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Recent Memories

Emmerson And Craig Families In Craghead

I am searching for descendants of George Emmerson and his wife Ellen Edwards who lived at 11 Wylam Street in Craghead and of William Emmerson and his wife Sarah Alice Craig who lived at 3 Wylam Street (and where my grandmother Rachel Ann Emmerson was born), 11 Wylam Street and 40 Thomas Street (which is ...Read full memory

A memory of Craghead by keithandkerry

Growing Up In Ilford

I was born down Roman Road Ilford sadly as long ado as 1947 but life in Ilford was good. Went to Mount Secondary School but left at the age of 14 and started work as a jnr legal secretary in a firm in Cranbrook Road. It was so great then could get on a train and be in Liverpool Street in 20 mins an shop till we dropped. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilford by chrishicks4honey

One Horse Town!

Had 5 yrs living in west dereham, beautiful village, nice walks across fields,and lots of wildlife unfortunately not a lot else going for it, a very close knit, verging on clicky community! shame so much money was put into a village hall, which hardly got used, instead of other facilities. Would of liked to of seen west dereham 20 yrs ago when it had more life!

A memory of West Dereham

The Dunstans

My Great Great Grandfather was John Francis Dunstan,he was the minister but resigned and opened a school for learning a boarding school .He was well respected and his daughter Eliza was my great grandmother who also taught and married Christopher Kemp who was a teacher and came from Dolton in Devon.I believe that John francis ...Read full memory

Oakfield School For Boys

Hello Got my education here between 1959 & 1966. Boys I remember are Nigel Baxter Nigel Sewell Jonathon Fordham Kevin Sampson Mickey TIngey Robin Want Colin Harley Geoffrey Fleming Any of you out there? Dave Pearce

A memory of Penge by david.pearce1

Lost Relative

Hello, my mother was brought up in Lymm Cheshire but went to live with her mother Edith Pearson (mother of Stan Pearson footballer) in Broughton Salford. They lived at 9 Bradley Avenue. She told me of the many fond memories she has of living there. I am trying to find anyone who may know of a Michael K Grezorzek who may have lived ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Louise Thomas

Northfields Richardsons Butchers

Well it closed. Another little part of our local history being turned into memories.

A memory of Ealing by Nick Beard

My Wonderful Rochdale Memories.

I have lived in Devon for the last twenty one years but in my thoughts and my dreams i still visit my Northern home of Rochdale. I grew up in primrose Street with the wonderful bakery called Rideoughs at the top of the street. Lenny barn and the fantastic Falinge park. Walks in Healey dell and Halls chip shop on ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochdale


In 1960's Newcastle we didn't see a lot of woodland or wildlife on a daily basis. My dad was from a Romany family and during the war had spent a lot of his childhood when school was closed travelling with his uncle who was a horse dealer. As a result he knew spots across the North where as kids we could run shout paddle ...Read full memory

A memory of Plankey Mill

Milton Mount College

I was at the Milton Mount College building when it was renamed St Mary's School . It was built to be a school to educate daughters of Congregational Ministers and Missionaries . It may have opened in 1871 and officially closed in 1971 . It was demolished in 1972 and the lovely building , land and gardens became a much needed housing estate .

Trying To Reconnect With A Lady Named Vivienne Or Similar Spelling.

Hi my name is John I live in luton. It must be CCA.1965 /1966 I and my friend met two lovely young ladies one named Viv and the other named Veronica- she was from Wood Green. Viv lived in Woodberry Crescent. Both would now be in their late 60's. Almost 53 years ago. Be great to say hello and say hey i not forgotten you. Anyone show some long on it would be appreciated.

