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Willingsworth House

I used to live in willingsworth house as a child. My dad worked at Patent Shaft and they owned the house. It was a lovely big house. Has any one any photos ? Shame they built houses there now. I lived there in the early 60's before willingsworth school

A memory of Wednesbury by hutton87440

Borwick The Day My Father Brought Borwick

Borwick 1946/1947 Sarah Gilbert daughter of Paul and Mary Postlethwaite. On our return to England after out stay in Italy the idea was to look for a four bedroom house to buy. At the time we were staying in a Hotel in Kirkby Lonsdale in the North of England. I remember very clearly one day, ...Read full memory

A memory of Borwick by sarah_gilbert

The. End. Of. A. Great. Racing. Stable

I. First. Went. To. Druids. In. 1957. On. A. 6. WK. Trial. Basis, I. Was. 14. ,loved. It. And. Went. Back. After. Xmas. Full. Time. A. Previous. Memory. On. This. Website. Mentioned. 2. Horses, gold. Nugget. And. Paul. Douglas, I. Did. Both. These. Horses. After. There. Previous. Lad. Called. Dido. ...Read full memory

Fairy Street Rutherglen

My mum moved to Rutherglen from Springburn when I was 2 years old. We moved to a tenement in Harriet Street facing Fairy Street. When I turned 5 Fairy Street School had now been closed and I had to go to Bankhead Primary which I wasn't happy about! I have great memories of the shops facing the school. It was a great ...Read full memory

A memory of Rutherglen by jannie2005

Elliots The Butchers

My dad was Joe whitehand And he was a butcher in elliots butchers, in the 60s. I loved going to the mop, and st Nicholas park, anyone remember the green dragon pub in the market place, we used to wait for my mum and dad to come out ( which seemed like ages ) so we could get some spending money for sweets! I have since moved to Derbyshire, but I often visit Warwick. Annie.

A memory of Warwick by angel.loach09

Willesden Childrens Home .Prout Grove Circa 1935

I was placed into a Childrens home in Prout Grove ,Willesden in 1935... I am writing my memoirs and wonder if anyone has a photograph of Prout Grove of that period..I think it existed into the 1960s..but am not sure. Any help would be much appreciated.. Many thanks , Mark Rimmell..

A memory of Willesden by filmexorama

Grocers In Paddington Area

I'm trying to find out where my Grandad worked. I think the shop was called Jolley (Jolly, Jollie) and there was more than one shop, even one near Oxford Street. I thought it was a butchers at first but I've seen a photograph and there's tinned produce etc behind him. I'd be grateful for any help with this - it would have been in the 1940s or 50s.

Fulham Palace Road

I was born in Fulham 1950 and grew up able to run & play till it got dark in Bishops Park and the surrounding area. I lived in Kenyon Street until I was 12 which was really fantastic. My family supported Fulham Football Club. I learnt to dance at age 3 at a dance school run by Sylvia Dale. classes I believe were held in ...Read full memory

A memory of Fulham by pipparoberts

Old Cotton Mills Where I Live

I have lived on cedar street in ashton under lyne from being born to getting married and moving on the street opposite cedar street , Alderley street , my mum being still on Cedar street now , I remember where my home is now 2016 there used to be a cotton mill I would sit on the mill wall with my friends ; ...Read full memory

Happy Days

When I was young my mum used to take me up to Hartsthead pike I used to love seeing the pigs next to the pub that's now a home , it always seemed magical to me as I child , Then I had a child of my own who I would take up to the Pike , I would give her so many different options of where we could go for the day , she would ...Read full memory


Went to London to see Step Sister for the Weekend,Greeted by being told as Brother in Law had got me a Job in Beckton Gasworks,11 years in the retorts and Gas Ovens,met the Wife who was working in Canteen,managed to get a prefab,better than the relief of Mafeking,many good memories,Ferndale Pub etc.Anyone remember Betty Rolfe,Ken Currie???

