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Hello, This is a bit of a long shot but I am just doing some research into a house my sister has recently moved into. I was wondering if anyone knew when the houses on the sands estate (Lower Sands) were built roughly. we have been ...Read full memory

A memory of Dymchurch

Anyone Heard Of Adam Balshaw, 346 Liverpool Street

I would love to know if anyone knew of the Balshaw family who I believe, from a Census I looked up, lived at 346 Liverpool Street, Barton-upon-Irwell.

Grove Hill

I lived in Eden road grovehill from 1967-68 till 1972. We were a family of 10, i remember albert park and still go there. The park as changed alot though. Cried when we were took out of marton grove school and told we were moving. ...Read full memory

A memory of Middlesbrough by mimagunn

Robinson & Pickford

Anyone remember Robinson & Pickford's in Leicester. They were a Great company to work for. I met lots of good friends there, I think they also had a making up place in Ibstock !

A memory of Leicester by hurriken1

Robinson & Pickford

Any one remember Robinson & Pickford in Leicester and Ibstock. Great company to work for. Made many good friends there

A memory of Leicester by hurriken1

Kids Railway Party At Co Op Hall

Any body remember the Kids party at the CO-OP Hall organised by the Railway, which took place each year!

A memory of Leicester by hurriken1

Market Day

I would catch the 252 bus to Romford Markets on a Saturday morning, I was learning to play the piano and singing pop songs. There was a music stall there with single sheet music and books. I would buy the latest pop songs of Cilla ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by suzyq

Garfield Street

Hi i was born in1962, in garfield street salford mum and dad lived there longer than me .They had lots of memorys my dad worked on the docks and my mum work in oil factory.we had to move out of salford in 1965 because houses ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by tracydawson62

Growing Up In Aveley In The 50's.

Hi Freddie, I don't know if you will remember me Angela Beeny. I lived in Dacre Road and then Hall Road and had a younger sister called Susan. I was friends with Janice Smith, Joyce Willaim and Audrey Allen, Tony ...Read full memory

A memory of Aveley by a.t

Growing Up In Mount

We moved to Mount 1962, I started school at Darran Las Infant School. Then moved on to the Comprehensive. How big it looked and the kids where so grown up. The grounds where just beautiful and the old house was incredible. ...Read full memory

Not The Same Anymore..

Moved to Luton in 1935 where my parents bought a newsagents and tobacconists in Bishopscote Road in Limbury. Can still remember the war sirens going and watching people hurrying to the Air raid shelters in Blundell Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by peterwressell

Frank Bedford

Hello Frank, I know you have sent a message to me as I managed to get a quick glance of it before it disappeared and I was unable to find it again but I did read that you were asking where abouts I lived in the Bridge. ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodford Bridge by norbet

Learned To Swim

Just below the bridge on the ovingham side most of the lads learned to swim and through stones at what we thought was rats now I know they were water voles a much endangered species .Waste from Corbridge and other places ...Read full memory

A memory of Prudhoe by wgibson67

Pages Shop

I loved pages shop on the corner in , I remember the train in the window and putting a penny in the slot, also I think I usesd to to buy roller skates in the shop ,does anyone remember that?i wa born in Barkingside .

A memory of Barkingside by gloria

I Was Born In Eccles In 1951

I was born in The Park off Gilda Brook Road in 1951 and went to Eccles Parish School then on to Ellesmere Park secondary school, Mr Bingham was the headmaster when I was first at Eccles Parish then Mr Norcross was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Eccles by munrojackson

Happy And Very Very Sad Days


A memory of Cowplain by Alan Eburne

Southall Memories

I lived in the flats in Dudley Road Southall and went to Featherstone Rd Infants, my name is Jack Stevens and we moved to 76 Greenford Ave and I went to Tudor Rd school and then Dormers Wells school. I married Yvonne Killick ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by stevensjack7

Mandeville Road

I was raised in Mandeville Road where my mum and dad had lived since 1953, a year after the houses were completed. Ours was the last brick built, no 7, before they started building the pre-fab houses from steel frame and concrete ...Read full memory

A memory of Brampton by neil

Holdbrook New Town

Hi All, I work at The Holdbrook Hub which is a community based project based in the heart of of the Holdbrook community. For the last few months we have been running a Holdbrook heritage project. We are looking for ...Read full memory

French & Collett Engineers

I left school in July 1962, and in between then and going in the Royal Navy, I worked for 6 months in French & Collett Engineers, Faringdon Road, Cumnor. I would love to hear from anyone I worked with, as this made a big ...Read full memory

A memory of Cumnor by stephenjcollins

Picture House

i can remember going to the rustics cinema in the late 50s i think the film was 20,000 leagues under the sea great memories

A memory of Severn Beach by r.j5051

When England Was England.