Monkey Business

Does anyone remember the monkey on tbe loose on Crayford Way, late 50s. Quite a lot of excitement at the time. Police made us stay in doors.. Diane Cole. (Cook)

A memory of Crayford by enufstuf

Village Stores

My Grandparents owned The Old Village Stores during the 1950's/60's and i used to stay there as a child of about six years old when on school holidays from where i lived in London ,remember the sweet van full of jars of sweets coming to deliver and being in the shop helping out!! There was a family friend called Rosie that ...Read full memory

A memory of Crondall

Selsdon Primary School 1965 1970

I went to selsdon primary school from the age of 5. I had a twin brother Christopher we were in the same class all through school there were two classes to each year. Miss Bjork was headmistress and yes she was quite scary. In the final year I had Mr Worth who loved music but who also gave my brother the slipper ...Read full memory

A memory of Selsdon by lsmithuk07


i arrived at Blandford camp in 1951 for my national service 13 weeks training 8 weeks square bashing and the rest driver training in bedfords,I left Blandford and went to Borden 1 week and then to Malaya on active service stationed in Kaula lumpur with 27coy RASC MY NAME IS RON BATEMAN

Stan Laurel's Ulverston

The thin half of the world's greatest movie comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, was born in Foundry Cottages, Ulverston, now Argyle St., in 1890. He was born and lived in his grandparents' home until the age of 6. His grandfather, George Metcalfe, ran the shoemender's shop in Newlands Bottom, which fascinated the little boy. ...Read full memory

Apprenticeship Power Samas. ( Ict)

Henry's Coffee Bar The Greenery. Burtons Dances/Disco.

Newland Bottom Cobblers

Stan Laurel's grandfather ran a shoemending business in Newland Bottom. I'd ;like to know what happened to that premises and when. Is it still standing? What is it used for and what is the address please!

Plympton Staion Signal Box

When I was at junior school (I was born in 1946) my maternal Granddad lived in Morley Cottages in Colebrook and worked in the signal box at Plympton Station. I lived in Molesworth Rd, down the road from Plympton Grammar School and often used to walk home from Geasons Lane Primary School via the signal box just to see ...Read full memory

A memory of Plympton by jlhenderson21

Memories Of Oulton, Stone Staffs.

I lived in the village of Oulton & attended Oulton Primary School prior to joinong Granville Secondary Modern school on Stone at the age of 11 years. I clearly remember many of the pupils & staff. Annette Powell, Judith Moss, Patricia Donnelly, Susan Darlington, Valerie Sturgess, Hazel Dix, June & Maureen ...Read full memory

A memory of Tittensor by deenglen5144


I actually grew up in 'Edgware' because I lived on the wrong side of the 'Railway Line' which along the M1. I remember Balfour newsagents at Apex Corner & later on I remember drinking in 'Jeramiah Bulfrogs, which I as just trying to rack my brain remembering. My dad (& later on my mum when she learnt to drive), couldn't go ANYWHERE without having to go round Apex.

Relatives Living In Ilchester Road About 1939 Onwards

My Dad, Derek Smith, remembers U Ted Stammers and A May with their daughter Joyce who lived at 166 Ilchester Road. Also, in the nearby area, were U George Clark and A Lou - one of their daughters was Peggy. He fondly remembers family parties at Christmas and other times throughout the ...Read full memory

A memory of Becontree by debbie.blake1

Ferry Lane Guildford Tea Room

I remember my Uncle Reg taking people across the River Wey on a punt. Now there is a bridge. He also made a bench and a small bridge over the spring that cam out of the hillside. This was where the Pilgrims were supposed to be refreshing themselves before continuing on their journey. Reg and Silvia moved to ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford by pipparoberts

Westwood Secondary

I lived at 111 Danson Crescent right by the gates to Danson Park, I went to Westwood School and played for their football team this would have been in the early sixties. I used to sell the Evening news and Standard papers on the corner of Welling high St next to the bank. At sixteen I got a job in London and I remember walking ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by bblaker

Born In Avondale Rd Rayleigh Essex

I was born at home in Avondale Rd, Rayleigh Essex in 1958. We moved to Canvey Island & then in 1963 we relocated to Australia. I only have a few memories of Rayleigh & the most predominant was Snows Farm where I began horse riding at the age of 18 months. There were 2 horses that I rode called "Joey" & "Pee ...Read full memory

A memory of Rayleigh by shadow.1958

My Dad

My dad was born at Wimbledon in 1922. He told me that his parents had a family business called Potts corners that included a fish n chips shop, a garage and a gentlemans club. His dad George Potter, was also a sign painter and a French polisher. The family business got bombed out in the war but the whole family survived. My grandad, my ...Read full memory

