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Grandad Chappell

I remember visiting here with my mother in the early 1950s. My Grandparents Herbert and Nellie Chappell managed the Hotel from around 1913 I think. Does anyone have information that would give me some dates for them ??

A memory of Biddulph

Growing Up In Collyhurst

I grew up in collyhurst flats 16 winterton road my mam was olive lyons my dad was george lyons I went to st james school then to st oswalds then to the albert memorial I had 2 brothers george stephen lovely memories of whit ...Read full memory

A memory of Egham

Decorators Shop

It was Eddie and Eve Rogers. The shop was what is now part of Tony Moss Motorcycles. The Rogers family lived behind the Decorating shop which is also now part of the motorcycle shop.Eve was a big smoker/drinker, I remember going to ...Read full memory

A memory of Wem

The Vale

Hi, I was brought up in seaforth vale in the 50,s early 60,s...went to star an St Wilfred's played football for both...anyone in touch with anyone remembers them yrs

A memory of Seaforth

Bletchingley Pimary School

I was one of the last pupils that attended the school, before they made St. Catherines the new primary school. It was such an amazing school to go to. When you first went to school you were kept apart in the 1st ...Read full memory

Stills Disease Patient

I entered the CRX as a patient in March 1974, ostensibly for 6weeks treatment, but I didn't leave until December 1981. I was under the care of Dr Barbara Ansell and her rheumatology team who specialised in children with ...Read full memory

A memory of Taplow by xxloub

Clayton Le Moors Cinematograph And Temperance Billiard Hall

I am wondering of anybody can share with me any memories or stories about the old cinema and billiard hall at 244 Whalley Road (now Ribble Valley Recliners). I am using the ...Read full memory

Burnt Boy

while hop picking with my parents at a farm in paddock wood in the early 1950s i was badley burnt when a petrol stove exploded farm name not rememberd spent 6 months in the burns unit at a hospital in ...Read full memory

Brentwood High Street

I remember this view like it was yesterday. It is looking east towards Wilsons Corner. On the right is the Arcade and on the left side of the Arcade is a shop called Sacks & Brendalls (might have been Sacks & Brendlaw..). ...Read full memory

A memory of Brentwood by tim.blake69

Good Times

i was born at 58 killingworth avenue castlepark backworth i loved it went potato picking with my mam and grandmar loved the ride on the lorry.loved the huge park my teacher was mrs carr she had a huge beehive hair do i was terrified ...Read full memory

A memory of Backworth

Tanks In Penarth

My husband was born in Albert Road, Penarth 1943 and used to speak of loads of old tanks left to rot away in fields. Also some sort of tunnel that was later blocked off. He left there for the Midlands when he was 7 years old and ...Read full memory

A memory of Penarth

South Benfleet Memories Of Summer Holidays

The photo of Station Hill reminds me of many happy days spent at my aunts house further down the hill ,she lodged in a lovely house with a balcony across the front owned by a couple Em and Bert who ...Read full memory

Nicholas Campbell

I left England in 1956, the son of Bill Hubbard, the local blacksmith. I would love to track down Nicholas Campbell, the son of Winnie Campbell, my best friend at the time. Anyone could tell me how to contact him would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Anthony (Tony).

Brakespear Road

I was 2 ,1941 when we moved into 19 Brakespear road. My father was an engineer at Bristol Aircraft Co. We were bombed out of Bristol and my father was moved underground to Spring Quarry to build Centaurus engines for Beaufighters.I ...Read full memory

A memory of Corsham by Ian Logan

A Student Group From Central Saint Martins University College

Hello, we are Alice Phoebe Hannah and Vilma students of the Central Saint Martins University College and we would like to receive any help from all of you that get memories of Rainham ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham


Pretty sure that Butler's was the "approved" dealer for local school uniforms - certainly I got fitted out there for my Queen Mary's Grammar School uniform in 1959. Barry Howard


I remember the Domestic Oil Stores in Barden Road. In the 1940's I lived in Norfolk Road. They sold all manner of things and there were goods outside, brooms etc. I do remember that two sisters ran the shop and used to see them sweeping the ...Read full memory

Belmont School

I attended Belmont School from Nursery right through to Senior. My name was Gill Stokes (now McQuaid), I was born in 1939 and lived at 43 Headcorn Road, Thornton Heath. I know the school has been closed for years but it is great to ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by gillianmcquaid

Judges Lodgings Of Clifton Common Memories Rob Beilby

In the years of early 1960 through the 1970's my mother Iris Beilby was the housekeeper and cook to the High Court Judges when they were in attendance at the courts in Bristol. She had for a ...Read full memory

A memory of Clifton by Rob Beilby

I Remember Dimambro's Ice Cream Shop In Durham City.

