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You Mentioned Coed Bell Cemetery, My Grandad John Donnelly Was The Grave Digger There In The 1960's And1970' S

I remember being at Coed Bell Cemetery and playing amongst the graves or picking Blundell in the woods beyond.

A memory of Gronant

Whitchurch Town Hall Saturday Night Dances

I remember attending the dances in the Old Town Hall. The promoters use to bus people in from all the local towns - Wem, Ellesmere, Malpas, Nantwich and Wrexham. I lived in Whitchurch and had an older friend who worked on the local paper, The Whitchurch Herald, and when the Beatles played[1963/64?] ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitchurch

American Gi Wwii

I have never been to Moreton Paddox but I just found some pictures of the gardens and house in my father's scrapbook from the war. He lived in the barracks near the gardens from June 13 to August 10, 1944. On the back of one photo he wrote, "I wish I was back in this place now. We had a pretty good time there." He ...Read full memory

A memory of Moreton Paddox


When my mum died I lived in Salford markendale st with a family my dad knew I called her auntie Esther uncle Walter her husband they had two daughters may and alma I lived there from age two for about 7 years from 1947 to 1953 I remember may had a baby called Terrence she worked in a soap factory alma got married and had a boy named ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford


I lived in Balham from the year I was born until 1963 when my family moved. I went to Henry Cavendish School and remember the swimming pool being built after a lot of fund raising. Mr Bassett was the music teacher and wrote many musicals performed by pupils. I lived in Rossiter Road, my maternal grandparents lived in Cavendish Road and ...Read full memory

A memory of Balham


I was a pupil at St Oswald Girls School 1963-1967. Miss Muriel Stevenson died just before I started so Miss Rowena Stevenson was headmistress when I started there. I think she was heavily influenced by her friend Miss Oram who used to organise the plays etc that were performed in the grounds. I remember being in a nativity play at Hexham ...Read full memory

A memory of Allerwash

Summer Holidays

I was born in 1957 and my Mums family came from Llanegryn. WE always used to visit Twyn for our holidays and stay in a guest house in Llanegryn. My memories of Twyn are all happy- I cant remember if it rained or shone but that really doesnt seem to matter ! I loved going on the little train- a holiday wouldnt be complete without ...Read full memory

A memory of Tywyn

Born In Chippinghurst Manor

I was born in Chippinghurst Manor on 26 November 1943. I am not sure how long I was at the manor. The reason I was there was because my mother, who lived in Woolwich South East London, was unwell and my grand mother packed her off to Denton because it was calmer. Also, my mother lived within a couple of ...Read full memory

Hut Hotel Wisly Cobham Surrey England

My Great grandfather Henry Pulling ,Grandfather Harry and Aunty Sis,all lived at the Hut Hotel .Great Grandad was the proprietor.When when he died Gandad and auntie Sis took over.Aunt Sis told me how people would come for a day out and go rowing on the lake.The ladies would drink tea in the tea rooms and ...Read full memory

Growing Up In Greenford From 1942 To 1973

I was born in Perivale Maternity Hospital as were my daughters..Lived the first 5 years in Greenford Road after which we moved to Greenford Gardens.The first infants school I went to was Oldfield,then on to Costons Junior followed by Coston girls school,had some good times there,headmistress was Mrs ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenford by sallywinter82

Bill Walker

Came across this picture of the Franscican convent. I went there as a boarder as a 4 year old and still shudder at the awful memories I had. Brutal nuns, punishments with a bamboo cane. Hanging out wet sheets on cold mornings. Forced fed greens and cabbage, no hugs whatsoever. Nasty place with nasty memories. Nasty nuns with irish ...Read full memory

A memory of Copthorne by walkerpalace

Little Ealing

In 1955 I went to little Ealing junior school and I remember being taught by mr Lim. In 1958 I went to Acton County Grammar School where I was bullied mercilessly but in those days all the help you got was "ignore them they'll soon stop" They didn't. I was very unhappy and lied throughout my school life to avoid trouble. I also ...Read full memory

A memory of Ealing by Gill Cooper


Hello ,, I am trying trace my family history ... I believe my Family originated from Westfield Catt was the family name .. my grandfather was Frederick Catt married to Alice .. they had a son George who married Gladys Tomlin from Battle.. they had a son Stanley my father .. they were a fairly large family I believe ...Read full memory

A memory of Westfield


returned to Shipston on Stour only last week found Gerralds close house still standing and lived in . however the farm house still there and the land was turned into housing estate . brought some memories back .

