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The place where I grew up with my five brothers and my sister. We used to play cricket on the green but there is no room there now because of all the trees! There was a shop in those days too and a weekly bus into Hythe. We did not sit watching TV or playing computer games, we made camps in the bushes, picked blackberries and ...Read full memory

A memory of Burmarsh by sfavis23

A Great Childhood In Walton

I spent my childhood in Walton to the age of 20 when I got married. I have so many happy memories that I have written my biography up to the age of 15, describing so many of the things I did with friends and the places in Walton that were relevant. One of the strangest activities was following fire engines to ...Read full memory

A Short Stay In Eccleshall

I stayed in The Kings Arms Hotel for a week when I came to Eccleshall in April 1975. I was there for a weeks training with my new employer F H Burgess Agricultural Engineers. They had one of around 130 branches in Stafford Street and it was my first experience of working in the farming community as I had previously ...Read full memory

A memory of Eccleshall by wicks.keith

Inpatient And Out Patient Over A Number Of Years

I was first admitted with stills disease in 1956 for about six weeks. I was on Ward 4. I remember professor Bywaters and later Dr Barbara Ansell. My daughter was also admitted with stills disease in 1964 and we both attended out patients from time to time for a number of years. Sad to see the ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by christinebuley

Living In Ditchling

I wa Born at Greenhedges Westmeston in 1947, and spent all of my wonderfull childhood in Ditchling , I do however remember the dreadfull headmistress of the local St Margrets primary school with horror, she made both my and my elder sister Jeans life hell ,it would seem that as our Father had been an officer in the army , ...Read full memory

A memory of Ditchling by John Morley

Whitchurch Butchers

I knew Len and Mary as a child. They were both good people. My Dad was Frank Wigmore and he was also a butcher in Whitchurch. Mary's maiden name was Ashfield and she originally ran a sweet shop on the corner next to the what was Hides Ironmongery shop. I thought she was wonderfull ! The hardware shop was later ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitchurch by lizpetewig

Memory Lane /Am I Getting Old?

So nice to read all the great reminders of my childhood.I too went to Rokesley Infants,Crouch End Juniors and Crouch End Secondary School.1945/1955.One establishment that seems to have been forgotten is the 'Bread an' Drip Shop' next to CESC in park road.I can still taste the 'doorsteps' of new bread thick with ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by Alan Carter

Ballroom Dancing

Yes I remember squeezing into my silver shoes and learning to cha cha with Aldcroft and Taylor above the Gaumont. Must have been seven or eight I suppose.I thought DotTaylor was the most glamorous woman I had ever seen! Also I used to watch them whirling around from across the road while I was sitting in the window at ...Read full memory

Special Memories Of Kirkconnel

I lived in Kirkconnel from early childhood until we left to go and live in England when I was 12 years old. My name is Anne Colquhoun and I have a sister Linda and we had great times playing out in the street with all the other youngsters on Birkburn Road. We often went up the Killie as it was known to us in ...Read full memory

A memory of Kirkconnel by anne.clark

Doddington Road Before The Flats!

I grew up in Doddington Road and went to Chesterton Road school until 1967. All the old houses in Doddington Road and surrounding streets were then demolished for the big estate of flats that now sits there. We moved up to Victoria Rise on the Cedars estate. I then went to Wix Lane until 1970 before ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by steve.wells


Please can anyone tell me the name of the park down Martindale Road, where there was, a children's park, once a park keeper, bowls and tennis courts. My family lived in Martindale Road for almost ever !!!!! I had lots of stays and the park was a sort of playground. So many happy memories of that area.

A memory of Hounslow by Kay Oliver

Elmsleigh Road

I lived in Elmsleigh road number 19 , I went to Eltringham infant and junior school. My brother and sister and I used to play out going to the frying pan , we also used to go scrumping near Wandsworth prison. Our teachers at Eltringham were miss Harvey miss Ainsworth and Mr. Sellers. I had the most fantastic times in Elmsleigh ...Read full memory

A memory of Wandsworth by bj.daly

My Home

I was born in the Munro Hotel, which was built by my great grandfather. Before that he was the teacher in the village school. Growing up in the village in the 1950's was amazing. We had total freedom,of the hills and the river or out on bikes. Our school was one classroom for all ages with a big open fire which we sat round in ...Read full memory

A memory of Strathyre by marykerr21


Our name is Everingham and visited Everingham when our children were young and then about 8 years ago took our eldest son and wife back there. Beautiful place and proud of our connection with it

St. Cyr's Church

My parents, Vera Emily Smith & Kenneth John Henry Guy, were married at St. Cyr's Church on 1st June, 1935. My maternal grandfather, Harry George Smith, sang in the choir here for many years. He was a signalman with GWR at Stonehouse Station.

