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Circus 1957

I was born at gaffers buildings grapes hill as a young boy 3-4 yrs old im sure I watched the circus coming up grapes hill my aunt whos 10yrs older disagrees and says they came up princewales rd after coming off train at Thorpe station nigel john larter

Denise Harper Major Cross Street Widnes

This was where I was born in 1953 I lived there in a two bed terrace with my mum and dad 5 sisters and 1 brother also my nan and grandad we stayed there till my dad won the pool's in 1960 50.000 pounds I went to simms cross school and then Kingsway secondary I had then moved to Milton road I left school in ...Read full memory

A memory of Widnes by jackadee2

Bensham Crescent

I was born November 17th 1978 at 03.10 at Bensham Hospital I think. I lived 43 Bensham Crescent for over 8and half years. I attended Derwent Water Infant School. And then St Cuthberts Church of England Junior School. I absolutely loved it. Does anyone have any photos of them schools please from approx 1982 to 1986? Also I have ...Read full memory

A memory of Gateshead by donnasnowdon

Belsize Wood Stores

Hi my family set up Belsize woodstores ..Edward Wilson ,Arthur wilson Brian Wilson Louise wilson and clive wilson

A memory of Kilburn by wilsonalex160

Student Club And Alessio Coffee Bar

It is so nice to read all the memories of Bradford (the good old days). I went to the student club even though I wasn't a student! We would get a stamp on the wrist so we could go out to the Alessio for coffee. I worked as an hairdresser at Fould's in Manchester road and after work at the Majestic in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by annbleazard

Happy Memmories At The Convent In The 1960,S

I went to the sacred heart Barnes when l was 12 and stayed their until lead fifteen. The nuns were Very good to me,has they took me on a boat from Richmond bridge to Windsor castle for the day, their was sisters Augustine,Theresa,Chantel,they were waiting for me and has l down the steps,they said we ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnes

Dance School Over The Red House.Espresso Coffee

I was at the dance classes 1962 Do you remember the espresso coffee house and Queens Dances Also Fenwicks cycle shop !

A memory of Wolverhampton

Blaina School, 1930's/40's. William George Higgs.

My grandfather William, Bill to his friends was born in Markham in July 1925 but he was brought up in Blaina before eventually moving to Bargoed where he got married until he finally went into a nursing home. He often told me about his childhood days of growing up in Blaina and going to school ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaina

Growing Up In Leeds Street

My sister and I were also born in North Mid Hospital and grew up in Leeds St in the late 1950/early 1960s. We remember well the fruit and veg stalls at the end of the road in particular we remember them being run by a chap known to all of us as Fluffy. Whether he knew our names or not we were all known as Sally to ...Read full memory

A memory of Edmonton

Treasured Memo

Fleetwood has many fond memories for me as a child through my teenage years.

A memory of Fleetwood by maureenseely

Coffee Bar, Lemington.

In the Fifties I discovered, or rather was introduced to, a coffee bar somewhere in Lemington, in Newcastle and this became the place to go! I don't remember what we drank - coffee? squash? I have no recollection. But what I do vividly remember is the juke-box! We kept putting the money in and it rewarded us with those ...Read full memory

A memory of Lemington by Trish Bailey

Eastleigh Hants.

Hi I was born in Eastleigh in 1945,in Wilmer road, I went to Chamberlayne road Boys school, North end school & Toynbee road Boys school, lots of old friends,Dave, Bobby, Terry,John, Rita,Molly, Pat,Janet,ete, they all lived in Wilmer road.We all loved going to Saturday morning pictures, And we had some grate time,we ...Read full memory

A memory of Eastleigh by garyhenty

My Memories Of Drum Chapel In It's Infancy

I lived in Tallant Terrace from the early fifties until the family moved to Cumbernauld in 1969. At that time, Jedworth Avenue etc was not yet built. There was a gunsite there, and we used to play hide and seek, in amongst the tunnels.Jedworth was built round about 1958, because my dad was a joiner ...Read full memory

Wood Green In The Sixties

I was born in Newnham Road N 22 in 1940. I want to wood green junior school at the bottom of our road and then on to Tottenham Sec Mod (near the great Cambridge road). When I left school I was a locomotive fireman at Kentish town loco and then when I was old enough onto the Middlesex Fire Brigade with my first posting ...Read full memory