A memory of Shipston-on-Stour

Newick 1950's Village Of Character With Its Share Of Characters.

The 1955 photos reflect a time well remembered by myself and many of the following will be recalled by old 'locals'. N90085. Home to Arthur Schlater and Norwegian wife. Not widely known is that he ran the Shetland Bus during WW2. N90020 Note the diamond concrete road surface ...Read full memory

A memory of Newick

History Of Market Street Kettering

Can anyone remember the name of the shop on the corner of market St which is now Barclays Bank. It was a haberdashery shop. I remember going in there with my nan and aunt in the 60's. Thanks.

A memory of Kettering

Thornborough, North Yorkshire In 1950's

My grandparents lived at The Bungalow, in Thornborough & I would look forward with excitement to our visits (from Middlesbrough) during school holidays. Me & my sister enjoyed the outside freedom that we did not have in Middlesbrough. I remember the bus that used to arrive each ...Read full memory

School Days At Milton Abbot

any imformation on Milton abbot school days from 1948. tom rosser

A memory of Milton Abbot by thomasr846

Winter 62/63

Yes I remember that Winter very well. I grew up at Wakerings Farm from 1960 till 1975. Trudi Turner lived just up the road and we used to wait for the school bus at Hands Corner, even in Winter. We were actually closer to Gt. Leighs church but the postal address was Lt. Waltham and of course we got all our meat from John ...Read full memory

A memory of Little Waltham by info

Harris Family

I am trying to trace my family. They were the Harris family that lived at Yew tree cottage ,hazeley bottom/ heath around 1910. Thankyou Rebecca Hillier

Sanderson Family Thornaby On Tees

My grandfather was Tom Sanderson born 1859 in Thornaby on Tees.His parents were James Sanderson and Ellen Dunning. Tom had a barber shop in Bridge Street and later in Lyndhurst street. He married twice and had several children.His first wife was Mary Jane Stoker who died in 1894.They had 3 children ...Read full memory

Lord Mayor Treloar During The War Years

I have many memories of LMT for I spent several long periods between 1935 and 1943 as an orthopaedic patient there. I didn't think it as awesome as others have described although I well remember Sister Hadley. I think we could do with sisters like her today for she ran a very strict regime at the hospital ...Read full memory

A memory of Alton by terrytrayton

Happy Days

My name was Moira Davies and I lived at number 6 Bryn Crescent , I went to Markham Mixed School until 1957 when I was 15, Miss Jones was the teacher of the babies class , I remember Mrs Powell and Duncan Pembry and also Mr Morgan who taught the boys . My best friend was Wendy ,I can't remember her last name but she lived at the top of ...Read full memory

A memory of Markham by moiraelms3

Shenstone Lodge

The following is taken from my mother's memoirs and the time period Winifred would have worked at the Lodge was between 1929-1932. Her mother, Ann Pamela Myring (b 1887), is described as a 'Housemaid Domestic' in the 1911 Census at the age of 24, living in the house of her parents. I am assuming that the old ...Read full memory

Gloria Reg Rigby 24 Woodville Ave Lived There For Seven Yrs

Hi have very fond memories living in prince town my four daughters all went to the local school they loved it there and the lovely school dinners I used to work at lord cafe in the snack bar side with a lady called Jan who used to sing in a group called the peasant pluckers also a ...Read full memory

Remembering Croydon Airport

When I left Stanley Technical School at the end of 1956, I got a job as a 'Trainee' (another word for Apprentice' but without the security of a longer term employment), at Rollason Aerocessories at Croydon Airport, who were a small offshoot of the Rollason Aircraft company also on the Airport. Does anyone have any ...Read full memory

A memory of Cranford by frank.aylard

Eden Grove Rd

Back in the 50s...The Rag and bone man use to call down the rd ..The pe-fabs .. The corner shop ..Old air raid shelters ..The alley that ran behind the houses Kids could play safly in the street I remember many niebours then like The Atwells the Trumps....Adamson ...Kieths...Brezloe ..Lewis's......Coles.. Happy memorys My family were the Goddards ...