Flower Street And Tay Lodge 1950's

My grandad lived at 2 Flower Street and he saved a kid from drowning in Tay Lodge , for which he received a police commendation. He was called Wilson Birch and his daughter was my mum Violet Pollard who went to Higginshaw school as Violet Birch. Does anyone remember the huge stores of gas masks in the old mills, they were all unused. Graham Pollard. 30/04/16

Memories Remembered

Memories Remembered After reading Brian Keighley’s story of his memories in Lifton, my memories came flooding back and has prompted me to recall a few of my own. I was born in Lifton 18 months after my sister Jean in 1927 at Rock Corner, that’s the Tinhay end of Leat road. I believe our house has now had an extension ...Read full memory

A memory of Lifton by geoffbailey1

Ardwick Millionaires

I lived in Howard Avenue off Syndall Street and went to St. Aloysious school, great memories of being surrounded by family...aunties and uncles around every corner, sitting outside the Richmond or the Rutland with a bag or crisps waiting for mam and dad, long days playing on the crofts. My mams family were the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ardwick by lilrob86

The Irving Farming Family

My family go back many generations as farmers in Wetheral up until the 1930s. My Great Grandfather Richard Irving was at The Croft Farm and The Green Farm. My Grandfather Thomas Watson Irving first lived at Pleasant View where his first child was born. Before that My Great Great Grandfather Thomas Irving was at The ...Read full memory

A memory of Wetheral by robertirving

We Will Be Back

Hi, I was born 43 Tixall road and my Grandmother was at No. 45 we would walk into town via the River Sow to the baths with towel under our arms. Or into town to Woodalls for material or wool and on market day there would be flags for your donations and into the old market with the smells of fruit and veg . Around the back ...Read full memory

A memory of Stafford by adame

Old Mill Cottage

my grandmother lived here during WW1. Alexandra "Andy" Carrington,daughter of Charlie Carrington, Marquis of Lincolnshire. The letters written to her by her serving soldier husband, Captain William Llewellen Palmer are published on Amazon "letters from the front, Captain Palmer's eye witness account of The Retreat from Mons 1914" charlie llewellen palmer

Wish Iwas There

lackhall colliery in the 1940s and 50s i was lucky to be brought up there proud loyal hard working people so different from life today.born 1940 lived in 11th street and was encased in love and safetymy father was a shaft man at the colliery(Billy) and my uncle Bob (jogger) was a goalie in local football . my mam ...Read full memory

Peter Miners

Hi Anthony, my grandfather worked for your father as a blacksmith in Binfield. IF you have any memories of him or my mother Phyllis and her brother Fred I would be very interested to hear. best to use my email address which is mike.sluman@ I live near Binfield and new a Chris Campbell, was he related to your friend? Best wishes Mike Sluman

A memory of Binfield by mike.sluman


My name is Malcolm Ruscoe and was born in 1945 and lived all my single life in Weber Street, Collyhurst and I am now in my 70s. I am in the process of writing my biography for my grandchildren to read when I am no longer around to ask any searching questions of me! I attended St Oswald’s School, and I have searched the internet for a ...Read full memory

Happy Memories Of Hayes

I was born in West Common Road in an old cottage next door to my grandfathers' shop in 1940,Sadly the shop was bombed in the war and was then moved to Hayes Lane. It was Hayes Stores, which my father took over when my granddad retired.I went to Baston School with my sister and we lived firstly in Sandiland Crescent and then ...Read full memory

A memory of Hayes by gillian4026

Barrack Road, Hounslow Heath

I used to live in Hinton Avenue, off Barrack Road. I went to school in Martindale Road initially and then onwards to he Junior School in Cambridge Road leaving in 1961. Mr Such was headmaster, Mrs Wilson was my first teacher here, followed by Miss Elborn, Mr Gilbert and Mrs Peck. After The 11+ exam I went to school ...Read full memory

A memory of Hounslow by graeme-p

Happy Days

Does anyone remember my family ,the Walsh 's of 76 Fitzwarren Street, Salford 6. My name is Katherine Walsh I have a sister Sylvia and a brother Gordon .My parents were Fred and Joyce .The house we lived in was next but one to the Royal Picture house and our Grandfather had the boot and shoe repair shop on Langworthy road ,his name ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by kedwards909