A memory of East Ham by kencurrie1

Stanhope Castle


A memory of Stanhope by thompson21june

Castle School

hi im allan chadwick just found this site i was at castle school 1961-1964 it was abad plase to be was punished once3 by standing in the rain in the play area with out any clothes iv just found out that my brother arthur has died .iv had problems with the boffect of bean ther

A memory of Stanhope by thompson21june

St Joseph's Children's Home Patricrfoft

My cousin has a vague recollection of spending some time in a children's home near Eccles 1950s. Does anyone have any memories to share.

Co Op Store And Butchers Manchester Road West Timperley

i am looking for information on staff who worked at the co op store and butchers on manchester road west timperley from 1980 to 1990 , i can remember George the butcher but don't remember his last name , any photos of the row shops would also help

A memory of Timperley by ianfarmer

Memories Of Mobberley Boys School

My name is David Collins. I attended Mobberley from 1968 to 1972. I was in Shaftesbury house. Housemaster was called Mr Rodley (nickname pop) House parents were Mr Booth and Mr Smith. The master of the whole school was Mr Evans. Is there anyone out there who remembers me or the houseparents of this era. Please get in touch. Thanks.

Memories Of Norley

During WW2 I lived with my grandparents, Thomas & Elizabeth Hardman, in Post Office Lane, Norley. This was whilst my father was in the army. I remember going to the air raid shelters situated in the playground of the village school. This was the school I first attended as a pupil aged 4 and a half. My grandmother and my mother, ...Read full memory

A memory of Norley by eddisbury

Brands Hatch

Soon after I began motorcycling in the mid fifties I began to take what has been a lifelong interest in motorcycle racing. In those days it was a good trek to Brands Hatch as there were no M1 or M25 motorways and the journey from Bedfordshire was made through the center of London taking in Euston, Blackfriars Bridge ...Read full memory

Drumchapel , Kilcloy Ave 1966 To 1974

My family lived at 8 Kilcloy Ave from 1966 to 1974 , family name McGinley. Four of us went to St Sixtus Primary . Paula, Angela, Lisa and Tonia. My Mum and Dad are Tony and Rachel. We then moved to Cumbernauld. I have many memories of living there , playing up Peel Glen in the woods, Summerhill shops, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Drumchapel by paulaloy

Saturday Morning

I went along on Saturday morning. One time, however, the smile was wiped off my face after being introduced to my first Woodbine. A great lesson that lasted until I finally succumbed to smoking properly when I was 18.

A memory of Corby by Ian Mc Phail

Wonderful Childhood Memories

I grew up living at Eddisbury Hall Cottage in the late 1940s early 50s. My father, John Morgan, worked for Pete Hermon, owner of Barracks Fabrics in Macclesfield, as Chauffeur/Gardener. The Hermons had a daughter, Judy, who was only six months younger than I, so we became great friends. We stayed at ...Read full memory

Bells Close 1948 59

I lived at 23 Swinburn terrace bells close and went to Sugley Parish church. Lemington infants then the big school. I left there when I was 15 and did not make it to Claremont. I was born at Dilston Hall hospital Corbridge we moved to a new estate next to Union Hall beside the dene Linnel Drive we used to stand on the ...Read full memory

My Salford Irene Court.

I lived at 26 Gerald Road in a big old house at the side of the river Irwell opposite St Bonifaces church and attended St Boniface's school with my two elder brothers Bernard and Terrance, my younger brother Michael and my sister Brenda Court. The bridge crossing the Irwell gave us no end of pleasure. We raced paper boats ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Irene Kerkham

Sharing The Last Name Of Oddy

I transferred to Ramsay when my parents moved to Earith in 1955. Imagine my horror to find out that I shared the headmistress' last name, Oddy. I was Carole Oddy and she was Miss Oddy. No relationship that I'm aware of. I loved the school, the beautiful grounds and the building, even as a young girl, I ...Read full memory

Crabs Galore

We spent 14 years going to Trefor, and every holiday had wonderful memories. My dad was very good friends with the owner of the house that was on the beach at Trefor. He fished from the pier there and he would go out on the boats fishing for mackeral. One day after fishing the lady who owned the house, called May, invited us all in ...Read full memory

A memory of Trefor by janetbarton2

Rycot Road

I lived at 148 Rycot Rd in the prefabs and then we moved to 3 Rycot Rd (a brick house) by Western Ave. I lived there until I left for Canada in 1966. It's interesting to look at Google street view and see how much it's changed. I don't remember many names from there.