My name is Rob Beilby and I grew up in Durham City from 1937 until 1966. I and my brothers Bryan and Jimmy lived in a pub called the "Angel Inn" at the top of Crossgate from 1937 until 1945 ...Read full memory

A memory of Langley Park by Rob Beilby

Bus To Park North

Used to get the bus to Park North around the corner on the left.

A memory of Swindon

Tobacco Shop

I remember straight ahead of you there was a shop that sold Tobacco it had a statue outside.

A memory of Swindon

Shops In Portland Drive

We moved from London into a flat above the shops and when Baileys the newsagent opened I worked there. It was whilst I was working there that I met a guy called Allan Cole (who was the first Head Boy in Albury Manor ...Read full memory

A memory of Merstham by aandjdcole

Norden And Bank House Pulpit

I remember once a year (c1961) a man used to ride on horseback from Rochdale to Norden dressed as John Wesley (or his brother?) and he used to go up to Bank House Farm where there was the original pulpit from when one ...Read full memory

My Grandmother Housekeeper (Late 60s)

I remember making the journey back and forth from our home in northumberland to visit my grandmother who was housekeeper here in I think (late 60s). Florence humble a little lady with a blue rinse! I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by kirsoppj

Baileys Pit

I am not sure whether Baileys Pit Farm is the same as I remember a large old house just called Baileys Pit. During the early 1980's, I worked for a company, H J Chapman based in Ledbury and the sales director (John Bailey) ...Read full memory

A memory of Bailey Pit Fm by mail

Holiday With Connie

when I was about 8 did stop in the wood at the keepers cottage was very dark

A memory of Marske by howard.jackson

Haslemere Laundry, Wey Hill

I remember working in the laundry in wey hill for many years when I left my home town of Birmingham, I have some great memories of my days there, starting in the wash room and getting to know everyone there. My Nan was ...Read full memory

A memory of Haslemere by kempy51

Oscar Prentis

This garden belonged to the artist Oscar Prentice,who taught me to paint as a small child ,his house and studio can't be seen in this photo ,the gnomes all held fishing rods ,no vandalism in those days .

A memory of Langstone by vappleton

Wembley In The 1950's

I remember the lovely fresh bread smell from Aldridges the bakery at the Triagle, the Grove Fish and Chip shop's marvellous rock salmon and chips cooked in beef dripping of course, Killips department store's dumb waiter, ...Read full memory

A memory of Egham by sylviaanddoug

Birstwith In The Early 1950's

I lived in Birstwith, not yet school age - 1952'ish - and have very clear memories of my short time there. My father's - Albert Wilkinson - job was to keep the mill water run free from weeds, our home was one of ...Read full memory

Selsdon From 1964 1970

I lived in Selsdon as a kid from 1964 - its my earliest memory. We lived in Benhurst Gardens, up the top of Old Farleigh Road. We were lucky as kids to have 'the Rec' as we called it, and the Bird Sanctuary very near to go ...Read full memory

A memory of Selsdon by clare.benson

Cluggies Pond

I obviously don't remember the common in 1911, but I did live in Old Common Road number 15 from about 1943 until 1955. Where the children are sitting was The Common, and a herd of Fresion cows were often grazed there. Old Common Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Cobham by trevor.cole

Tattenham Corner In The 1950,S

I use to live along Epsom Lane North Known as the switchback to locals because of the dips up and down in the road, my father bought South Tadworth along there , where I grew up from 1940 to 1957 when I got ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by junesaunders

Southchurch Hall Farm And Park, A Branch Library In A Garden

The Hall was the closest Library to my family-home in Marlborough Rd. I used to spend hours there every week, researching school homework; and collecting Library Books for myself, ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea by julian

Hans Embleton

My Mother was Maggie Dresser, Her mother Mabel ?? was an Embleton. My auntie was Jenny Waugh. ( Peter Waugh) corner shop - John St? In the 1950's I went to Sacriston for holidays!! from South Yorkshire. We all knew that we ...Read full memory

A memory of Sacriston

From Kendal To The New World.

My roots in Kendal go very deep indeed, my Great Grandfather was James Dawson Garnett who was born there in 1851 on Lake Road and married Elizabeth Sherrin a local girl in 1871. Their son James Langhorn Garnett was my ...Read full memory

A memory of Kendal by Rob Beilby


I stayed here for a couple of years in the ruin that;s marked on the OS Landranger maps. It's a lonely spot and not the easiest place in Scotland to get to.

A memory of Badacrain

The Blakes Market Debate

I don't know when the issue was first posted. However, I grew up in Barking and remember both the old Regent cinema in Ripple Road (just) and when in became Regent's Market. Killwicks was in East Street and the furniture ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking

My Childhood Day's Growing Up In Pontefract

Pontefract a place I call home, my early years were spent Carleton Home's, it would be 58 years before I saw my real Mum Minne Martin from Castleford. from off the West wood Est. in Cutsyke. I was ...Read full memory

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