Rheumatic Fever Patent

What a memory, I was there from 1957 to 59, I remember being in bed for the first year with the school trolley coming every day, learning basket work, and making little red riding hood baskets for the nursing staff. I had a young boy in the bed next to me that had Stills Disease, and a blind girl the other side. I think ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by davidoverfield1

Loudon Grove

Does anyone have photos of this street in Liverpool 8 especially of the street parties during the 40s to late 50s. Nancy Richards ne Ward

A memory of Heswall by Ann Richards

Ann Shakespeare Youngs

This lady was my auntie married to my dad's brother. She originally lived at Spring House, 62 Bower Hill, Epping and in the fifties my aunt and uncle built their bungalow in the back garden of Spring House, sold Spring House, and lived in the bungalow until their deaths. Ann Shakespeare Youngs was born at The Spotted Dog Public House in Ivy Chimneys in 1905. She died in 1998.

A memory of Epping by ros.boon

Happy Hornchurch Memories

My name is Eamonn J Miller. Born 06 05 1954 at 11 Plumpton Ave. Hornchurch, attended Hacton Primary School (unwillingly I must say) Mum & Dad moved to Yorkshire taking me with them unfortunately. they bought a Fish&Chip shop and after six months were worried about my weight, My happy memories include Fella ...Read full memory

Childhood Memories Of The 1950's

My Grandparents moved to Worthing in June 1910. They first rented a property called Sunnyside (No 11) in Ladydell Road whilst waiting for the Church Walk houses to be completed. Then they moved into 23 Church Walk and named the house Armadale - you can still make out this name on the gate post although the name ...Read full memory

Trying To Find Out About Tommy Jenner

Hi Does anybody remember Tommy Jenner he was from st phillips st on queenstown rd he kept in contact with my daughter but she has not heard from him in a while I was wondering if anybody knew where he was he had 2 brothers George and Brian and two sisters Joan and Ivy. He also lived in Culvert rd Battersea he used to drink in the Queen Viv on Queenstown rd. Thanks Lesley

A memory of Battersea by lgladwin99

Walton On The Hill Also In The 40s And 50s

Serendipity finding this site. Unfortunately I do not remember Alan cooper but we must have been contemporaries. Like you Alan I started my education at St Hilda's in 1949. However I continued it at Breech Lane Primary until 1957 when I took the 406 in the opposite direction to Glynn Grammar ...Read full memory

A memory of Walton on the Hill by mail

Remembering The Good Days

I was born in milk street Hyde in the 40's went to Greenfield Street Juniors then onto Leigh street Secondary, I so remember Hetts sweet shop the ABC minors at the Stannies, the market, woolworths, the house that jack built, the May queen and whit walks when we all got dressed up, even with little money, we looked our ...Read full memory

A memory of Hyde by countryfan1


I was born in Flexbury Park Nursing Home, Bude in Nov 1942. My parents lived at the time in Breakwater Road. Does anyone know where this nursing home was ? It appears that when my father returned on leave from the RAF they asked St Michael and All Angels to Baptize me on a Wednesday.When this request was denied my mother informed the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bude by gthompson33

Royal Bath Hotel Bath Hill

My first job was at the Royal Bath Hotel in 1956 where I learnt all aspects of Office Work for 2 and half years. Boss was called Mr Dagley, and there were 12 of us in the Office. I was a very nervous 16 year old having just left Parkstone Grammar School for girls, and my first job!!! The first day, I was assigned ...Read full memory

A memory of Bournemouth by annwa37

Elizabeth Cottage

I was born at no. 2a Elizabeth Cottage in Hoe Lane in 1949.Left there about 1953, but have no photos of the cottage.I know it was demolished around the mid 60's, and replaced by flats.My sister who was born there in 1946 remembers Robo's shop on the opposite corner.Would love to see a photo of my birthplace, if anyone can help ...Read full memory

A memory of Enfield by maureen

Park Hall Camp

I was there in march8th 1954 Anyone got any photo sets of that intake ??? I am bill. Jolley. From Wigan At.

A memory of Oswestry by gunnerbill1

Park Hall. Camp 1954

I was at park hall camp from 8th March 1954 Don't remember much about it as I,m 81 But I was wondering if anyone from my intake has any photos of our passing out parade , Sure would be grateful for any,,,,,,I am Bill. Jolley. From Wigan At.

A memory of Ledbury by gunnerbill1

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