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Memories Of Living At The Camp (Dobles Square)

Living at the "camp" Dobles Square in the late 40s and early 50s. Our family Smith lived here with many others. It was temporary housing for families after the war. It was a wonderful time for ...Read full memory

A memory of Holsworthy

Born 1946 14 Bolingbroke Walk Memories Of Battersea From Across The Sea

In my 70th year, currently living in Canada, enjoying fond memories of my first 24 formative years , spent in Battersea: Bolingbroke Walk; Montefiore St; Elcho St and mostly ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea


My sister was married here, now sadly both her and husband not with us anymore. I was a bridesmaid at the age of about 8 or 8, got a lovely photo somewhere. My parents are buried here, was there last weekend to tend the grave.

A memory of Loughton

Old Prison

I found your memory very interesting, as I used to come and stay with an elderly lady who lived on the top floor of these flats. Her name was Weston, and my Mother came to Devizes for my birth in Feb. 41 and we stayed with "Granny" ...Read full memory

A memory of Devizes

Woodham Mortomer Post Office 1950s. Mr Taylor's

Neat gardens of squares of box hedging kept very small and neat, both sides of the path from the road to shop, these squares full of striking displays of red and yellow flowers changing with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Tantobie

Love Of My Life

I stayed here firstly with my mom an dad grandmother and auntie when I would have been 7years old or less. I stayed there again with just my mom and dad soon after. I remember my mom and dad talking about the great train robbery so ...Read full memory

A memory of Bigbury

At Martins Church

I grew up in Dorking. I lived with my parents in Stane House right next to the St Martins Church. I married my first husband Michael Rowswell on the 30th March 1963. We had two boys Adrian and Julian. Unfortunately the marriage ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by janfriday99

Yates Record Shop, Bridgetown School, Town Shopping With Mum And Cannock Park

All of the above comes to mind and stands out above all other memories for me. A weekend trip to Yates with my eldest sister to buy popular chart singles, hop scotching on ...Read full memory

A memory of Cannock

My Father

My father was born in Shropshire in 1919, his family name was Talbot changed by his father to Talbott because there were so many Talbot's and the mail was always sent to the wrong address. The family lived in or around Oakengates for ...Read full memory

A memory of Oakengates

Well House Ilkley

Wells house,my Nan was a retired midwife, and we used to go to Wells house, for short holidays, it was for retired nursing staff, and at Christmas, the domestic staff, where young ladies from Germany,who made wonderful Xmas ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilkley by margaretwanderer

Josephine Hamer Nee Stephenson

I am probably in wrong bit but does anyone know above person from Moston Green nr Sandbach.NEed to contact her. Have address but would take too long Thankyou

A memory of Sandbach by cmcolinchris

Information On The Morrells And Then The Spittlehouses At The Post Office?

My mother-in-law was Edith Winnifred Clarke (known as Winn), born in Guiseley in 1916 and whose family, the Morrells ran the Guiseley Post Office from the late 1800s. She ...Read full memory

A memory of Guiseley by Teresa Green

Oletha 1901

Oletha is now split into 3 dwellings. My husband Roger Timms and his family have lived in the house on the right of this picure for many years. We love living here and this road is now Gordon Road, which is now more populated than in ...Read full memory

A memory of Porthcawl by paula.timms

Driffield 1950/60s David Rodger


A memory of Driffield by der1942

Stopping Off At The Shop On The Way Home

I remember home time came my father would be waiting for me by the gates I pelt.doen the steps howni didn't break my neck ill never know he'd grab my hand and.wrnwould walk down the road past ...Read full memory

A memory of Trealaw by demonwheels44

Early Days At Duncton

I remember staying with my Aunt and Uncle Darker at 2 Council Cottages, they had a son Michael and also my Uncle Reg and Auntie Joy staying at 17 Willett Close. Great times

A memory of Duncton by Patrick Hillier

Primrose Valley Filey

I used to work at the Primrose Valley holiday park back in the mid eighties. I remeber the house well as it was used as lodgings for the staff that didn't live locally. I think a elderly lady lived on the ground floor and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Filey by ja.sonw

I Would Love To Turn The Clock Back

I was born in Easton Street in 1941 and remember seeing the air raid shelters in the street, that would be about 44/45/46 time. The street had a shop and a old stable like shed which sold veg and ...Read full memory

Chilhood Memories.

During the 1960's and 70's l would walk down the old back lane from Buglawton to Havannah village. with my sisters and friend Caroline Beard. we would go to the house at the far end on this photo, where an old lady had a few ...Read full memory

1963 1965 Warnham Court School😀

Omg I just came across this whilst playing around with new I pad still not sure how it all works but I noticed on. The comments lots of names I recognised. Terry ledane Rita Dixon Linda day Linda Olsen ...Read full memory

Days Gone By

Stumbled across this site and have enjoyed the memories of old barking and the shops it had, thought that I should add my recollections and fill in a few blanks from the sixties and seventies, so starting from the Bull Pub and Heading ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by andycairns

A Lovely Memory.

