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Up At 5.45 For Chapel!

I was at Copthorne convent from 69-74.... This was a very special place and I remember it like yesterday... The girls and boys there were equally like brothers and sisters.. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Copthorne by correiae

Happy Times

I remember the grocers shop and van outside the shop, this was my grandads grocers shop "Fred & Minnie Mellott"next to the butchers! anyone remember them !


while researching family tree information, I discovered that my great great grandma was born in the property know as three mills. Sarah Benbow was born in 1818 or thereabouts, the daughter of ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromyard by dawndavis5

Garvie Clan

as the oldest member of the garvie clan .I thought I would leave my memories of the family on the Internet so that our grandchildren could always look back and see where our past started. ...Read full memory

A memory of Caldercruix by Matt Sloan

Crown Terrace

We wonder if any one can remember this, sometimes Crown terrace was referred to as Rotherham road. as we remember Battys Formans Taylors Wylds Hobsons and Mr & Mrs Hayes were ...Read full memory

A memory of Beighton by stenjan

The Parade Of Shops

The first shop with the lattice windows was a café. Before this but separated by an alley way was Mr Green, the Butchers. There was sawdust all over the floor and just under the ...Read full memory

A memory of Burgh Heath by Heather Lee

The Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl was a posh country club with an outdoor swimming pool, not as large as the Galleon. It Later became Il Pirata an Italian Restaurant.

A memory of Burgh Heath

Galleon Swimming Pool

Once you entered through the turnstile you entered a sea of blue. The spring board was to your right at this end of the pool and the wavy slide on the left hand side. Cubicles were all around and a large fountain, all blue was at the far end under the canopy over which was the café and sun deck.

A memory of Burgh Heath

Open Air / Convalescent School For Infants

when I was just 5 years old in 1951, I was whisked away to a convalescent home for infants in Dedisham Sussex, dressed up like Paddington bear or , a recent ...Read full memory

A memory of Dedisham by k.marchant222

Fun Fair.

I worked at the fair in battersea park the last year it was open for 15 pounds a week.

A memory of Battersea by dmcdonald1951

Zoo And Other Seafront Memories

I definately remember the little zoo on the front of the esplanade probably in the 1960's. There were some birds and possibly a monkey but I remember particularly a huge ...Read full memory

A memory of Largs by toots1.gk

Holy Cross Convalescent Home

although not of the catholic faith, I was sent there to recuperate from asthma , and spent some time there, 1956- 58. I remember happy times as well as sad and lonely ...Read full memory

Happy Holiday Memories

The picture of Creek Road in 1965 is how I remember it, my parents used to own a caravan on Elliot's Caravan Park and as a child I remember walking up this road part the ...Read full memory

Rendevous Restauranr

I had some brill holidays in sandown, morning coffee at the Rendevous restaurant, well café in the high st, made friends with the son paul who was training to be a navigator in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Sandown by Ted Lay



A memory of Newburn by john_ormston

Stephen Saunders Court

i was born in Meyrick Road in 1955, we then moved to Stephen Saunders Court when I was 18 months old and lived there until 11. I went to Belleville School. My dad was from a ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea

Looking For Family

Wondered if there is anyone who could help us find our family who are from/lived in Longton. Looking for any info on Robert Wright and his brother William Wright and their families. Lived in marsh lane. Many thanks

A memory of Longton

Growing Up In Tottenham

Fond memories , Waltheof Avenue where myself and my nine siblings were born and brought up with all ten of us passing through Risley Avenue School between 1916 and when I left ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottenham

Lea Rd.

I lived in Lea Rd. and remember the blacksmiths there and the Jewish tailoress next door,very near to the Salvation army there.We had the churchill tanks in the war come down the road and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton

Ivy Cottage

I remember visiting my Aunty who used to live in IVY COTTAGE, this was in the 1950's. A lady whom I knew as Pru lived very near to her. There was no M4 then, and it was a real long, slow, drive from London.

A memory of Stibb Green

Lyndhurst Hotel

I remember staying overnight with my parents in the late 1950's at a hotel called "The Lyndhurst Hotel". This was because my Father had a work related job to do near there and we were on our way to Southbourne for a holiday. I wonder where in Lyndhurst the hotel was and if it is still there.

