Recent Memories

The Green Man

Yes, by some kind of miracle, the Green Man is still there, although the carpark was built on, and the off licence next door is long gone. The Prince Of Wales by the roundabout is now a Tesco store, the Plough just before the Church Lane lights was turned into a different pub, and is now a restaurant. The George in Church Lane ...Read full memory

My Dads Family

trying to find out about my dads family who lived in alderbrook road no72 charles leonard rogers would like to find any family or relatives. d rogers

A memory of Balham by deniscrogers

Bolton Hall

My grandparents lived at the co-op in Bolton. My grandad was the manager there in the 1930 s. Their names were Percy and Irene Ibberson. Later they moved to Wath, to the big shop in the centre. My mother, Lilian, worked at Bolton Hall during the war. She told me it was the HQ of the northern command. Some high ranking ...Read full memory

Visits To Dartmouth

My cousin and spouse lived in Dartmouth when I was young, - they were a generation older than I, and ran a Fish and Chip Shop on Broasdway. The family visited them quite often - during the day my siblings and I would patrol the riverside quays inspecting the fishermen's catches and trying our fishing luck off the quayside ...Read full memory

Living In Battersea

I remember living at 8 rowditch lane with my sister june and my three brothers bill Frederick and david and mum and dad the surname was Watson I went to lavender hill school for girls in amies street battersea from 1960 to 1964 I had a friend name jenny jones I remember she married a chris bonner if any know any imformation please contact me

Mrs Lungren

My memory of Mrs Lungren is very cear as she was my dads sister making her my Aunt Memories of Alf are still with My second cousin young Eddie and myself collecting timber from swarland saw mill when a German aircraft straff Amble we did?nt Know what was happing till saw the the top of the Wynd David Beaty

A memory of Amble by dabrish

Shanklin Road

I lived in the prefabs, name then was Walshaw. I lived there from about 53. 58 My friends were the family mcAngus, David Bilton , Elizabeth ? I went to GLB and spent summer playing on the chalk hills that looked like mountains. I can remember having school dinner in a hall across the road from there. I can also remember ...Read full memory

Field Street Familyof Gapper/Goss Heddon.

My Grandmother Mary Catherine Gapper, lived in Field street Landore, she was the daughter of Ann Goss who married Mr Henry Gapper. My Grandmother married William, Heddon, her sister was known as Mathan[Margaret?] Mary my Grandmother loved me dearly.For now I would like to know of anyone who knew of this ...Read full memory

A memory of Landore by dianeheddon

Fred Paynes Taxi Stand And Dinner

My Nan and Grand dad had a taxi stand and dinner on East street.. sometime during the 30's from what i can tell?

A memory of Prittlewell by w.k.jennens

Edith Borough Childrens Home Newcastle Upon Tyne

I was in this home from about 1964 till 1969 would like to speak to anyone else that was thanks susan

A memory of Salford by susan

Pick Fords Chimney

Many people assume the P H on the chimney was painted on This is not correct the letters were made of fully glazed white bricks these bricks had also been used in the toilet / showers and wash room I worked there as an electrician from 1973 until 1984 when I was transferred to the sister works at hunwick Before I left ...Read full memory

A memory of Crook by b.richardson208

Border Gate Estate

I was born Patsy Evans the last of the 8 daughters of Ivy and Frederic Evans. Most of my sisters lived in Border Gate but I was born at 18 Hawkes Road in 1944. My best friend, Ann Halliday lived several doors down. I remember the Woolmers, Michael was their son I believe. Mr & Mrs Finch who had a daughter Sheila. The Teggs, Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Mitcham by patsy144

Reply To Richard.

