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Don Everall Trelawne Holidays

50 years ago I got on a Don Everall Coach at 9pm at the Bull Stake Darlaston. We travelled through the night arriving around 8am on Bodmin moor where we changed coaches for the remainder of the journey to Telawne. I was 12 years old the site had been open only a few years this was our second holiday. These ...Read full memory

Greet Road

Does anyone remember this road?

A memory of Brentford by Nick Beard

The Walters Family

Does anyone know of the family of Mary Walters, died late 1930s. Her children were: John Walters, Christmas Walters, Gwenllian (Gwendoline) Walters and Charlie Walters. Gwenllian was my grand-mother and she lived with my mother, Ivy in Dunraven Place (The Monkey), Mary also had 2 children from her second marriage to Francis Augustus; these were Augustus and Elwa.

A memory of Caerau by Denise Colcombe

North Finchley

I'm trying to find information about the Bernard Smith family who lived at Barrymore, Bow Lane in the late 1800s/early 1900s. My grandmother Alice Mary Odgers had a studio in their house where she painted for 10 years before she married in 1915. The 2 daughters of the family were her bridesmaids

A memory of North Finchley by dicksfun

My Parents.

My parents both taught at Witnesham school, a Mr. Eastleigh was the headmaster at the time. My father Idris Walters was the headmaster when he retired. My mother Edna nee Crooks became headmistress of Baylham school until she retired. I would like to know when Witnesham Area school began and if it is possible to find dates when they ...Read full memory

A memory of Witnesham by idwalwalters

Teaching At The Nurse Training School During 1970 To 1985

Hi I am Eileen Cooper and I worked in the Nurse Training School during the 1970's and 1980's I have many memories of students and pupil nurses going through training during the above times! It would be lovely to hear from anyone who trained during these times!!!

A memory of Langho by eileenmarycooper

John Street School

Hi all, my names Albert Griffiths and I've lived on John St Cullercoats for the last 7 years, and I'm wondering if anyone has any old photos of the school that used to be on John St, the reason I'm asking is because I believe there is still a bit of the school wall existing, and its in my back yard, so that is why I feel the urge to try and find out a bit more about it, Cheers All

A memory of Cullercoats by alijgriff

High Legh In The 1970s0

I lived in high legh from 1965 -1974 on woodlands crescent,the first school i went to was on the army camp an old nissan hut then we moved to the village hall i remember the teacher was mrs caine and then moved to the school we know now the headmaster was mr roberts who sadly passed away and mr cragg took over there was ...Read full memory

A memory of High Legh by jed70norman

Constitutional Holiday Camp

I worked at the Golden Sands Holiday Camp, 1961. Had the most fun. One evening one of the workers had an invite to join a party at the Constitutional Holiday camp..........we ran across the cornfield behind our girls chalets..........and back later that evening..... The following day, we all were called in front ...Read full memory

Kingsdown Road

I was born at number 17, there was a corner shop are used to go there with my pocket money sixpence and buy my sweeties. I want to Grafton junior school and I remember the teacher there was Mrs Knight. When I left there I went to Sherborn girls school in Holloway Are used to go to Saint Joseph's Church in Archway we ...Read full memory

A memory of Upper Holloway by sekelund

Visiting My Grandparents In The 1950s

My mothers parents lived at 3 mill lane cottages mill lane sindlesham. I would stay with them in my school holidays . my grandad john Gibbs worked as a cowman on the owners farm think he was called Mr Curl. Staying with them was sheer bliss! Can appreciate now though that their lives were hard . outside ...Read full memory

A memory of Sindlesham by wendasparey

My Golden Years At Stokes Bay

I was born in Gosport in 1929, my father was a long serving seaman in the Royal Navy and so our family life was all things navy so Stokes Bay was a big part of our lives. I had three elder sisters who were frequently given the job of taking me off down to the beach in my pram, those days of course I cannot ...Read full memory

The Oswalds Of Craghead

I was born 5.10. 1939 in Craghead, above the shop of Robert Oswald, Master Butcher, my mother being Robert's sister Jane Agnes Oswald and my father Frederick Gustavus King from South London. I went to Craghead primary school (I seem to remember it being on a hill top). My mother and father met in London, when she was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Craghead by bobking1776

Hornsey From 1956 1969

Danbury's butchers, any relation to Billy/Tony? Remember going to Empire Ave. Enfield

A memory of Hornsey by jbigwood06

Sandra Palmer

no memory born 28. 01.44 7am no information why i was born there.

