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Stevens Boat Yard And Tea Gardens

My Great Grand parents owned Stevens Boat Yard and tea gardens at that time. I can't see if the name Stevens is clear on the building at the front of the point of the island but that is what its says. ...Read full memory

A memory of Abingdon-on-Thames by liz

Walk From Leven To Home

I remember walking home over the bawbee brig up methilhaven road past jorden terrace and the brickworks and I lived in the first cottage opposite methilhaven church.I went to aberhill school and left in 1960.moved to name was beatha greenhorn now e.Corriggan.

A memory of Leven by beathascotland1

Memories Of A Bevan Boy

My late father, Eric Palmer, was stationed at Burn Hope colliery during the second World War, where he worked as a 'Bevan Boy'. He had many memories of his time there which he often shared with my sister and I. He was very ...Read full memory

Garboldisham Relative From The Past

Hi, My relative from garboldisham is Maria Pigg,she married my 5 x great grandfather thomas smith at bressingham 1822. Her parents was william and Mary pigg all their children were born at Garboldisham. We ...Read full memory

Cobblers Shop

My father Richard Bradbury owned the shoe repair shops in swallownest. In 1946 with is war service savings he opened his shop on high street Sheffield . Which when he moved became the Halifax agency. In 1957 he opened his new ...Read full memory

A memory of Swallownest by abradbury41

The Glanville Family

My husbands father and brothers and parents owned this Hotel. It received a direct hit by a German bomber and half the family were killed. Jim (my Husband's father) was out and ...Read full memory

A memory of Plymouth by jnglnvll

Milling Street

I lived on Milling St until I was a year old in 1953. My grandma and grandad Jimmy and Ethel McCombie lived over the Co-op shop. We used to go back there every year for our summer holidays until the mid 60's. God knows how the 11 ...Read full memory

A memory of Gateshead by lewisgscott

My Mum

I have this photo hanging on my wall as my Mum Isobel McNaughtan nee Hair taught here for 6yrs till having to leave when she and Dad were married on 6/9/1939. Such a shame I can no longer see this lovely building.

A memory of Greenock by isobelhthomson

Memory Of Morley

I was born in July 1937 in Lord Asquith house which was a maternity home in those parents were Dennis and Anne Pickersgill... They told me that I was so tiny I fitted into a shoe box lined with cotton wool..and kept on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Morley by rlinhart

Working For Marks And Spencer At The Mayfair

my first job was at The Mayfair on Brixton Hill making underwear for M and S. It was a very noisy Factory full of sewing machines. They played \Music While You Work but the sound of machines almost ...Read full memory

A memory of Brixton by vadergran


i now live in Canada but remember my grandfathers hotel. It was called The George Inn. His name was Bill George. If anyone has any info regarding my grandfather, Or his Hotel and what happened to it, I would love to hear any stories or information. Thanks, Dawn Gresl.

A memory of Cleethorpes by earlydawn8

Wonderful Croydon!

I loved to travel to Croydon from Carshalton on the Hill every month with my mother before I started school in 1960. After that it was in the school holidays with my mother and brother. I remember being on a trolley bus and ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by jggraves

Date Of Photo.

This photograph must have been taken after 28th. October 1896, when the new reredos, altar, and choir screen shown here were installed to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the church, and were dedicated on that day, and the summer of ...Read full memory

A memory of Yeovil by francis


I lived there when I was a boy . Had some great times there.Ian Penney .The Barclays lived next door.

A memory of Storrington by msminell

Saturday Morning Pictures

As a small boy in the 50's on a Saturday morning me and Joey Hodson would walk up Garrett Lane from Summerstown to the pictures at the Granada. Tooting Grenadiers we were called at the Cinema. We couldn't have ...Read full memory

Wood Green In The War Years

Does anyone remember the fire station on Bounds Green RD ?? well that is where I lived from 1939 to 1948..#8 Firemens Flats. My father was a fireman and drove a huge Leyland Merriweather shining brass engine... ...Read full memory

A memory of Wood Green by rlinhart

Born There 1946

I was born in Upminster rd sth as it is now, opp the cemetery and Buttons shop. Went to Rainham village school then onto Rainham sec. Where my grandad was groundsman Was married in 1966 in Rainham church, run the brownie pack at ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by yvon.malone

Dose Anyone Have Any Inofrmation Leonard Carpenter

I no nothing about uncle Leonard Carpenter who died in Royal Alfred Seamen's Home in Belvedere so can someone please help me thankyou

A memory of Belvedere by jhon90

Cafe On Wembley Triangle

I moved to Wembley in about 1965 and lived on Clifton Avenue. My mum worked at a cafe on the High Rd until 1970 when we moved up north... Looking at Streetview, the area seems totally changed but I think the cafe was on ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by redleeder

Trying To Find

My name is Barbara Ottewill (nee Hutchinson). I lived at 3 Bedford Road, Brentford and am trying to find information about Henry James Dearman who lived in Brentford and Isleworth. He was married to Annie Josephine Gooch. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful. Regards Barbara

Barwick House School

I was at this place and it was a hell hole Windows locked shut in bedrooms what a fire hazard Had to strip down to your pants at night were not allowed to have your stuff in case you run away at night or took fags upstairs ...Read full memory

A memory of Barwick by stevefriendtks

Pine Tree

Hi my sister was married to a Barry mace of pine tree caravan site years ago when my father was in the army.