Hi. Richard. Great memories of times past. A world without the terrible events that surround us today. Days when we could walk for miles as children, have our sandwich's and pop on the top of a haystack, wander through woods and fields without a worry or care by our parents. If only we could return to those days. ...Read full memory

Green And Silley Weir

I worked for Green and Silley Weir in Royal Albert Docks in the mid 1960's. I remember there being a nice bunch of people working there. Every Christmas us girls in the offices used to get a few big boxes of chocolates from the men who worked in the different *shops*. There were Blacksmiths, Engineers, electricians ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by beattiedolly

Camden Town 1940 1980

my husband lived in Camden from 1940 he used to drink at the eagle pub with his dad ben gowland would be nice if anyone new ben or pete.he lived in Camden road. I lived opposite for about 10 years before we met.i have been petes wife for 35 years now

Memories Of Llanvair Village School

I was just looking at the plate all the pupils had when the school so sadly closed in 1987 and was wondering where all the former pupils have dispersed to now? My children who attended the school were Ruth and Jonathan Morgan (aged 8 and 7 when the school closed.) Ruth and partner now live in Sydney ...Read full memory

Mitchem In The 60's And 70's

I came across this site whilst searching for something else and became entranced by the fascinating memories of what nowadays seems such a long time ago. Like many others who have posted memories, I was born in St Helier Hospital. Initially we lived in Bristol Road, Morden at the bottom of St Helier Avenue down ...Read full memory

A memory of Mitcham by nigelamorley

Clements Road.

I was born in an upstairs flat in Clements rd in 1946, then moved to Holland Rd East Ham. Went to Altmore junior school then Lathom rd. Some childhood memories: I remember pigeons used to live in one of the towers at Lathom rd school, I also remember the smell of the soap in school. I remember the thick fog we used to get, and the ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by padal

Evacuees At Auchterarder.

I do not actually remember Auchterarder as I was there for only six months as an evacuee in 1939 from September to March 1940 when we went home and I was one year old. However, I was the youngest of seven children and the stories of that time were related many times over the years by my mother and older brothers and ...Read full memory

Growing Up In Wishaw

i was born robert shearer in jan 1938 stayed i russel st 97 then moved 2 no 103 started work at skelleys motherwell then served my time in waddels russel st got married moved 2 newarthill, then 2 years KOSB then back 2 newart hill stayed in prefab 5 the green then 2 legbrannock cres still married 2 jean

A memory of Wishaw by shearerrob1

Happy Days 1947 To 1958

I have happy memories of living in one of the prefabs which were very up to date for that time as they included a fridge! I moved from London when I was 6 weeks old with my parents and my sister, Gloria, who was 7. We moved into 28 Marigold Close which backed onto open land as Hilldene had not been built. The ...Read full memory

A memory of Harold Hill by sueskuse

Tracing Relitives,

I would like to trace any members of my family who lived in the reading area my family name is Whitlock but i was brought up by Mr & Mrs A E Pear we lived at Binfield i had a uncle and aunt in Brunswick St , Also a cousin last known in Calcot Also a Mr Alec Pear that lived at Woodley he was married to Molly was my uncle and ...Read full memory

Dream Come True

My parents had long been visitors to Norfolk during the second world war. My mother now in her eighties visited Great Yarmouth many times as a child and my father being older than mum did his basic RAF training in Norfolk. My family all being Londoners born and bred would escape to Hemsby in the sixties for family holidays to ...Read full memory

A memory of Scratby by mouse.3rings

Pinner Radio

I worked at Pinner Radio and Electrical Maintenance in Station Approach Pinner from 1956 to 1967. The shop was located at the bottom of Station Approach, next to a little tobacconist kiosk on one side and the old Victory pub on the other... I wonder if anyone has any memories of this little shop. It was owned by Arthur Breese and ...Read full memory

A memory of Pinner by Martin Ruffell

The Arndale Center

That was the beginning of the end for Luton ,some great memories and architecture disappeared when they built that place.