A memory of Byfleet by anne.e

Childhood Memories

My mum Ruby Osbourne born in 1913 and her brothers and sisters grew up in Lowestoft. She married my dad a sailor in the Royal Navy and was then Ruby Pearce. She later moved to Wiltshire with my two brothers due to the Second World War. I as a child have so many happy memories of Lowestoft staying on the North Denes ...Read full memory

A memory of Lowestoft by barree64

Capel Bakery

I was wondering if anyone out there remembers the bakery in capel Surrey ?Were the last owners called Christmas or was there another owner after them ? I've lived in capel all my life ,56 years. Steve redford

A memory of Dorking by steveredford

No Dear, Not 'Wangle O Park' Wandle Park.

Yes, I remember Paper jack, my mum used to give him old papers but I don't think he ever put newones on! Hey, you must also remember Prince Monolulu who used to sell his 'Dead Cert' horse racing tips in Surrey Street market on big race days - I wonder f any of them ever won?

A memory of Croydon by frank.aylard

Southall Long Gone

We moved to Southall when my brother Peter was two 1959/60 From a maisonettes in Hayes. I remember my dad had a lot of work to do in the house in Greenford Avenue as when we moved in it had creosote on doors and dark green paint. It was soon changed into a nice home with my dads hard work. My elder sister Linda and I had the ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by frances.nana6

Sutton High School For Boys Closed In 1962

Does any one remember or, like me, go to this school that had the same purple-mauve school uniform colour as the twinned girls' school just along the road? The alumni blog (with photos of teachers like Mrs. Pankhurst and Mr. Coulter) disappeared about 5 years ago in 2012 on the 50th anniversary ...Read full memory

A memory of Sutton by dagmar.melman

Stewart And Lloyds Corby

Hi, I am trying g to trace a long lost relative. Hisn ame was William Stewart, born around 1945 to 47 , in Corby. I am lead to believe he was a specialist welder travelling all over the place welding. I am lead to believe that he work on a contract at Dounreay Nuclear plant near Thurso,Highlands in the mid to late 60's. Any information would be gratefully received. Many Thanks John

A memory of Corby by simpsonfbs

45 Peacock Ave

Is Southfield infants school still on bedfont lane I was there in 1959 then when we moved to peacock Ave I joined fairholme juniors my teacher was called miss Germainy I think does anyone remember!.

45 Peacock Ave

Is Southfield infants school still on bedfont lane I was there in 1959 then when we moved to peacock Ave I joined fairholme juniors my teacher was called miss Germany I think does anyone remember!.

45 Peacock Ave

Does anyone remember Clifford dairy I remember having to go to the milkman s house to get extra milk for my mum and on bedfont green had a shop we called gribbles ,I also worked at the ironmonger s shop as a kid to pay for bits of fishing gear filling esso blue paraffin for the old ladies,and also helped the bread man all Saturday morning for an ice finger great times will never forget those days.

Memories Of My Life And Family In Bideford.

I was born in 1954 in Bideford. I went to a small private school near the strand but it closed down, then went to church infants school near St Mary's Church, then to another school near Abbotsham Road , then Geneva School. I had lots of relatives living in Bideford, my Aunts - the Bird family, my ...Read full memory

A memory of Bideford by yvonnecosmetic


I was born in Butleigh had My tonsils out at age 4 at the hospital. It was so good looking at some of the old pictures of home and one of my parents outside our home wow it was quite emotional seeing them. Looking forward to paying a visit to Butleigh this year

A memory of Butleigh by sandielady49


I have not been to Whitehaven yet, I hope to write a memory this coming year 2017. My great grandfather George Hudspeth was born (1863) in the area of Claytor Moor,. My g.grandfather came to Nottingham when he was 20 years old . His father Thomas was a railway engine driver. So as time goes on the Railway starts to ...Read full memory

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