I remember well my time at Hemsby.Paul Alden rented Cosy Car from his Aunt Margaret,This would be 1970.We also had our honeymoon there.the weather was lovely in September1970.When we had our daughter we all enjoyed our walks,and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Hemsby by mrsfusspot60

Jenette's Restaurant, The Start Of A Lifetimes Romance.

My memory for dates is suspect, so forgive any slight inaccuracy, however the important facts remain vivid and accurate memories. Great friends of my family gave a party for their son ...Read full memory

A memory of Tadworth

Happy Days

I was born in Headless Cross and attended Headless Cross Infants and 1st Schools from 1943. In 1949 I passed the 11+_ exam and went on to the County High School until 1954. I remember some of the teachers, eg Jimmy Morrall, but few of ...Read full memory

A memory of Redditch by bw592964

Good Time

I was at St Catherine's Knowle park from 1953/54 till1957/58 hard to remember exact dates that long ago I do remember Mr. & Mrs. Cooper ,Mr. Thunder ,Ms.Stoddarts ,Mr. Smith and a boy's by the names of James Wordelove , Maurice ...Read full memory

A memory of Almondsbury by lbg

Manningham Park Lido And Farmer Giles

My dad would take me every Sunday morning to the Lido. We had to practically crack the ice some days. We always had a hot Horlicks in Farmer Giles Cafe afterwards. It was just heaven being with my dad.

A memory of Bradford by beeanbee

The Roxy

I used to go to The Roxy on Saturday morning. Roy Rogers etc. it was fantastic. Am I right in remembering taking jam jars and newspapers, so we could get in a bit cheaper? None of us behaved too well, there was plenty of yelling and jumping up and down.

A memory of Bradford

Teddy Bear

My mum worked in Willey's wallpaper shop prior to the war and my dad worked in Morris's geocery shop. When dad joined up, mum took his job, so that dad would have a job to come back to. As mum became friendly with the Pie Shop owners, ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by beeanbee


I went to the Alassio with a friend from school. We lied to our parents and said we were at the Christian Debating Society at Hanson Girls Grammar. I can remember the smell and the sound of the coffee machine. The cups were an orange ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by beeanbee

Harrowdene Close

We moved into Harrowdene Close in 1953 when they were first built. I can always remember the flats being well maintained and my dad had an allotment between the close and Sudbury Avenue. On a recent trip back down memory lane the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by buzylizy


I was there in about 1983! It were a bit mad lol

Do You Remember Rob Lomas. Brothers David (Lil) Colin And Pete

I lived in Bredbury from 1960 till 1979 went to Arden Park then BCCS Formerly Highfield. I lived at the children's home @ 60 Meadow walk. Used to go to the Rising Son; Queens arms and the pub accross from the rocks near the post office can't remember the name. I live in the States now since 1994.

A memory of Bredbury by lomasgstgvmn


Hi, the handsome young man standing on the far right of the picture is i am sure my late brother inlaw Ian cooper (rhino) I have the best memories a child could ever have living in Salcombe. and went back many times on holiday ...Read full memory

A memory of Salcombe by gemstonesmgw

Belleville School

A lady writing on here mentioned a couple of places in Battersea that bring back memories. First of all, she mentioned Meyrick Road. I never lived there, but my mum and dad did when my mum was carrying me. My mum and dad were Mr. ...Read full memory

A memory of Battersea by s.fomes

Days Kids

My memories of Mexborough were playing by the canal down ferry boat lane of church street , canal barges would come along and we would open the old bridge and let them through and the boat man would throw us pennies for our help. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Mexborough by lalmond321

My Youth In Uxbridge.

I lived in Cherry Grove in Hillingdon until 1965, I went to Hillingdon Primary School then Evelyns Secondary School, when I left school I work for a Company called H.J. Smarts at the back of Uxbridge Station. I have fond ...Read full memory

A memory of Uxbridge by yvonne1946

Days Kids

I was born in Mexborough on Church street in 1944one of twins, my father was a miner and we lived at Royal Oak Terrace , I had a brother Alan sisters Val Julia and Susan we did not have the best of starts in life but we got by. We all ...Read full memory

A memory of Mexborough by lalmond321


I was only 13 years old when this photo was taken but I remember several years later attending dances at the 'Atta' as we called it and then having to run like mad for the last bus home from the bus stop in the picture. Saturday mornings ...Read full memory

A memory of Woking by axford2ann

Great Grandfather

This was the home of my great grandfather Sir John Arrow Kempe whose daughter Cicely (my grandmother) was an artist and painted a beautiful watercolour of the main gates to the house, which I still have. Her son (my father) ...Read full memory

A memory of Lyme Regis by jphillips3

Remember The Good Old Days

I remember playing at the swings as pictured before they were recited in a position on the recreation ground. Peter

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