A memory of Luton by chilly.north

Minster Way

loved it there

A memory of Langley by steve

Chip Shop

we had the chip shop eighteen + sons

A memory of Langley by steve

A Frightening Incident

In 1969 we visited St Ives in Cornwall for our annual summer holidays but on this occasion due to it being a last minute decision we had not booked our accommodation. Travelling from Bedfordshire in those days was considered by most to be a bit of a trek and it was usual to stop-over but we chose to plough- on arriving in ...Read full memory

A memory of St Ives by ducatee

Happy Days

My name is Selwyn Ball, I was also a border at Whitchurch Grammar School in the fifties, and i well remember . Ian Jolly, James Cracknell, Malcome Davidson, and many others .We in fact shared the same dorm. I was a poor scholar and consistantly held my position of bottom of the class through the years. I really didn't fit in to ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitchurch by ball28

Happy Days

We came to live in East Bowling in 1948 (Caryl Road, just a stone's throw from the former Bolling Girls' Grammar School). Trams (soon to be replaced by trolley buses) were still running up and down Wakefield Road. I went to Lorne Street Primary School (now sadly demolished) before going on to Grange Boys' Grammar School. I remember ...Read full memory

Thornton Heath Vehicle Repair Shop

Hello, my name is John Taylor and I am researching for a book which features a man who worked as a paint sprayer in a vehicle repair garage in Thornton Heath after WW2, around 1948. Has anyone knowledge of a garage in the area at that time? Thank you John


I seem to have lost my previous message so will try again,i have many great memories like you ,i was born in st aubyns ave off wellington rd,opposite hounslow heath a great place to play,not so now i visited there 2yrs ago,i also saw that the Warren pub is now a tesco,the warren was my families local i had 4 brother's and a sister it ...Read full memory

A memory of Hounslow

Flaxley Road

We moved up to Selby from Swindon in 1960 and I went to Flaxley Road. Apart from having to lose my west country accent in double quick time in order to survive, I was put in Miss Reid's class which was a big shock to the system. Boy, was she loud and scary! I remember the daily "times tables' recital and how angry she got if you ...Read full memory

A memory of Selby

Childhood In Withyham

We moved to 2 Bower Cotts Balls Green about 1950. My dad was employed by the owner of Duckings, the farm situated opposite the entrance to station road. Nos. 1 and2 Bower Cotts were up on the bank almost opposite the school which was run by Mrs Gabb ( I think). I remember the Queens Coronation celebrations at Kings Hall ...Read full memory

A memory of Withyham by iobs

Rangers Lane Pet Shop

I. worked there for a few months in the 1970s also visited most mornings in the about 1960 as I took my baby sister every morning to Rayners Lane Nursery before I went to Grange Scchool - it had lots of flowers and a second part of Birds McCaws Parrots Terapins Fish lots of John Inns compost and garden tools

A memory of Rayners Lane by willgock

Toy And Record Shop Young Activies

I Would like to know if anyone remembers the toy and record shop young activities as i used to buy my Records from there also dose any one have any photos of the store and of the old swimming pool in Pershore and is there any from the Childrens home AT 48 Station road were I lived from 1972 to 1979 contact

A memory of Pershore by vince754

Looking For Charles And Minnie Young

I am from Denmark I wonder ! if anyone here live or use to live in Northwood London in London in around 1960 to 1969 that might know Charles young, his wife Minnie and there two children Jonathan and Valery I would be very happy because it could leave me to my grandmother, whom live in Hong ...Read full memory

Looking For Familie Young In Northwood

I wonder ! if anyone here live or use to live in Northwood London in London in around 1960 to 1969 that might know Charles young, his wife Minnie and there two children Jonathan and Valerie Would be very happy because it could leave me to my grandmother, whom live in Hong Kong and died 2 juli 1929. ...Read full memory

Life As A Youngster In 1960x Old Basing

I went to Old Basing school slightly later, in 1962,and I remember school dinners as being dreadful, the dinner ladies were so strict that you did not dare not to eat your meal, they even reported to my mother if I did not eat mine. The puddings had lumps that I will never forget. However, I remember ...Read full memory

Methuen Rd

I was born in Edgware general hospital in 1945 we lived in methuen rd . In those days Edgware was a great place to live and I enjoyed a very happy childhood there.My sister and I attended Camrose school.I wonder what happend to David Laws who lived in chandos cresent Clive Sambrook Eric Higton and Linda Hamilton who lived at 21 ...Read full memory

A memory of Edgware by stephensonnex

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