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Bagshot Update

London road in Bagshot has changed little there is extension on cricketers now premier inn . the building across the road half built? further down on right side is huge nursing home ...Read full memory

A memory of Bagshot


i was 5 wen we came back from germany and were put into the nissan huts used during the war by royal artillery the guns were still there and me and my sister jenny used to play on them and turn ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking

Man Hung

i remeber one night walking from keith road over to the harrow pub to get some fags for me mum cos me dad was compere at most of the pubs around barking and as i walked past eatsbury house i ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Bob Warren

My Mum

MY MUM used to work there for the Releigh Smiths when we were growing up.. She was then Valerie Zalesny...

A memory of Loxwood by Lyn Hammond

Skating In Winter..

When it was frozen over in the winter it was so much fun skating on it, had to make sure that no cracks would come in the ice, life was fun and not much TV.....

A memory of Loxwood by Lyn Hammond

Peel Street School

My grandmother and her brothers and sisters attended this school as did my mother and moi. I have many memories of the school. Endless games of football in the yard, rain or ...Read full memory

A memory of Cloughfold by risingsun456

St Andrews Church

St. Andrews Church figured quite prominently in my early teens as it was my parish Church. Although not a religous person, I had to go the Church at least once a month as I ...Read full memory

A memory of Uxbridge by Bill Crowther

Memories Of Heatherlea

I too have very fond memories of Heatherlea. I remember well the dinner gong and the daily walk to the swings where I seemed to spend hours. Every day seemed to be ...Read full memory

First Supermarket In Crewe?

I remember how exciting it was to go with my mother to the first supermarket we had ever been to. Most of our groceries were bought from the Coop at the end of Lunt Avenue ...Read full memory

A memory of Crewe by Susan Mason

Happy Days

I was born in 1942 & lived in placehouse lane, attending down land school then passing the dreaded 11plus & spending the next 6 years at purley county grammar school for girls ...Read full memory

Classmates And Memories Of 1955 1965.....

Hi my names Mary Mclellan nee Gresam. I went to st pats schooI... yrs 1955-65. I lived in Railway street.. then when the houses were condemned we were ...Read full memory


does any one remember farm at the top of the hill we had farm with cattle. my granddad and nan used to grow their vegatables and also keep bees. my nan used to take the honey to market ...Read full memory

A memory of Halesworth by Janet Ingate

Rasc 31 Coy Derring Lines

I came to Brecon in 1957, I think I had been here in another life as the place was so familiar, it was like coming home. My Army days in Brecon were great, Peg;s Café by the ...Read full memory

A memory of Brecon by Ted Lay

Rheola Street.Penrhiwceiber.

I lived in Rheola St. from 1941 till 1950. Opposite Maggie Ropey. Never knew her real name, but I think her husband worked in the pit.Other shops I remember, ...Read full memory

And Old Soton

I remember as a child being woken up at night and walking with my parents from 148 Hill Lane to the air raid shelter on the common, and picking up bits of shaperal (is that how ...Read full memory

Holidays In Langley Moor, Durham

My aunt was Mrs. Kenyon, the Headmistress of Langley Moor Infant School and I have fond memories of spending time at the school with her while I was on ...Read full memory

A memory of Old Whittington

My Boarding School Memories

MEMORIES OF ST.CATHERINE’S I was a boarder from Jan.1947 to July 1951. My memories too are happy ones. The principal, Ralph Cooper taught us Geography, Science and ...Read full memory

A memory of Almondsbury by tomarie

Cavendish St

I lived there just opposite St Clements Church. Ordsall park at the bottom of the road. Went to Ordsall board school then secondary modern school. Remember the ice cream cart pulled by ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by lindasmith10

The Weekend

I remember calling for my friend Josie who lived in Princes street.We would walk down coton road towards the town and go in a chip shop there.We would sit in the small room at the back ...Read full memory

Cousin Owen Barker

When at gran clements used to visit from walkern to stevenage 50 years

Ww1 Dead Listed On The Memorial

Two of my Grandmothers brothers are listed on this memorial. They were killed within 25 days of one another in July 1916 Frederick William Lill killed in France and Arthur Lill, killed in Belgium

Before They Put Numbers On The Years!

