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A memory of Ellingham by r.cooke33

Memories... Memories...

We moved to Bayston Hill ( shrewsbury) around 1990... A beautiful leafy lane .. Grove Lane... no. 8.. We had our dog.. ( Biko) and soon got settled.. our neighbours were; no. 6 were Bunny and Barbara Hancock... amazing ...Read full memory

Henley Family Memories

My father's mother came from Henley with strong family roots in Highmoor Cross, Shiplake and Rotherfield Grey's. My great grandparents lived at 2 Queen Street and had a huge family of 10 or 11 children in what ...Read full memory

Cowley Mill Road

So many memories of Uxbridge - I lived in Cowley Mill Road - two doors away from The Black Prince pub run by Mr & Mrs Guest - still remember the smell of beer and the delivery vehicles. Then opposite was a bakers (first owner I ...Read full memory

A memory of Uxbridge by lynnie.lw28

North Court

In 1958 my family(mom,dad,and me) were transferred to RAF Lakenheath,England. No base housing. So we stayed in a hotel in New Market for three weeks and then moved into North Court guest house which was inhabited by fellow ...Read full memory

The Chocolate Box Sweet Shop

My parents were friends with Jimmy and Blanche Greer,the owners of The Chocolate Box sweet shop, in Emsworth in the 50's. We lived in Windsor but we used to meet up with Jimmy and Blanche and their daughter Margeret at Lazalea Holiday Camp in Nutbourne every summer.

A memory of Emsworth by geoffreyhood

My Dad

My Dad was born in Lowestoft in 1921 and went to Roman Hills Boys school. His name is William Thomas Pritchard and he lives in Edinburgh, aged 94. He started on the trawlers in 1935 when he was just 14yrs old.

A memory of Lowestoft by mes1151

Happy Days!

This area played a large part in my early life in the late 40s - early 50s. I lived nearby till I was 10yrs old and then I still walked by to go to Moor Lane Junior mixed school and to Brownies on a Friday evening. We would meet ...Read full memory

Station Grove And S.A Builders Merchants

I remember every summer holidays staying in a caravan with my brothers and sisters at our dads builders merchants. Every day we would go to the triangle and get fresh baked bread from garners and try not ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley

Mottingham Prefabs 1950 1960

My name is Lesley I lived at 120 Houseland rd mottingham prefabs with my parents and 2 brothers and a sister , when i was six myself brother 18months older than me , my sister 5 years older slept in one bed ...Read full memory

Wartime Theydon Bois

My lasting memory of Theydon is the walk from the station to my aunts house which backed on to the railway line. This was near the end of the war I think but I clearly remember a field full of the remains of downed ...Read full memory

A memory of Theydon Bois by rsarge1012

Roecliffe Manor Or Charnwood?

I think this was the convalescent home I was sent to in 1947 when I was 5 years old. My family referred to it as "Charnwood" which is confusing me. The picture is vaguely familiar.though. I was very unhappy ...Read full memory

Smiths Shop, Corner Gladstone Street And George Street

Anyone remember this shop in Willington Quay? My parents ran the shop before I was born in 1953 and I'm intrigued to know of any stories related to it....

Goodbye Great Amwell

Sadly after 47 years for me 52 for my middle brother and 54 for my eldest brother We say goodbye to Amwell . One of my fondest memory is when I was about 3\4 years old hay making with my dad my mother and my brothers . ...Read full memory

A memory of Great Amwell by m3wooster

Road Surface

That road surface is still there to this day, lol. #councilresurfacetheroad.

A memory of Queensbury

Meadow Place

I used to live in Meadow Place can any one tell me any history about these sweet cottages ? we think they were built 1820.

A memory of Uckfield

Park School Dudley

Hi, I too attended The Park School and remember Miss Napier. I also remember Miss Wright ~ P.E.."Gabby Haynes" ~Music.I left in 1958. I was then Carol Roden. Any one else remember ?

A memory of Dudley

Saturday At The Pictures

The cinema on the right was the venue for our Saturday morning adventures. 3d to get in, all sweets half normal price. Next to the cinema is the hardware store. Further up on the left is the old toyshop and ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhymney

Stafford Coop

This development included a Coop Department store and a bookshop that I frequented in my teenage years. The Coop skirted around the corner into Stafford Street and two of the original terraced houses on that street were occupied by ...Read full memory

A memory of Stafford

Stapenhill Gardens

I remeber on a Saturday evening we would walk from grange street to stapenhill to visit my grandma, and we would stop at the Elms for cherry pop and a packet of crisps in the garden...........Oh Happy Days

A memory of Burton upon Trent

Not A Memory But It Looks A Lot Better On This Photo Than The Place Looks Now

EPNBC development and planning departments should be ashamed at letting 'what was then’ turn into 'what is now’ it’s an absolute disgrace and we are supposed to have progressed.

