Recent Memories

Garth Stores

My mother and father had garth stores in the early 1960 's. I still have good memories of these days, George and Christine Lewis, I am now 56 and living in Bournemouth.

My Early Memories

My name is John Howard Jackson,I was born at 22 John street Sacriston on 16 6 1946..we moved to heugh edge house for a few years then onto 6 south view until I left home to take up an engineering apprenticeship with the national coal board in the main memories are of a happy but austere childhood as my parents had ...Read full memory

Row 45

This is Row 45, also known as St. John's Head Row after a public house on the south west corner. The pub still exists today. The row ran from North Quay to George Street. The photograph is shown looking towards George Street. The area suffered much damage from air raids in the 2nd world war.

A memory of Great Yarmouth by John

Fond Memories Of Kirton Holme

My name is Brian Wilson, I was born in 1940 down Fen Drove now called Sykemouth Drove, Kirton Holme. Down this drove were farms, small holdings and houses 12 in total, today in 2016 only 4 remain. Ist farm on the left was Mr FA Smiths farm yard then on the right was Mr A Halls wooden bungalow, next farm on ...Read full memory

Dorking Halls Antiques Fair.

I run the Dorking Halls Antiques Fair which, this year, (2016), celebrates its '40th Anniversary'! As part of the celebrations I researched the fairs history, its relevance within the community, the venue it has inhabited over the last four decades; 'Dorking Halls', & collated stories of the fair from past ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by janealexander1

Living At The Fortune Of War As A Boy. (Richard Coleman, Perth Western Australia)

Whilst my memories are as a young boy I have some wonderful photos and a lot of information from my late mother and her sister. We all lived at the hotel with my Grandfather, Jack Gill and my Grandmother Violet Gill, Jack Gill managed the pub in the late 40's to early ...Read full memory

A memory of Laindon by decorum.wa

Visitation Convent 1967 To 1969 William Lubega

I joined the convent in 1967 and was the only black later joined by Leslie Philips from the Carribean. I am from Uganda and my dad was studying architecture at the AA. First day at school was horrific. I was punched and called names like any newcomer. By the second term I settled in my best ...Read full memory

A memory of Bridport by wkayondo

Early Days At Challaborough

My grandparents (named Holder) owned the Delphine before it became a cafe. The told me in the very early days the only access was by horse & cart from Ringmore. I think that they made good use of the horse & cart to get to the Journeys End pub. They later owned one of the three garages shown in your ...Read full memory

A memory of Challaborough by fbcs46

Early 50s

I grew up in Tower View and went to Benson and Selhurst in the 50s to 60s. My friends and I often went to Ashburton Park crossing the old golf course. Most of our memories come from activities at St Georges. We did several plays for the Millenial. I was a page to Archbishop Whitgift in the Sunday school one and an officers wife of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by jhsporney

Grangewood St Railway Yard E6

I have fond memories of watching the railway wagons in the goods yard from Grangewood st Just behind the off licence in Plashet Grove. There was a crane with a huge magnet on the end that used to load the wagons with sheet metal off cuts. If you stood near the footbridge in Park rd nearby you would see a diesel ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by petecarrington

High Street Church

My mistake - it was the Congregational Church ! Allistair Beckett

A memory of Bracknell by abeckett

Brampton Bierlow

Grandad was a Winder at Cortonwood Colliery. Lived at 53 Knollbeck Lane.Well known for his model railway in the garden. Variously known as Joe, Job and sometimes Alfred Job Wright. My Dad Sidney now gone some ten years since. Well known model maker. Memories of Traction Bus turning round in junction opposite, walks to ...Read full memory

High St.

my grandfather henry eborall had a poulterers in the early 20th. century. his uncle had a builders business also, his name was Edward eborall. I am hoping that someone, somewhere may have photos of these places. eric eborall.

A memory of Wavertree by eric.eborall

Knights Toy Shop Green Street E13

Would be interested to know if anyone remembered Knights toys that opened in Green Street in the early 80's. It was a double fronted shop on Tesco's side of the road and was something to do with Mark for toys in East Ham high street E6. It wasn't there for very long though. I remember going in there with my mum and noticing that there didn't seem to be enough toys to fill such a large shop.