A memory of Wood Green by e.saunders07

Murder In Montrose Avenue, Whitton

I'm not sure how this website works so I hope this ends up in the correct place. Someone mentioned a murder in Whitton. I remember it well. It must have been in about 1959 or 1960. I was at secondary school. A young man who was mentally ill, murdered his mother and father with a bayonet and then fled. He was ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitton by kateramsay


Ah, Dolcis' shoe shop where most shoes cost 49shillings and eleven pence. I was born in Woolwich Road then moved to Pelham Road and worked at Hides in 1958, Then at Wheeler's Library where my boss was a little old lady who always dressed in black and reminded me of Queen Victoria. She would eat calves foot jelly for her health, and ...Read full memory

Westcliff Swimming Pool

I spent most of my childhood here, taught myself to swim and then to dive as I stood on the steps and gradually got higher and higher until I was able to stand on the side to dive , then onto the springboard. I had a season ticket which used to run from May to September and you were able to go twice a day on this ...Read full memory

Sangley Road Shops

I lived in Catford 1962-1973. I remember the shops on the one way system. Does anyone remember the stationers/ new agents /confectioners that was on Sangley Road. I have been researching my husbands family and discover that the Clements brothers owned that shop. I would like to hear from anyone if they have stories or information about them. Thank you .

A memory of Catford

'The Patch' A House At East End Of Overstrand, 1920s

Francis Frith must have been standing almost on the doorstep of a grand-looking house called 'The Patch' when he photographed 'Overstrand, Hotel East 1921' (Ref 71000). In 1916, 1921, 1923 and 1924 my Great Aunts Lily and Olive sent postcards to their family in Oxfordshire from 'The Patch'. ...Read full memory

A memory of Overstrand

Haven Green And The Chessecake.

My wife and I have fond memories of eating cheescake on haven Green, around late 60s early 70s. This we brought from a shop opposite Ealing Broadwat Stn. It was the best cheesecake ever. Does anyone else remember this place and know of its history?

A memory of Ealing


I was born in the Whitecity in Enfield Street in 1966. I have fantastic memories of my childhood. Going to Lloyd's shop on the corner of Henshaw Street for sweets where my friends Allison and Mark Reese also lived. We had the best bonfire around and all took shifts to stop the raiders whilst the others would go on duty raiding ...Read full memory

Huncoat During Ww2

My family lived in Greenford, Middlesex but for a year or so during WW2 my mother took my sister and me to live in Huncoat with my mother's sister Mary. Both my mother, Ellen Lees, and my aunt Mary King worked in the Blackburn Aircraft factory which memory tells me was at Clayton Le Moor. I was told that the Blackburn Aircraft ...Read full memory

A memory of Huncoat by vincentlees

Great Leighs

we moved from Borham airfield just across a cornfield to a thatched cottage, the walls were wattle and daub which a farmer let out to farm workers normally, It had no electricity, flush toilet , bathroom, but it had heaps of room and a big garden, surrounded by sugar beet , corn ,and fallow fields, Wild ducks flew over. you ...Read full memory

A memory of Great Leighs by ptricia46

Memories Of Greenford

My parents home was in Costons Avenue in Greenford, I was born there in 1937 and lived there for 30 years. The rear of our house looked out to trees which grew on the boundary of Perivale Park some eighty yards away across the “Little River Brent” and the allotments. On the far side of the park, on an embankment, the ...Read full memory

A memory of Greenford by vincentlees


I was evacuated here with my sister during the war and we lived at 19 Canning Street with two elderly ladies. They kept hens on a piece of land opposite. I used to go across the road and across a bridge over a stream to the local shop with a jug to buy gravy. Wendy Appleton ps You can read all about it in my book"A Little Girl's War"

A memory of Padiham by familyappleton

Married 60 Years Ago

We were married at Christchurch with Holy Trinity 60 years ago - we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary on 22nd December. Did not realise the name had only just changed at that time. Our marriage certificate shows - the Parish Church of Christchurch with Holy Trinity. Hazel Budd.