Oxshott In The 50s And 60s

My maiden name was Agnew. I was born in Great Bookham and moved to Oxshott in 1949 when I was 5. We lived in Lattice Cottage, Steels Lane, then Woodfield in the Ridgeway, finally The Spinney in Heath Road until 1970. Have so enjoyed reading the other memories - the second doctor was Dr.Berridge who was also a ...Read full memory

A memory of Oxshott by jennylane305


I had the worst experience in my life there ... it was to me like a concintration camp ... they took our candy from us that our parents sent to us ... we couldn't go to the bathroom after a certain time at night ... I had the worst runs one night I evand I was caught in the halls of the school they told me to ...Read full memory

Schooldays In Tooting

In 1957 I commenced, aged 10, at Franciscan Boys Primary School, in Mr Norman Leslie Caunt's Class 4, and a short while later moved up a year into his Class 2. I have a photograph of Class 2 taken in 1958, with many of the boys' surnames listed separately, although the majority of their first names are now sadly forgotten ...Read full memory

A memory of Tooting by Peter Thompson

Sinton Green C1960's

I am nearly 61 years old, and my memories are from when I was aged about 5 6,7...My father was a 'Sparky' at the time, and we lived in Birmingham..He was working in Worcester at the then called South Staffordshire and Worcester Electricity Generating Company, or something like that, opposite the racecourse... He was ...Read full memory

A memory of Sinton Green by ps161

Childhood & Youth In West Kilburn

After the war, my brother David & I returned to Kilburn from evacuation. Our Smith family was re-united at 28 Kilburn House, Malvern Place, where mum (Isobel) continued to live during the Blitz. Dad (Bert) was in the RAF & returned from Australia in 1946 to take up his work as a hotel chef (the ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilburn by robertsmith257

How Things Were

I was born in dale st of Hume hall lane our neibours were the rushtons and the Alan's I remember in the early fifties the milk man with his horse and cart also the ice cream horse drawn carriage it had two large wheels and windows on all sides then there was the knocker up man with is big stick also the man who came round ...Read full memory

The Lawrence Children's Home, Situated In King Harry Lane

From the age of 2 in November 1949 until December 1953, due entirely to sad family circumstances, I found myself installed as a resident in The Lawrence Children's Home in King Harry Lane, St Albans. The Home is no longer in existence as it was closed in the 1970's, and subsequently ...Read full memory

Bitter Sweet Memories

The town of Elland has bitter sweet memories for me, I was born in 1961 the middle one of three children to my dad Wallace Hawkins and my mum Joan Hawkins nee Smith. My mum died in 1964 while we lived in New street (my earliest memory is that street), I was brought up by my grandma the late Martha Smith at Grove mills place ...Read full memory

A memory of Elland by graham.bigg1961

How Things Were

I remember walking through simister down cordy lane past warhurst farm on to pole lanepast the hills turn right up to back o the moss farm they had 50 cow's 100s ofpigs chickens Turkey's they grew potatoes and barely and Swedes in those days they had just started building the hillock estate I remember having to keep moving the ...Read full memory

A memory of Unsworth by franciscaine7

Inwood Park Air Raid Shelters

Does anyone remember the "air raid shelters" in the "doggy park" in indoor park and were they really air raid shelters? I used to live in Stanley road in the new houses they built around 30 years ago, until we moved to Hampshire. The "air raid shelters " have always intreged me as to what was down there.