A memory of Lyndhurst

Farley Croft

This site caught my attention when I was looking for information on Farley Croft in UK. Someone had written about being a nurse there. It was a lovely old house in Westerham and ...Read full memory

A memory of Allt-yr-yn by rbbrett2004

Sunningdale Past

I was born in 1948 and lived just on the corner of London Rd and Broomhall Lane in a large house converted into flats called Holmwood. My dad was a milkman at Clifford dairies in ...Read full memory

Dancing In Crewe

I am collecting stories and memories for a theatre project about dancing in Crewe. Where did you go to dance? Did you meet your husband/wife through dancing? What music did you dance to? What dances were you good at? Re-live your memories through me - I'd love to hear them! Krissi x

A memory of Crewe by kmusiol

Memory Of A 5 Year Old

we used to live at 70 earls street, my dad used to work in the signal box that was situated opposite. I can still remember when our house got modernised when they turned one bedroom into a bathroom.

A memory of Earlestown by nitromason

Victoria Hospital Blackpool

I was a student nurse at BVH. from 1966-1970, and have very fond memories of other students, especially Christine Townsend, who I last saw in the early 70s. We spent many ...Read full memory

A memory of Blackpool by brendaishani

Ahh My Dads Shop

The shop on the right next to the Paint shop on the corner Was my Fathers Grocers The van outside was his delivery van . Does anybody remember him His name was Ken Boorman and my ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallasey by tevans7477

The Cafe Near Cannings

I was born and brought up in New Malden and my Uncle cooked,made the ice cream and ran this cafe for a Mr Gilbertson in the 50s and 60s. My Uncle was Albert Mickelburgh ...Read full memory

A memory of New Malden by r.chambers07

Williams's Shop

I stayed at DJ Williams caravan site every summer for the 6 week school holiday. We used to buy supplies at this shop, especially DC comics if the weather was bad. They had no freezer, ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanaber

Barton Road

I remember growing up when Barton Road was surrounded by a large orchard that myself and my friends would play in. This would be around the mid 70s. Safe and fun, trying to build up a picture and memory of families that lived there around the same time.

A memory of Eastleigh by spauls65

Burtons Tailoring

this is where I got my wedding suit from and my best man got his from there aswell hes name was martyn goss and I also worked just behind the shops on the other side of the road in ...Read full memory

A memory of Edgware

School Days

Born in 1934 I attended Rose Street school in the Teams.. I'd like to know if anyone else remembers those times, during the war, - the air-raid shelters, the gas masks that had to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Gateshead


We lived in Tarvie for 14 years from 1987 while owning Rogie Falls Filling Station and Snack Bar. The forecourt was famous for "Old Angus", a sitting statue of an old man in a white coat, ...Read full memory

A memory of Tarvie

Pound House Or Pound Cottage Dulverton Stevens Fitzpatrick

Can anyone tell me( Irene Patricia Stevens) anything about the above mentioned building I have documention with both Pound House and Pound ...Read full memory

A memory of Dulverton

The Moor Residential Nursery

I work in the Moor nursery in Irvine for a year I can never find any pictures or information on it . Would be good to see any pictures I think it was around 19 69 Jacquelyn Mclatchie nee Biggar

A memory of Irvine by jackiemcl37

Powick Village And St John's

I was born at an address on Bromwich Road (home birth 1955) and shortly after my family moved to Old Malvern Road in Powick..I attended Powick School.. then Christopher ...Read full memory

A memory of Worcester by glendahanson

Castle Lea B&B Gladstone Road

Does anyone remember this B&B, located at No.2 Gladstone Road? It was run by two guys, Bryan & Michelle, one of whom was a fabulous cook. We stayed there several times back in the 70s. Wonderful hospitality! I often wonder what happened to Bryan and Michelle.

A memory of Deal by Joan Street

Hi To My Frist Teacher Miss Robson


Pure Nostalgic Joy

My twin brother Peter & me were born on High Street, Sandyford (No.226) in 1943. Our house was on the right whilst looking at this picture - about 8th up from the Pub. and ...Read full memory

Victoria Inn, East Street, Braintree

Does anyone remember The Victoria Inn, East Street, Braintree? My parents owned this pub during the mid-50s (it was opposite the gas works - I attended Chapel Hill School. My surname then was Smith

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