green

In the late 50.s we lived at park farm Colliers Green. I had a sunday job working for"dinks" (that was his nickname) At the service station on the Cranbrook Road. I and my brother Roger went to Colliers Green primary. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Goudhurst by freremike

Pagham 1050's

My most special and enjoyable times in my life were spent at Pagham in one of the hired beach houses on the pebble seafront in the early to mid fifties. I went there several times with my brother and my parents and remember swimming, ...Read full memory

Upminster Bridge

I lived in Norfolk Road, Upminster Bridge and knew Eddie at the greengrocers, I remember he used to wear a leather jacket in light tan and was a smashing chap. I was born in Norfolk Road in 1946

A memory of Upminster by pete_green

Oak Tree Lane Selly Oak

We were the Hobbis family and we lived at 54 Oak tree Lane, Selly Oak with my parents and grandmother. The house was directly opposite the old Selly Oak Hospital. I can remember the re-building of the hospital and sadly ...Read full memory

A memory of Birmingham by purple-cielo

Looking For Ancestors From Pontypridd

My Grandfather Stephen Martin was born about 1905 in Pontypridd he married Beatrice Hartshorn and moved to Abertysswg in the early 1930's,he then moved to Pontlottyn where in about 1947 he died.I ...Read full memory

High Street, Midsomer Norton

I am researching my family tree and found the address of 117 High Street, Midsomer Norton for the family - does anyone know which building this would have been please? The family names were Frederick Callow, ...Read full memory

Tottington Generations.

My Family of Shepherd's have lived in Tottington for four generations. My Great Grandfather was Joseph Shepherd, born in 1924 in Bury. He married Emily Bennett whose family lived at 16 Club Row, Tottington. Her father ...Read full memory

Memories Of Walton

I was born in Walton Hospital January 1947. We lived in a prefab next to Speke Airport but moved to Stanley Park Avenue North, Walton when I was 4. I have many good memories: 1. Walton Hall Park being used for ...Read full memory

A memory of Walton by jamesj243

Dad Invented The Word 'Gertcha'.

We moved from Steed Road Huswell Hill, where i was born,to Northview Road N8 in 1938. Jumping to 1941 Mum, Dad, brother Bill and me lived at the bottom end opposite, Southview Road. A stick of bombs dropped on our ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by brianfinn37

Stevens Boat Yard And Tea Gardens

My Great Grand parents owned Stevens Boat Yard and tea gardens at that time. I can't see if the name Stevens is clear on the building at the front of the point of the island but that is what its says. ...Read full memory

A memory of Abingdon-on-Thames by liz

Walk From Leven To Home

I remember walking home over the bawbee brig up methilhaven road past jorden terrace and the brickworks and I lived in the first cottage opposite methilhaven church.I went to aberhill school and left in 1960.moved to name was beatha greenhorn now e.Corriggan.

A memory of Leven by beathascotland1

Memories Of A Bevan Boy

My late father, Eric Palmer, was stationed at Burn Hope colliery during the second World War, where he worked as a 'Bevan Boy'. He had many memories of his time there which he often shared with my sister and I. He was very ...Read full memory

Garboldisham Relative From The Past

Hi, My relative from garboldisham is Maria Pigg,she married my 5 x great grandfather thomas smith at bressingham 1822. Her parents was william and Mary pigg all their children were born at Garboldisham. We ...Read full memory

Cobblers Shop

My father Richard Bradbury owned the shoe repair shops in swallownest. In 1946 with is war service savings he opened his shop on high street Sheffield . Which when he moved became the Halifax agency. In 1957 he opened his new ...Read full memory

A memory of Swallownest by abradbury41

The Glanville Family

My husbands father and brothers and parents owned this Hotel. It received a direct hit by a German bomber and half the family were killed. Jim (my Husband's father) was out and ...Read full memory

A memory of Plymouth by jnglnvll

Milling Street

I lived on Milling St until I was a year old in 1953. My grandma and grandad Jimmy and Ethel McCombie lived over the Co-op shop. We used to go back there every year for our summer holidays until the mid 60's. God knows how the 11 ...Read full memory

A memory of Gateshead by lewisgscott

My Mum

I have this photo hanging on my wall as my Mum Isobel McNaughtan nee Hair taught here for 6yrs till having to leave when she and Dad were married on 6/9/1939. Such a shame I can no longer see this lovely building.

A memory of Greenock by isobelhthomson

Memory Of Morley

I was born in July 1937 in Lord Asquith house which was a maternity home in those parents were Dennis and Anne Pickersgill... They told me that I was so tiny I fitted into a shoe box lined with cotton wool..and kept on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Morley by rlinhart

Working For Marks And Spencer At The Mayfair

my first job was at The Mayfair on Brixton Hill making underwear for M and S. It was a very noisy Factory full of sewing machines. They played \Music While You Work but the sound of machines almost ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by vadergran


i now live in Canada but remember my grandfathers hotel. It was called The George Inn. His name was Bill George. If anyone has any info regarding my grandfather, Or his Hotel and what happened to it, I would love to hear any stories or information. Thanks, Dawn Gresl.

A memory of Cleethorpes by earlydawn8

Wonderful Croydon!

I loved to travel to Croydon from Carshalton on the Hill every month with my mother before I started school in 1960. After that it was in the school holidays with my mother and brother. I remember being on a trolley bus and ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by jggraves

Date Of Photo.

This photograph must have been taken after 28th. October 1896, when the new reredos, altar, and choir screen shown here were installed to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the church, and were dedicated on that day, and the summer of ...Read full memory

A memory of Yeovil by francis


I lived there when I was a boy . Had some great times there.Ian Penney .The Barclays lived next door.

A memory of Storrington by msminell

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