A memory of Bordon by jonesgareth222

Bexleyheath In My Youth 1944 1960

I was born in 1944 and lived at 12 Rowan Road. I lived and played in Bexleyheath until 1960 when I joined Port Line and sailed off into the world. I returned after each trip but around 1962 I "jumped ship" in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by oliver

Bank Hall School 1974 77

Hi, I have fond memories of bank hall. Mr Brennan, hard but fair. Ian Sullivan (ginge), Derek matthews, les weir. Anyone want a catchup I'm on facebook, or contact me

Grandmother's Sweet Shop

I was born in the flat above my Grandmothers Sweet Shop in Wellington Street in 1955. I think it was on the right as you went up the Street just before the chapel that was on the left.

A memory of Luton

The Awakening

On the right of the photograph the second shop belonged to Arthur Sansom, the Newsagents and Confectioners. It has a sign board above the shop front: PICTURE POST. In the Easter holidays of 1959 at the age of 14½, I took my ...Read full memory

A memory of Locksbottom

This Is Not 1945. The Nearer Boat Was Not Launched Until Spring, 1947!

The nearer "pleasure boat" is the “New Princess Maud” , launched Spring, 1947, designed by Dallimore of Burham, and built of Columbian pine planking on alternate grown ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea

Anyone Remember?

Trying to locate where a family lived, do you remember Gerald green and/or nellie huygens, they worked at the big house we think wimcombe park and married in tisbury. They lived in a cottage in shaftesbury around 1932. any help would be gratefully received thank you.

Frothy Coffee

I lived in Runcorn until I was 8 (1960s) and I remember going into town on the bus with my mother. We would always stop at "Le Rendezvous" (which as a child I remember thinking was a very strange word) and she would get a "frothy ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by sc_taylor

I Went To Peckham Girls School

when it was 3 houses, Sumner, Rye, and Denmark. sumner and Rye were either side of the main rd, but Denmark was further along by the sŵimming baths. It must have been from 1955 to 1960 that I was in Sumner house. ...Read full memory

A memory of Peckham by kaybeechey

Shotley Bridge Hospital

I hope you will indulge me a little as this memory is not mine but my late Mother's. In 1953 my mum was 13 years old. Her name was Eleanor Williamson and she was admitted to Shotley Bridge Hospital into the care of ...Read full memory

Ripper's Joinery

Can anyone tell me if the company had a large house within the Hedinghams? Need to find out if my Mum worked for the family as a domestic servant during the years 1920-1934 approx. Her name was Gertrude Leeks who lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Sible Hedingham

Guyscliffe Childrens Home

My mum and her 2 sisters were in this childrens home from approximately 1926-1936? We have very little information on my mums time there as she was so ashamed of being a "Home Kid" Does anyone have any memories, ...Read full memory

A memory of High Barnet by lindamerson

School Days

I used to live in Langley park up until 1971 three time a week three of us used to have to go to Consett for commercial study typing and bookkeeping we used to get off at this bus stop and walk back to the village on our way home.I ...Read full memory

A memory of Langley Park by carol234

Visiting Broadway Village And Broadway Tower

Around 1982 my two friends and I were on holiday touring England Scotland and Wales from Canada. We were wanting to tour some of the villages in the Cotswolds and Broadway was our first stop. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadway by Janis Craig

Sutton Flats

I lived on Sutton Flats from 1943 until 1961, my grandma & relatives went by the family name of McMahon, my parents were Sid & Evelyn Wilde, with me (Diane) & my brother Geoffrey.....I also had cousins who lived on Cross Lane across ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Diane Wilde

More Contacts

Have been in contact with Arnold ? Steve ? Stephens, who lives in the USA , is the son of the late Denis Stephens and claims that he is your cousin (but you have never met ? ) a fact that he seems to regret but he did make ...Read full memory

A memory of Irby by lindafydd

Norwich Road

In 1955, just after my brother was born, we moved from West Ham to Forest Gate (Norwich Road). I was 8 years old and starting a new school was traumatic to say the least. My elder sister was at Plaistow Grammar School, so ...Read full memory

Do You Remember

when I was very young around 8-10 and I am now55 I see to remember been in the army barracks and this overlooked a very old house which as kids we thought was haunted also I went to the primary school which had another school for younger sibling next door does anyone know were these may of been

A memory of Aldershot

The Davison Family, 33 Downs Lane

My family all lived here in the 1911 Census. Alfred, Sarah and 11 children. When Alfred was killed down Eppleton Pit aged just 41, Sarah was left to bring up all the children on her own. They moved to 13 ...Read full memory

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