A memory of Penge by hazern

The Choir In Alexandra Park

I lived in Hastings from birth until the mid fifties. Each year there was a carnival week and one memorable year my music teacher was to conduct the Chippenham Police Choir in Alexandra Park. He and the choir would be on one side of a large pond and the audience on the other. My music teacher from the Grammar ...Read full memory

A memory of Hastings by rob.catt1

School Walks Pst Batemans

i was at st.josephs salesian school 1939-1946 we would walk past batemans several times a year and i never understood why we always keep quiet when walking past the house nobody told us too??we did at times just go into the ground floor.later in life i visited batemans and was sitting on the floor one of the workers ...Read full memory

A memory of Burwash by Philip Bovill

Any One Remember A Dennis Howland

Hi I am just wondering if any one can remember my grandad Dennis Howland ? His dad had a cobblers on what they called the pavement ! He was born in Stanford let hope in 1928 and lived there till the fifties! He remembers the street getting blown up by a land mine behind him! During the war! And lots ...Read full memory

Westwood Grange Country Club

In the early 1970's I became a member of the Westwood Grange Country Club after my seagoing career was ended by a nasty incident at sea. The magnificent building, a former home of Lady Freda Leverhume, was owned by a Mrs. Liz Evans, a most delightful lady, who ran "The Westwood Grange" as a watering hole ...Read full memory

Cedar Cottage Opposite The Store

After being bombed out in 1942. We got sent to Cedar Cottage, a thatched bungalow with veranda. It was set into the slope. I went to Sonning Common School and remember Two girl named Clayton who lived along the road. There was a large American camp nearby. I recall them playing "Crap" outside the Butchers ...Read full memory

A memory of Sonning Common by sid

Swanley Fire Brigade

I was born In swanley lane in 1944 and my dad was a part time fireman at swanley fire station. Does anyone out there have any details of the old fire station number 1 which used to be beside the old lullingstone castle by the traffic lights. If my memory serves me right Mr Dawes of station road was the driver. Any info will help.

A memory of Swanley by bogarde

Annie Helena Phillips 1874

My great grandmother was born in Crieff in the 1850s and emigrated to Australia She gave her address as Glen Turret lodge on her marriage cert in Victoria in 1876 I would love some info on the Phillips family who I believe were whisky distillers and also Old Glen Turret Lodge which was flooded for hydoelectricity I believe

Girl Guides

The celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Company was fun ! I had to re-orientate myself to the fact that the "little ones" were now Grandmothers. The 90th Anniversary will be in 2017. I wonder if it is to be celebrated?

My Youth

I lived in Redhill in the late 60s and early 70s. My family lived in Batts Hill,the hill behind the Monsoon Arms pub.My parents Pam & Arthur Brown managed the fish & chip shop along from the cinema. I worked at Automatic Tooling at The Holmethorpe Industrial estate. until I got pregnant. I use to go to the midnight movies and we use to ...Read full memory

A memory of Redhill

Welsh Gem

I love this town so much as I spent my childhood here and they were very happy times. We had to move away for work reasons but I would move back tomorrow if I could. I visit every year for my trip down memory lane and it's a great relief that Conwy hasn't changed too much. What can I say about the Castle, Plas Mawr, Marine Walk, ...Read full memory

A memory of Conwy

My Mum's Start In Life 1926

My mum had the misfortune to be born illegitimate her mum had to go to the workhouse because of the situation,and that's where mum was born! From there she was taken in by her aunties family not knowing the truth,and the sad thing was that she saw her real mum every day but had no idea who she was,she had a rough ...Read full memory

A memory of Nelson by Andy Wild

Things Keep Coming Back

Hello, Colin Newberry here. I've already contributed a few memories, read those from others and thought it was now time to come back. Down at the Junior School, I suppose it was 1956/57, we had a new pupil join us in Mr Skinner's class. His name was Gregory Ferrari, the name was unusual and his clothing was too - always ...Read full memory

A memory of Aveley by Colin Newberry

Surrey Lane

My mum Vera Thurgood, eldest of 6 children was born 1914 at 96 Surrey Lane. Grandad James, married to Katherine was a coal merchant with 12 work horses in the back yard. He used to give me rides on them in the yard. The laundry, Sunlight, I think, was next door. I spent many happy days visiting my grandparents especially when ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by penny.dudley

Barking And Dagenham

I used to live in the Barking/Dagenham area from 1945-1973.I was born at Barking hospital,sometimes known as Upney in 1945.I lived on the corner of Rugby Road and Bromhall Road,my mum and dad moved there from Bromley by Bow when they got married in 1930. I remember a few names that lived nearby,the Murtons lived next door ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by ronnieibi

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