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Sylvia Conway's Memory Of Cayton Bay

We stayed in a caravan at the camp in the 1950s Had to scramble down a very steep dirt track to the beach

Sylvia Conway's Memories Of Saltburn

I learned to swim in the Baths late 1940s and In early 1950 went dancing every Saturday night at the Spa I used to go horse riding from the stables near the station

Lifstan Way Esplanade Junction, Looking East Towards Plas Newydd Road And The Halfway House

The Houses with their "victorian" balconies are distinctive, and the Halfway House building can be ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

The Passenger Shelter Was Opposite The End Of Bryant Avenue.

A great view of another of the old Tram Stations, which had become Bus Shelters, and places for sunseekers to enjoy the view out of any wind. I see from Google Earth that the structure has been greatly modified, and has now in 2014 become a Beach Café.

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Sea Water Bathing & Paddling Pools, Between Chelsea Ave And Elizabeth Rd.

No doubt at all about this location. The Facility was renovated after the neglect of 5 years of war, but was never very ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Looking Westwards, Towards Thorpe Hall Boulevard Junction With The Esplanade.

In 2014, across the road there are tennis courts, and from Google Earth it looks like a thriving Sports Centre. If there ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Looking Westwards, Towards Thorpe Hall Boulevard Junction With The Esplanade.

In 2014, across the road there are tennis courts, and from Google Earth it looks like a thriving Sports Centre. If there ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Location, Halfway Along The Beach Between Thorpe Hall Boulevard And The Broadway.

Location clue - the glazed, cream-painted passenger shelter atop the sea wall, originally built as the Terminus ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Location, Halfway Along The Beach Between Thrope Hall Boulevard And The Broadway.

Location clue - the passenger shelter originally built as the Terminus Station for the Esplanade Trams, then taken over by the trolley Buses and bus services later, when the tramlines were lifted around 1938, and the Corporation extended it's public transport services all the way to Shoeburyness.

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Esplanade Lifstan Way Junction

The sign to the Car Park is the main location clue, - along with the blocky concrete structure alongside the Shelter, the sloping timber launching ramp for boats, and ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

On The Beach Below The Junction Of Esplanade And Thorpe Hall Avenue

From the location of the semi-circular bastion which is situated halfway between the Lynton Rd. and Burges Terrace junctions with ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Bromley High Street

I remember the coffee smell as one wandered up the high street. Someone on this memory board has asked what was it called. It was called: Coffee Importers, because ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromley by Susan Tebby

Rector Of Thrapston

My grandfather William Howard Tomkins-Russell was the Rector of Thrapston, and died of pneumonia in The Rectory in 1941. My uncle Anthony was born there in Feb 1931. My father ...Read full memory

A memory of Thrapston by charlierus

Western Esplanade, Alexandra Y.C. Dinghy Park. A Post Ww2 Facility.

As the classic 18ft long local dayboat classes became more expensive to build and maintain, there was an explosion of smaller, ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by julian

Start Of Western Esplanade From The Pier

This Picture was taken by someone on the Pier, above the roadway. The shops to the right were known then as Palmyra Terrace, IIRC, and the little sunken amusement park to the Left had been renamed by then from "The Shrubbery" to "Peter Pan's Playground".

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by julian

"Westcliffe Belle" Pleasure Boat, At Her Mooring Just To The West Of The Pier.

IIRC, the "Westcliffe Belle" was a conversion by Johnson & Jago, Boatbuilders of leigh-on-Sea, of one of the big ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by julian

Photo Location

This picture shows the beach and the Eastern Esplanade at the Thorpe Hall Boulevard Junction. The elaborate shelter was built as the Thorpe Bay Terminus Waiting Room for the ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorpe Bay by julian

Black Smith

I remember a black smith in Barkingside which used to be next door or near the police station. We used to watch the old smithy shoeing horses etc. Does any body else remember the old smithy? David Trasler

A memory of Barkingside by d.tras

Abc Minors

On the right of this photo, opposite the Town Hall is the ABC Forum cinema, where I and my brother and sister along with lots of young children used to go on Saturday mornings to see a ...Read full memory

A memory of Ealing by akgcomail

Happy Days

I was born at Green Roof Chase Lane and then moved to Sutherland Road as a 2 year old. The council houses had just been built. I have happy memories of attending Tittensor primary school ...Read full memory

A memory of Tittensor by gillbirt1948

Happy Days

Spent many days on summer hols with cousins at gran and grandad hills at croftswood the broadway walthem road mum was josephine had a brother james and sister babs if i get it right across the meadow the norrigtons farmed further up broadway mounts as in peggy the actress had a farm

A memory of Petham by tempojrt

Good All Days

I went to Dearneside school,then worked at Bolton Hall. I loved to go jiving at Wath upon Dearne every week end. Yes the good old days. Who else remembers 1959 with fond memorys. Mary Handyside

The Walk, Beccles

Yes, I remember this view very well. My father worked for the Eastern Electricity Board, which is pictured on the right of the picture. I was 15 at the time. I would like to know if the EEB is still there and does anyone else remember this picture around this time?

