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Frances Street

The shop on the right wasa newsagents called Wrights, there was a greengrocer'so on the opposite side of the street which was a family business called Hammonds

A memory of Woolwich by pauline.peach9


Hi, I lived in Hextable from about the age of 9 until I was 17, when I joined the WRAF. We lived in New Road and there was a nursery opposite where we lived and the road was UN made. There was also an agricultural college in College Road. The school was not there, the site of the school was what we knew as the avenue with a lot of ...Read full memory

A memory of Hextable by benchar54

Recollections Of Ash Vale By Lt Col Taylor

RECOLLECTIONS OF ASH VALE By Lt Col Taylor Ash Vale, viewed from the main route through it the Frimley and Ash Vale roads would not have appeared to alter a lot during the last 100 years. Houses do now occupy some of the Stratford and Warwick Farm lands adjacent to 'The Angler's Rest'; the common ...Read full memory

A memory of Ash Vale by nemeton2

Pallotti Hall

Does anyone remember the orphanage at pallotti hall in the late 1960s/early 1970s?My wife was there as a very young child and would love to share your memories.

A memory of Pallotti Hall by dcarroll

Southall 1950's

We lived in Hillingdon but I used to often visit Southall as a child as my father and uncle had shops in South Road. On Saturday my father and I used to arrive early morning then visit a cafe a few doors away with plasticised tables where we enjoyed hot drinks. The shop had deep wooden drawers beneath the counter and there ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by April Ashton

Dongola Rd !!

I was born in 1946 and lived in Dongola rd until 1966 when I married . My name then was Pizzey I went to Downhills infants and junior school and then on to Belmont seniors. My friends were Linda Whitehead Barbara Bell Sandra Harris Robin and Christopher Whitbread David Wise Ivor Jones ,to name but a few .Have many good memories ...Read full memory

Oak Hotel Maple Road 1955 1962

My name is Peter West and I started my life and spent the first 7 important years at the Oak. My dad was the landlord and and his father before him up until 1962 when he retired and I was whisked away in tears to go to our new home in Devon.I have such strong and fond memories of it all. Mr. Willsdens greengrocer ...Read full memory

A memory of Surbiton by peter.west127

Rivington Road Primary School

I was curious to know if anyone remembered the school in the erly 60s- I enjoyed my time at Rivington Road- remember the bluebells near the school and love them to this day. We had a trainee teacher who really inspiredd me- even now I remeber making water clocks and dying fabric like they did in Roman times- I ...Read full memory

A memory of St Helens

The Ferry Boatman Disaster

Sad boat accident Monday morning 26th March 1877 at Ryton. There were two brothers named Scott who lived in a house on Ryton Island, this was just below Moor Court. (you can read about this in my other stories) The brothers had the Salmon Fisheries rights and along with this came the rights of the ferry boatman. Formally ...Read full memory

A memory of Ryton

The Real Coronation Street

I remember living on Coronation st from 1959 until they were pulled down in 1969, I attended the primary school at the top of Mill street,just a 5 minute walk from home. I had a wonderful childhood,playing football with my friends in the wreck or collecting birds eggs in the fields and woods around culling ...Read full memory

A memory of Cullingworth


My father worked at Chubbs factory around the late 50's and into the 60's. He lived with my Mum and two sisters opposite the factory. I am trying to trace anyone who may have known him working in the factory. He died in 1968. He was called Alan Hammond and my Mum was Gladys Sophia Hammond (formerly Smith). All of my relatives have ...Read full memory

A memory of Heath Town


I remember visiting Redbrook as a teenager. My cousin Peggy and Michael Alvis lived in Hillside Road I went to school with their eldest daughter Margaret. I was fascinated with this quant village and village life. I later visited family in Monmouth when I was On a Geography field trip in Hereford. The views from their road still stick in my mind after 55years. Dorothy Archbold

A memory of Redbrook

Park School

I have tried and failed to find any info about the small private school I went to in 1959 to1961. It was called Park School and was on Holmefield ave cleveleys. I was Susan Cope back then and I think the headteacher was Mrs Neil.I was friends with Kathleen Gardner but lost touch with her a long time ago.I would love to hear from anyone from then

A memory of Cleveleys

Sherry's Romford

Sherry's was a milk, ice cream and coffee bar, as you say opposite the Odeon. My father and mother were the managers there in the 60's. My dad made the best milkshakes and ice cream sundaes. Many top bands appeared at the Odeon and used the bar before and after performances. There was an autograph book which was kept by the ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford

Oaks Park Railway?

In the Oaks Park in about 1958 I recall seeing a pile of rails and sleepers which appeared to have been from a narrow gauge railway. It was near the big house which was partly demolished by then. Does anyone remember a railway in the park?

A memory of Carshalton

Coulsdon 1950's/1960's

I lived in Coulsdon from 1955 first in Woodcote Grove Road opposite Smitham school which I attended from 1958-1963. I remember the shops vividly from the United Dairies to Sainbury's with the wall tiles and the cheese cutter and butter pats. I went to school with Barbara Busby, Gillian Honey and Jane Salter and the ...Read full memory

A memory of Coulsdon by Jane Bennett

Great Times In 1988

Oh the waterfall and the slide!