A memory of East Ham by petecarrington


I lived at 67a Crwys Crescent until 16 years old. Our prefab was directly opposite the farm gate and my brother, Peter Davies, and Diana Davies, spent many days playing in the stream. I remember others who also lived in the upper circle. Gloria Sims, Maureen Stag, Wendy Webb, Brian Israel, June Brassington, Richard Horn, Brinley ...Read full memory

A memory of Upper Boat by dianajdixon

Battersea 1954 1966

We lived in Beaufoy road from when I was born in '54 to 1966 until we moved to Basingstoke. I lived with my mum and dad Jim and Doll Coulson. Would love to find Carol Smith from Clapham we both went to Macauley School, Clapham. Janet Coulson.

A memory of Battersea by ltruscott

Drayton Junior School Ealing.

Hi my name is Geraldine.I went to Drayton junior school .Ealing.approx 1972/3.I had a great time there.I lived at St Leonards rd then.Iremember having great fun with my friends Sharon,Jane,Juanita,Mark,.Michael and George.Sharon emigrated to Guyana.I remember Mrs Knight who everyone feared! The highlight was when ...Read full memory

A memory of Ealing by geraldineayul

Vincent Sec Mod

my name is peter bruce and was at Vincent school 1960-1965.i have just read john bryons message.i well remember the blue diamonds! john on lead guitar,peter bridle on rhythm ken parker on bass and keith loren on drums, I believe I even sang a few numbers with them myself (probably out of tune) we were all in the same class with ...Read full memory

A memory of Northolt by p.bruce82

Groups Thar Played At The Bull.

Hi , My name is Eric Bell & I was born & raised in Hornchurch. When I was 17 (I think) I was lucky enough to work at Jim Moore`s music shop in Hornchurch Road. What a great job for a young guitar nut eh!! I formed a group called "The Nighthawks" & we played quite frequently at the Bull. I remember old Jack ...Read full memory

The Sherwood Pit

During the war I attended Sherwood Boarding School on Church Street and Downs Road. Behind the house was an abandoned and overgrown chalk quarry (The Pit) with an old cottage, our arts and crafts classrooms. The cottage is gone and it is now called "Elizabeth Welchman Gardens" On Saturdays we also went to the Odeón morning ...Read full memory

A memory of Epsom by Paul Erland


Does anyone remember the Harringtons who lived on Enid Street. After the deaths of their parents the newly married Esther Withers (the eldest daughter) and her husband Tom took on the five children orphaned and raised them with their own baby daughter. My dad, Chrissie was one of those children. You might remember him singing with his ...Read full memory

A memory of Splott by ddjlhb


We lived in Brooke Crescent,Edmonton from 1941. Until 1955. I attended Brettenham infants and Junior School and Montague Senior School. Our surname was Raymond. Anyone out there remember us.

Edith Ruby Smith

I work in a care home in Fareham, with elderly people with Dementia. One lady who has become very special to me lived in Boarhunt for many many years. Her house was called Pandora. Edith Ruby Smith (aka Ruby) had a daughter called Joyce who has recently passed away has a son called David. I know Ruby has a sister, and a brother ...Read full memory

A memory of Boarhunt

Kidlington 1948 1962

Oh my, I love all those many memories...The new school baffled me as I wasn't sure which one it was. I went to the infants school in Blenheim Rd, the the New Junior School Oxford Rd (Near Garden City) the Gosford Hill Secondary Modern (just pre comp.) It was built but not ready for us to use...which meant ...Read full memory

School Days

My name is Hilary Peck (Morris) I attended Rosary Priory from 1970 to 1976, my dear Mum who is 86 & still in good health was a teacher (needlework). Would love to hear from any fellow pupils, school days then were very different to today !!!

A memory of Bushey Heath by appyred

Crewe Town Hall, 1970s

I have a memory of visiting the Town Hall in the early 70s with my grandfather and being fascinated by a water feature in the foyer. It's no longer there and the staff don't seem to recall it at all. Have I imagined this or can anyone shed any light?