From a book my sister left me I chose Rosedale Abbey as my destination on my first journey through England. I was alone and took the train to York in 1971. From there I went to Whitby and then the moorland train to ...Read full memory

A memory of Rosedale Abbey by juda99

War Time At Auldgirth .

I remember Auldgirth fondly,the school the people realy great times.Ilived at hillend farm it was quite a walk to school,The football park was in one of our fields great times.If any one remembers me Iwould likr to hear from them .Jim Johnstone .


My name is Andy Short, We Moved to Carterton in 1953 with my wonderful Family, Dad Edward ( Ted ) Mum Ada Sisters Christine and Rachel lived at number 1 AME Air Ministry Estate, Moved to hill view after dad ( Ted Short ) Past away and ...Read full memory

A memory of Carterton by theshorts4743


I lived in railway cottages in years sister Catriona Kay died crossing the canal bridge coming home from family now all passed away were father James. Mother Catherine. My brother robin aged 4 and myself Jim aged 2.

A memory of Pant by beemer525tds


In about 1961 a Mrs Lawrence owned the hairdressers and they lived above it . I used be a shampoo girl on Saturdays there . Mr Lawrence also owned a sweet shop in Ivor . They had a daughter Janet who at 16 went to America she settled ...Read full memory

A memory of Ascot by pammie.couchman

Evacuees Gunton Hall

My mum was evacuated to Gunton Hall from Kings Cross London. I have tried in vein to find any info on the children evacuated there....records of those children would be great. Could anyone help me please.

Kingsley School For Girls, Horley

I was a boarder at Kingsley School. I clearly recall our "crocodile" to church every Sunday, the Sunday story time whilst we continued our "hobby" ( I really do not know how they would have coped with a singing ...Read full memory

A memory of Horley by pamela.fabianska

Red House On Main Road

I am very interested in getting further details or photos of the large red mansion that stood on Main Road in Sidcup. It was about 100 yards further down from St Lawrences, going away from the high street. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Sidcup by samourx1

Funfair At Manor Park Aldershot

I was born in Aldershot in 1950, went to Newport road infants/primary school then on to Manor Park Secondary Modern school. The first year though had to go to North Camp Buller Barracks as there was no room until ...Read full memory

How Do You,Owe So Much, To These Caring Folk, Of The 1950s N C H

where on earth do I start, well lets have a bash, do remember when you were a small child. and the staff, ie sisters, the principal, his deputy, the carpenter,the gardener, the ...Read full memory

My Birth Place

I was born at Balfour Gardens in l941 and grew up there during the War with my grandparents - Edward & Celia Veitch. The Veitchs were eight brothers & sisters and our Sunday gatherings were quite something. I also played ...Read full memory

Stowmarket Shops In The 1970s

When I was little, I remember Stowmarket as being full of interesting shops. There also was a good market on Thursdays and Saturdays. I remember the 50p stall!! My Dad knew the bloke who ran that. Mind you, my Dad ...Read full memory

A memory of Stowmarket by Karen Dack

141 Caerau Road...

My Grandad Jones purchased 141 Caerau Rd from 2 ladies following WWII - it cost him a grand total of 450pounds. The ladies stayed on and rented a back room for a while before Grandad had his father Oliver, his father's mistress ...Read full memory

A memory of Caerau by bronwyn.howlett

Good Old Battersea

I was born and bred in Battersea, Firstly we lived in Yelverton road with my Grandparents and I attended Falconbrook School. Then my parents got a Maisonette in Culvert road I then attended Chesterton School. in 1969 I ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by lgladwin99

Photo Of High Road, Woodford Bridge.

I have good reason to remember the above mention photo as I lived in the featured estate agents R. Cheeke & Co. from 1934 until I married in 1955 when I moved to 13, Gains Hill Road. I have read ...Read full memory

A memory of Woodford Bridge by norbet

British Railways

I was a plate layer on the railway lines from Chertsey through Addlestone to Waybridge in the late 60s . Roy Spearman .

A memory of Addlestone by tobeeone

Tottenham Of Old


A memory of Tottenham by pmk66

Burnt Oak

I was born in Barnfield Road 1945. Irene Postance and my brother Peter who was 3 years older. We went to Annunciation school, St Thomas's and St James. I was so scared of the Walsh sisters who taught at St James. Especially Vera! I do ...Read full memory

A memory of Burnt Oak

Elm Road

I was born in Elm road Dartford. The lady that lived in our house before us pinched other people's cats. My mother told me that the police called at our house several times when cats went missing. Is there anyone who would remember this ? It was in the early 60's.

A memory of Dartford

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