A memory of Ellesmere Port

My Fathers Daimler Settle Market Place 1960

The car with the upright radiator parked in front of Franklands, with a small Austin van alongside was my fathers Daimler, it was a dark blue in colour and had what today are called suicide door's for ...Read full memory

A memory of Settle by peter

Queens Rock Swimming Place

This early picture of Settle shows the River Ribble as it bypasses the South/West of the actual town, the Bridge in the middle left carries the A65 trunk road which then ran through the very center of Settle, and was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Settle by peter

Growing Up In Potters Bar

My name is Arhur Brown and I moved to Potters Bar from Tottenham when i was about eight years old along with Mum Doris Dad Arthur and sisters Sylvia and Jeanette and two years later my brother Stephen arrived on the ...Read full memory

St Marys Rc Sc


A memory of Clayton-le-Woods


In old age, I like to remember my school days at Kennylands Camp. It was the first to be used for evacuation and I was in the first intake. It was a delightful spot and within walking distance of a lot of Thames villages and ...Read full memory

St Pauls Cray School Memories.

I was living at the time at the top of what was called Chalk Pit Avenue, then an unmade and often muddy road in bad weather, at the bottom of the garden was a field and across the field was a fairly large house ...Read full memory

Lovely Holidays In Fleetwood

I was born in 1942, and most of my hoidays as a child were spent in Fleetwood. We usually stayed in Balmoral Terrace with the McGurk family who had a daughter called Marilyn. They also had a lovely golden spaniel ...Read full memory

A memory of Fleetwood by motot

Wartime Lower Feltham & Junior Scool

I lived in 123 Rochester ave.,from about 1934 until I joined the RAF in 1948 having moved from Hayes where I was born in '31. I went to Feltham Hill School to around 1942.The cemetery opposite received ...Read full memory

A memory of Feltham by reginald.coker

My Family History

this is where my family of Prouts came from in the early 1700 s going back to Richard Prout and Leah Mole my Gr Gr Grandparents Richard Prout and Maria (Nee Tarr )are buried in the church yard along with many other ...Read full memory

More About Bracknell

Hi Susan , I always thought that Joe Smith was the bookie that done the train trip to the sea side each year , got a packed lunch , and a coin as you said , My wife worked at Thompkins the Bakery , there sun Dave , married ...Read full memory

A memory of Bracknell by Colin Lennox

My Dad's Local Pub

The Morris Minor in the photograph looks like my father's first car. He lived and close by In Cock Green till around 1997. I believe I was was driven about in that car as a baby. I am now 51.

'Those Happy Byeways Where We Went And Never Come Again'.

I used to live just down the way from this stile and went walks through Cally Wood firstly with my friend Pauline Ellett and later with my husband and grandchildren. It's a lovely wood and ...Read full memory

A memory of Wordsley by conniephillips

Vivian Avenue Greengrocers

The name of the Greengrocers and Fruiterers was F. G. Welch & Sons.

A memory of Hendon by photographricks

Germany Calling! Germany Calling!

During the Second World War 'Lord Haw-Haw' announced over the wireless from Germany that the clock atop of the Hendon Technical College was showing the 'Wrong Time!'.

A memory of Hendon by photographricks

Does Anybody Remember A Music Shop In Crewe?

Hello my name is ashlee I'm 17 years old and i live in Devon, my grandfather is called George Hughes and his deceased wife was called Maria Roberts they had a music store in crewe not sure where or what ...Read full memory

Shipp And Sons Outfitter Furnishers Bell Street

yes i worked here in 1955 and had many fond memories. especialy my Boss ,A Mr Peter Shipp ran a very good busines and very pleasant chap too especially to his customers in ...Read full memory

A memory of Wigston by jameslioncub

Cargo Fleet Pics

Finally managed to get around to uploading a few pics of Cargo Fleet, but can't see on this site how to post them online. So if anyone can suggest, that would be great. Alternatively, email me with your email address and I will share them.. Andrew Catton

Seven Island Pond

wow what memories of this very special place. I remember as a child of around 13, going with a group of kids in my road, and walking every day of the summer holidays the this place and building camps in the surrounding bushes until the street lights come on or when our tummies yearned for food.

A memory of Mitcham

Mum & Dad Was Married Here

my mum & dad was married here, I grew up in mitcham. Born in St helier hospital carshalton, and live at 44 mainwaring court arm field crescent 1961 till I was 8,9 years old and went to St marks school.

A memory of Mitcham

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