A memory of Crewe by tim

Looking For Bazleys And Buxtons

Hi - I'm interested in tracing anyone who may be related to the Bazley or Buxton families. My mother was Freda Bazley born in 1948, later Hirst (from 1968), and generally went by the name of Lynn as an adult. Her mother was Freda Bazley (nee Buxton), twin sister of Doris. Her dad was Joseph Bazley. My mum also ...Read full memory

A memory of Crewe by tim

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hi my name is royston williams, i am 63 years old and have very fond memories of trecastle. I lived in trecastle for the first 10 years of my life, my mum and dad and i lived at 12 maesyberllan,my uncle wyndham and aunty phyllis and their two sons,my cousins,peter and philip,i think lived at number 4 or 5. My ...Read full memory

Honeymoon 1971

We spent our honeymoon here for a fortnight. The "then owners" were wonderful and did everything to make our stay special. The weather was beautiful and this was such a special place for us to start our marriage that has lasted 45 years this year, 2016.

Sparkbrook In The 40s

I lived in Hickman road Sparkbrook from 1941 to1950 my mother was moved there after being bombed out twice in the war I loved it there and had lots of friends there, I remember V.E day and the bonfire, in the street to celebrate the end of the war , my dad was still in the army so wasn't there to celebrate with the ...Read full memory

Ice Cream

Does any one remember Kenty the ice cream man? Our mum and dad would let us have ice creams from him on a sunday I seem to remember.

A memory of Scawthorpe by joannewton53

Mc Kraking House

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s there was an old run down mansion across the road from Charles path,with stables in the grounds. Do you have more info about the family that used to live there

108 Lmr

We moved there when you moved out. My dad, John gray did a swap with your dad - mr. Ellis. I vividly remember moving there from golf links and had a great childhood there. My parents sold up in 1994 and moved back to Ireland then moved back to larch crescent off yeading fork. Lol. My brothers still live in yeading I moved to USA in ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by eileen.emerson

Knights Toys Green Street

I remember a shop opening in Green Street in the early 80's (I think) called Knights Toys that was on the same side of the road as Tesco. I believe it was something to do with Mark for Toys from the high street in East Ham. But was sadly only open for a short period of time. Would be interested if anyone else remembered it.

A memory of Newham by petecarrington

Memories Of Patricia Smith

I was born in Corsham nursing home in 1940, I lived in Cuttle Lane, went to the village school where I was taught by Miss Bowen, I learned the piano from Miss Rose Innes who wrote plays for us school children to perform at Christmas time. Sadly I don't get back very often now, but did find a school friend who ...Read full memory

166 Easthill Memories.

born in 62, lived at 166 easthill, went to st faiths primary school from 67 to 73, used to sit on the wall watching the scrap lorry reverse all thw way up the side of our wall and gover cricket school entrance and park up to the garages in the corner, also just about able to watch the cricketers practicing, we lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Wandsworth by Peter Mason

I'm In The Boat!

The photo must have been taken in about 1963. The two people in the boat are me and my Dad. We had one of the first caravans on Point Clear and regularly got the ferry across to use the outdoor pool and boating lake. At the time we lived in South Benfleet but I have now lived in Brightlingsea with my family for the past ...Read full memory

Anstey Born And Bred

I was born in Hollow Road in 1944. I then lived in Forest Gate and Cropston Road where I lived until I got married in 1966. I have one brother Bill and two half brothers Charles and Keith and two half sisters Susan and Jane. I attended the infant school and my first teacher was Miss Bromwich. The headmistress at the time was ...Read full memory

A memory of Anstey by patshort1

St. Margaret's Yeaton Pevery

I have seen two names I know well especially Rosie Ingles. I went to St Margaret's boarding school from 1963 - 1967 approx. The house was very splendid and beautiful. I wish I could have appreciated it then to the history of the building. Headmistress Miss Heinslein and deputy Mrs Scott they terrified me. ...Read full memory

Cantley As I Knew It

I was born there 1929 and i lived there till 1945 we had 3 shops a p office postman lived in village delivered 3 times a day also a policeman on his bike many good memories of the village helping on the farm wartime harvest time spud picking also ...Read full memory

A memory of Cantley by jamesclayton102

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