A memory of Wimbledon by anniepotteruk

The Great Train Robbery

My parents owned a bungalow in Dovehouse Lane Kensworth in Bedfordshire and as a grown up family's we would get back together at weekends bringing along our own children to visit and enjoy the countryside. My brother and sister had produced five grandchildren and I the younger unmarred son would take them for walks and ...Read full memory

A memory of Kensworth by ducatee

Noisy Mill At Howood

My grandfather James Waterson Robson was manager of a roller blind finishing mill which was situated at the bottom of a sloping lawn in his garden. I remember a big tree in the middle of the lawn and wooden steps that gave access, across a small stream and into the mill. Which was very noisy, I was very young, probably less ...Read full memory

A memory of Howwood by sonrobjar

St Pauls College

Have very fond memories of attending St Paul's between 1975-78. Lovely old building-with corridor names like Pepper Row and Long Gallery. Had men's accommodation up until 1978 with ladies were given the top floor-a revelation at the time.Great times.

A memory of Cheltenham by kevhodge

Strood Memories

Have fond memories of Strood having attended St Marys primary and Temple School up in Frinsbury. A small bustling town in the 1960s/70 with the usual FW Woolworth Co-Op, and an outfitters where I got my first sec' school uniform- Haywards (maybe) and my dads favourite-a photographic shop. I have my had my hair cut in strood for my ...Read full memory

A memory of Strood by kevhodge

Junction Of Heath Road And Lower Bebington Road

Cotterals Bike Shop is on the right. Mum bought bikes for all the family and herself here. Mr Cotteral would sell you a brand new bike on "Tick" if he new you or your family. Great guy. Mum would have a cuppa and a chin wag with him when we called in to pay. Thatched cottage further up on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bebington by John Formston

The Welsh Harp, Ponciau

Hi, I am looking for a photo(s) of the Welsh Harp pub in Ponciau, Wrexham for my dad. My great grandparents used to run it. It was knocked down in the 1960's and I can't find any photos online.

A memory of Ponciau by alhumphreys

1955 To 1959

I was at warnham court the above years.The headmaster was Ernest Savage. I was head girl for my last year and also Arundel house. I was known as Sliv Allen and would love to hear from others. Some names I remember Rose Morris Maureen Leahy Ernie Handley David Cook Ivy Loxdale to name a few.Have special memories of all the pantomimes we put on. my name now is Sylvia Hurley formerly Allen.

New Haw Golden Era

I lived in New Haw in Selbourne Avenue and went to New Haw Primary and Junior School and Fullbrook County Secondary from 1951 - 1961. I then went to Brookland Tech. I was married in All Saints Church in 1969. I have many treasured memories of growing up in New Haw and would love to hear from the numerous friends who shared ...Read full memory

A memory of New Haw by grant_d10

Woodlesford School

I started Woodlesford school about 1957, i remember been in my first class with a teacher called Miss Sawyer ( i think it was spelt ). Also a boy called David Goodwin i seem to belive that was his name. i loved play time at that school we had a climbing frame which i ended up with more blisters in my hand then i care to ...Read full memory

Good Friday In The Fifties

After breakfast church was the order of the day, and Saint Thomas the Apostle was the church at 0930hrs. Mr Hawkins was the priest and Mr Pearce was the curate. Mr White led in the choir and Mr Gosling was the organist. As you filed out at the end I remember the Trumpet Voluntary was often played. The priest ...Read full memory

A memory of Hanwell by Nick Beard

Good Friday In The Fifties

THIS IS A MEMORY OF HANWELL LONDON After breakfast it was church. St Thomas the Apostle was the church 0930hrs. The organ was played by Mr Gosling who was also deputy head at Bordeston school. The priest was Mr Hawkins. Mr White led the choir in. When the service was finished music was played on the organ ...Read full memory

A memory of Hanwell by Nick Beard

The Gables Home For Children.

I have many happy memories of my time at The Gables. I was there with my two brothers in 1953.

A memory of Whitchurch by Ian Mckie


The butchers in Northfields called Richardsons is set to close according to local news. This has been in Northfields since the 1950's.

A memory of Ealing by Nick Beard

Who Is Rachel Rees

Hi, Looking for info on Rachel Rees of Pistyllgwyn. Born approx 1845, Died, Victoria Australia 1888 A significant date is Sept 26, 1866. Not sure what it is. Pls respond,

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