A memory of Speke by cliderth

At The Beginning Of The Blitz.

I remember leaving Ilford with my parents September1940 as my father thought serious raids would begin soon. We were not able to find any accommodation until we arrived at Bacombe Lodge on the London Road in Wendover and my mother and I were shown up to an attic father left immediately to return to Essex to ...Read full memory

A memory of Wendover

Going To Church

I left Corringhamin 1956 when I was 11 years old I well remember the Bull Inn as I passed it every Sunday on my way to church, my dad was the rector there for 21 years. I remember all the coaches that took the church members on trips to the seaside in the summer and to the pantomime around Christmas time. Someone mentioned ...Read full memory

Clifford Sach

Does anyone remember Clifford Sach and his wife Joan, he used to help out at Aveley Football Club, I am married to his youngest son, Stephen, who went to Love Lane School, so he tells me.

A memory of Aveley

Searching For Ancesters The Scutts Wolfshill West Chiltington

Not so much a memory but some research, does anyone know where Wolfshill West chiltington was( specifically) researching the Scutt families of Wolfshill. Any help appreciated.

A memory of West Chiltington

Memories Of Shotley Bridge Hospital

Following several years as an outpatient at Newcastle General hospital, I was admitted to Shotley Bridge hospital in October 1959 where I had open heart surgery on 27 October to repair two holes in my heart. Circulation was arrested for a total of just over 10 minutes and my body temperature was reduced ...Read full memory

Thanks For Reminding Me

I was born in 1947 and I went to Rokesly and Park Road Secondary modern schools as well. Then it turned into Priory Vale in Haringey. Eventually, I ended up at Stationers' for two years where I did my A levels and then off to Uni. I actually lived in Mayfield Road up to 1968. I recall all the places you mention and ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by Graham Woods

Life In Beckton East Ham

I was born in Beckton in the house I spent the first 17 years of my life in. It was a small community between the Royal Albert Docks and the Beckton Gas works. My mum was born there, we went to Winsor school, different building but same sight. Great childhood in the days when we knew all our neighbours and could ...Read full memory

A memory of East Ham by d.guyton

Growing Up In West Lavington

My name is Mark McCabe I grew up in west Leamington , best years of my life ,moved a couple times eastfields, white street , sandfieds, I also moved to market Lavington for a while, the best was highlands farm outside village brilliant years there where , bloody hard winters no heating , grew up quick learnt ...Read full memory

A memory of Ledbury by

Sharpenhoe Clappers & Sundon Hills Bedfordshire

In the post war years as families rebuilt their lives again Sundays really were special leisure days and those who were able bought a small car and enjoyed their afternoon going for rides on quiet country roads. My father was a self employed carpenter and joiner and need transport but as having two ...Read full memory

A memory of Tralee by ducatee

Fond Memories Of Great Wakering

My Grandmothers family came from Great Wakering. Her name was Daisy Alp. Her brother and father were both blacksmiths in the village. My Great uncle Stanley and his wife Doris lived in the village too along with great aunt Evelyn. I can remember staying the week-ends a couple of times and also going to ...Read full memory

I Remember His Name

It was Nunnerley, not Nummerley, tut

A memory of Ormskirk by Dot Hawkes

Lane End

My name is david noble and I lived at no and we all ways played crikey on the green

A memory of Bramley by davidnoble1944

When The Inferno Burnt Down

Girls cried when they saw the charred remains of the Inferno Club in Station Approach. It had mysteriously caught fire around 3am on Sunday, September 18th, 1964. Many teenagers refused to believe the club had gone and some even returned from their holiday to see for themselves. Whatever adults thought of the club - ...Read full memory

Memory Lane

My name is Alan Mudge, cousin of Valerie Mudge, her father Doll (Arthur) was one of my Dad's brothers.I was born on 15th. Sept. 1940 at The Shant, Grain Road, Lower Stoke, later, in 1948 moving to 12 Windmill Cottages. I went to school with Stanley Fritter. Educated at Lower Stoke Primary School, Wainscott Secondary School and ...Read full memory

A memory of Lower Stoke by Alan Mudge

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