A memory of Hounslow

Happy Times

I lived at 25 Oliver Street through the 40's, 50s, and early 60's when I left for University. My grandparents lived at 23 Henry Street. My memories of a childhood in Hopkinstown are all good. The mountain, the Western field and the streets were the places were gangs of us played, and played safely without the kind of dangers ...Read full memory

A Memory Of Ulverston

My memory relates to the Gas Lamp which formerly stood in the centre of County Square in Ulverston. It was erected in front of the County Hotel which stood on what is now the site of the Coronation Hall.I understand that the Council first sought approval of the Manager of the Hotel as to the design of the Gas ...Read full memory

A memory of Ulverston


As a child I attended Hope Methodist Chapel and at Whitsuntide we had the Anniversary . All girls wore white and the boys white shirts ,we sang hymns to the congregation twice on Whit Sunday . On the following day we had what was called the Whit Walk starting at Bar Park and ending at the chapel taking in the village on route . ...Read full memory

Childhood Years Early 70s

I remember going to Dartford with my mum and going to a shop called Kerr's Drapery in the High Street. I was fascinated by the way they gave change to their customers. The shop assistant would put money into a capsule which went into a tube, they pulled a cord and it shot up the tube into the cashier's office at the ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford

Summerseat House Residential School

I'm hoping for help! In 1957/58 I attended a residential school which I think was called Summerseat House School for Delicate children.......we came to the school from industrial sites around Manchester to try and help our various medical conditions...........does anyone know anything about it?

A memory of Summerseat

Studley Grange Road

In the fifties a lorry used to come around selling ESSO BLUE PARAFFIN. This was for paraffin heaters that were popular around this period. Some of the heaters were made in Greenford in a building now occupied by Dunelm. They were called Aladdin Paraffin Heaters.

A memory of Hanwell

Pioneer Laundry Crosby

Hi I'm looking for info from anyone who might remember James McComb who ran the Pioneer Laundry in Endbutt Lane. I'm doing some family tree tracing! Thanks Liz

A memory of Crosby

Around The Corner & Far Away In Time Forster Drycleaning Co 33 Bower Way, Cippenham

Hi my Dad used to work with John Wallis Drycleaners as a Van Driver (John Wallis was based in Windsor, Datchet & other towns with the Factory in Hillside, Chalvey) who were bought out by Frank Forster - Forster Drycleaners 33 Bower Way, just round the corner & l ...Read full memory

A memory of Cippenham by michael


I spent part of my childhood in Dunmurry, living with my aunt and grandmother in the old Mill Row. Long gone now I expect. Will be over later this year for a wedding and would like to have a look around. Love these articles!

A memory of Dunmurry by mickbear88

Born At Gate Burton Hall

My name is Margaret Laughton nee Ward I was born at Gate Burton Hall on the 7th July 1944 My parents were Randall and Olive Ward, we were from Torksey Lock, My father was the lock keeper there, he also drove the school bus (Applewhites) around the local villages for the Gainsborough School

Tuck Shop Opposite

I remember Mrs (fatty) Parson, she put her foot through the floor one day much to the classes delight. I live up by the heath and took the penny ride to the National School every day on the 467 bus.

Post Office

I lived in Hurst in 1963 and my mother ran the Post office stores. now converted into a house opposite the pub in Davis St.I remember many of the customers names and my mother used to deliver the grocery orders in her morris minor all round the village and up to the Almshouses opposite the church . I remember the local ...Read full memory

A memory of Hurst by vjthorogood61

St Paul's Junior School

I attended St Paul's in 1961 until I moved on to St Crispin Secondary. I believe St Paul's is no longer a school. I also vividly remember Martins Swimming pool as we went for lessons there with the school. It always seemed to be very cold and the caves for changing didn't help. But the hot Bovril for 4d a cup thawed us ...Read full memory

A memory of Wokingham by vjthorogood61

Memories From My Younger Years In Durham City

I was born in Hallgarth Street in 1935 and christened in St. Oswalds Church along with my older sister Dorothy and all the Fox's. dads family were eight children all living in Hallgarth Street, Whinney Hill, New Elvet. James Henry Fox, Dads oldest brother I didn't meet. He died at the Somme on 1st ...Read full memory

A memory of Durham by karenobrien13

Alfred St

My family lived in Alfred St all their life's until it was Demolished for the underpass. A whole small community was displaced.I remember Mrs Moss shop in the middle and Ethel sweet shop at the end of the Street. And taking the laundry to the bag wash at the other end. A very small part of Alfred st Still remains which gives me a ...Read full memory

A memory of Reading by vjthorogood61

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