Gosh, I am so old, I remember the time that the trams (696 and 698) were changed for electric trolley buses of the same numbers. Does anyone but me remember ...Read full memory

199 Havant Road The Cottage

When I saw John Cowan’s posting, my eyebrows shot upward, since it so happens that 199 Havant Road was also my first home. I was born on 7 January 1935 and we lived at The ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Anne Joseph

Rosebank Caravan Park Clacton

Does anyone remember rosebank caravan park on the london rd going into Clacton ? (little Clacton I believe) the robin hood pub was close by and right next to the ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Kevin Edwards

Sunday Afternoons At The Mere

I have wonderful memories of Sunday afternoon visits to the Mere in the 50s with my parents. They ran a pub in Shrewsbury and Sunday afternoons were family time. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Ellesmere by Sylvia Ashton

Easington Colliery In The Early 60s

As very young boy from Ascot Street I recall going shopping with mam to Walter Willson' s and then over the road to Snowdons for a bag of broken ...Read full memory

Totem Pole

I remember this totem pole. There was also an obelisk to, "Butcher" Cumberland. As I recall it was placed in front of a bank of rhodedendrons which was part of Windsor Great Park.

1943 1957

I came to live in the Post Office cottages Bedhampton opposite Coldmans and the Belmont Tavernin 1943, with my grandprents Mr and Mrs Collins, living next door to my Auntie Mrs Dalton. ...Read full memory

Sublime. Growing Up In High Etherley.

Very similar to Marjories memories. The things we looked forward too were the Church and Chapel trips to the seaside,and the week before the school broke up ...Read full memory

Memories Of Vincent Secondary Modern 1960 1965

I have just stumbled across this web site. My name is John Bryon and I remember Mr Mills the PE teacher. He liked to take the climbing ropes in ...Read full memory

A memory of Northolt by j_bryon

L Lanyrafon Square /Shops

Whilst looking through your site I noticed this photograph was dated c1955. My father ,Mother and I moved to LLanyrafon in 1958 ,followed by my Grandparents in 1959. We were ...Read full memory

A memory of Cwmbran by rocketiii

Caego & Gwersyllt

My childhood memories of first Caego and then Gwersyllt are very precious to me, it was here my mother's maternal family were bred and lived for many years. Sadly, I had to move ...Read full memory

I Grew Up In Six Acre Cottages

Hi Belinda Barton Having read about you on page 25 of the book " I remember when" from 2009, I see you lived at six acre cottages. I lived there in 1956 ...Read full memory

A memory of Fawkham Green by krc6646

Any One From Victoria Rd?

Hi our family used to live at 90 Victoria rd, I remember playing with a girl called Karen harter who lived at the end of Victoria rd, this was late 50s early sixtys, my 2 ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Kevin Edwards

Happy Time

I came to live in Tottington full time in 1959 to attend Laurel Street school. We used to live in Beryl Avenues close to St Johns football and cricket field where we played endless ...Read full memory

A memory of Tottington by risingsun456

I Lived There As A Child

My parents managed The White Hart pub when I was about 9 years old (I'm now 60) and I went to the village school. I have fond memories of the village and remember getting the train to Banbury with my Mum to go shopping.

Kingswear, Me, And My Dog.

He was only a few weeks old when he came to us, my mother had got to know about him and thought he was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. I was fourteen years of age ...Read full memory

A memory of Kingswear

The Old Police Station

The house with the notice board is the old police station.

A memory of Stanford in the Vale

Cefneithin School

I used to live in Is y Llyn and I attended Cefneithin School until I was 9 years old. In the school yard under the shelter there used to be a wooden board which we used to ...Read full memory

Queen Elizabeth Grammar And Darlington In The 40’S And 50’S

QUEEN ELIZABETH GRAMMAR AND DARLINGTON IN THE 40’s and 50’s I was born and lived for 18 years in Pensbury Street. Then Hargreave ...Read full memory

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