A memory of Beccles

V2 Rocket Hatley Ave

I was at Gearies when the rocket fell in Hatley Ave. We lived at no 9 and it was on a Monday (washing day) and the replacement windows that we had(because they were blown out ...Read full memory

A memory of Barkingside by d.tras

Mother's Birthplace

My mother was born in August 1912 at 14 Perriman's Row, Withycombe Raleigh (this is shown on her birth certificate). She was illegitimate and the home was that of her mother's relation George Parkhouse and his wife and family. I recently visited Exmouth and saw the home (I live in Canada).

Port Regis Delicate School For Girls

i to went to this place,i was not abused myself, however the treatment was harsh, and i remember the girl standing under the fireplace being violently sick, as ...Read full memory

Rose Cottage Blackwell

My parents lived at rose cottage in Blackwell in 1954/5 would anyone know if this property still exists today ? As I am researching my family parents names ...Read full memory

Magical Place

My childhood was lived in Burton and Stapenhill - 1952 to 1965 I remember fondly the swan and gardens, running up and down the beautiful rock garden steps. There was a huge ...Read full memory

Abbey Drapery

I remember my mom working at Abbey Drapery. I used to love to go in and watch the vacuum payment system. The money was put in a round tube and whoosh off it would go only to return minutes later with the change.

Where I Was Christened

I used to live in Burhill road, my mum & dad were married here & I was Christened here. Years later, about 1967 my car went into the church wall after my front near side wheel ...Read full memory

A memory of Hersham by mikebalchin

Fishing Days In Summer

I used to fish in the Mole regularly, my home almost backed onto the River. Never caught very much although I used to be told by the old fellows (I was only very young mind) "Be ...Read full memory

A memory of Hersham by mikebalchin


My mother used to be the post mistress here back in the sixties. I used to come out of school across the road every lunch break, say "Hi Mum, can I please have some lunch money". I used to spend it on everything but lunch, Ha, boys eh?

A memory of Hersham by mikebalchin

Hengoed Stute Kings Hill Hengoed

I can remember going to the top of kings hill in Hengoed , up some steps and into the stute. It seemed a massive building to me as a child. I can still remember the ...Read full memory

Cottage Hospital Near Buckhurst Hill Station

I have just read the memory posted by Tine Kooiman dated November 13th 2013 regarding a small hospital near the Buckhurst Hill railway station. She ...Read full memory

Hiram Ayers

i saw a message today on one of the "mitcham sites". someone was after imformation about their granddad hiram ayers. from 1948 i lived on bordergate and im sure hiram lived in hawkes road just round the corner. although i never knew him i remember the unusual name.

A memory of Mitcham by Frank Snowdon

A Historic Timber Framed Hall In Beautiful Gardens One Could Not Wish For A Nicer Branch Library.

This beautiful Grade 1-Listed building was the closest Library to where I lived near ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by julian

Going Back.

I lived in Sabden for a short time in the mid 60, had a big effect on me,probably as i was in my early teens.I have always longed to go back,but some how never got around to it. I am now ...Read full memory

A memory of Sabden by paulhobbs685

School Days

In the 1950s I lived in Broadhurst Gardens and every day walked with friends through this twitten to get to North Bank School in Smoke Lane. The lane was dark and overgrown on one side and ...Read full memory

A memory of Reigate by Barbara Walters

The Bus Station

I remember walking past the tea bar on my way from George Street to the bus station to catch either the 71 or the 80 to Stockport Road/Hare and Hounds, Timperley. I did this every day whilst being a pupil at North Cestrian Grammar School

A memory of Altrincham by mchlpilling

Timperley Village

The photograph was taken outside what was Dobson's Dairy and Bowies Warehouse. The van on the left belonging to the hardware shop - I remember going with my mum there many times.

A memory of Timperley by mchlpilling

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