A memory of Ballabeg by Graham R

The Walled Garden In Langley Vale

As a child in the mid sixties I remember that during the summer holidays my mother would take my sisters and myself for picnics occasionally in the walled garden that was at Langley Vale and also remember how we loved the peace and quiet within those walls. As an adult I mentioned this place to my then ...Read full memory

A memory of Langley Vale

Happy Days Walsall Wood

I went to school at St Johns Church of England School 1955-1961 - remember Hedleys butchers Ecobs chemist the wynott - and many of the 'kids' I went to school with - Elaine Salt, Kathryn Westley, Barbara Ward, Kathryn Banks, Una Kirkhan, John Kendal, Joseph Hedley, Robert Baker, and others very happy memories of the ...Read full memory

Lovely Bakery Shop On The Corner Of Florence Road

I moved to southall with my parents and a younger sister in the late 1950's. My parents immigrated from India and I was about 5-6 years old. I went to Featherstone Road school and then onto Western Road higher Secondary School in the 1960's. We lived at 28 Florence Road and across the road was ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall by goldem60

For The Love Of Growing Up

Susan Williams was born @ Malmesbury Hospital in 1949 to John and Shelagh. We lived with my Grandparents @ Lea until were housed @ Charlton Park as previous families have said. Us children were blessed to live their. I was luckier than most as my Uncles/Aunts & cousins lived their too. Derek & Jilly (with big ...Read full memory

A memory of Malmesbury

Dear Old Nunhead

I was born in nunhead in 1939,lived in barest road,nunhead,i survived the bombing years,was avacuated for a while,then returned to hide in the Anderson shelter in our back garden,went to holidale road school,then on to Peckham rye secondry,i knew everyone in our street,and along nunhead lane,there was mrs cheese the paper ...Read full memory

A memory of Nunhead by Peter Mills

I Too Lived In Seacombe And Used To Go Down To The Allotments That Where Down By The Farm

I went to Riverside School and played out in the sunny weather in the summer we had back then. This post I have just found fiddling around on my iPad What a joy it is to see the old places The Derby pool, Harrison Drive,Central Park and the Wallasey ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallasey by joanprocter123

War Baby

Hello I have no memory of Biggleswade but very interested because I was born there I lived in Stotfold and went to infant school there and used to visit Letchworth and Hitchin but left the area to go and live in Denham Bucks. I now live in Windsor have moved around quite a lot in my life

A Very Dangerous Route In The 1950's.

It was the late 1950's and we were travelling in a motorbike and sidecar. Mum and dad were on the bike and the two children (my brother and I) in the sidecar. We started to descend slowly down the hill , all wondering at the exciting views. All quiet , reflecting the concern of the parents.... Half way ...Read full memory

Born In Hayling

I was born in Hayling in 1948 and lived there until 1958. I lived in Westfield Ave and later Ilex Walk. My parents worked for Sir Arthur Sanders and his in laws Mr & Mrs Olivier (aunt & uncle of Sir Lawrence Olivier) Mr Olivier was a portrait artist in the war. They lived at Orchard Close, which is now an old people's ...Read full memory

A memory of Hayling Island

Walker Brothers

I remember seeing The Walker Brothers 1964/65 at The Palace, it was chaotic they had to be pulled off stage I fell over and I couldn't get up I rember trying desperately and getting panicky then someone put out a hand and pulled me up I got to the back as quickly as possible very shaken, and saw the Walkers being hoisted off stage

A memory of Wolverton by paulinelever

Great Memory's

I Remember going to East Acton infants ,john Perryn junior and then Bromyard avenue later to be faraday .We lived in a prefab in church field road Sundays was a treat walking up to tony brothers ice cream shop (bowl in hand) I also remember Doris ,little kiosk near the park and level crossing.we moved to East Acton lane (nearer ...Read full memory

Hackbridge School 1949 To 1954

I spent happy years at Hackbridge School 1949 to 1954. We had sports in the Grange Park I think. I lived at Mitcham Junction so it was a old penny bus fare or a walk, I seem to remember walking passed Watercress beds.

A memory of Hackbridge by booksprb

Good Times In Northolt X

hi I found your memories by chance x I lived in dabbs hill from 1965 till 79 x I too went to Vincent x hung out at West end youth club which was opp target x went to old field n birds nest x I was a skin head with my mate maggsMurphy x she lived in Tenby gardens x oh what memories x I he now moved back to dabbs hill x so sad ix area has changed x lovedploughyugh pub n railway harrow

A memory of Northolt by hils_p07

Where I Was Born.

This photo brings back the memory of the High Street, I was born in 1946 in one of the houses in the picture, it was between the Horse and Groom pub and the telephone exchange. My gran lived in the house for so long they named it after her it was called Spong Cottage. My mother lived in Chobham all her life and was highly ...Read full memory

A memory of Chobham by bob-wendy


I remember my days of playing on the large pips that lay on the grounds which is now a car park at the bottom of the Largs road does anyone else remember the pips that lay there.

Living In Penge

Has I was growing up in Penge with my family it was a lovely place Susan Boyce .

A memory of Penge by sueandgeofflipop

Havelock Road

I was born in 1951 in Lea Road and moved to the Havelock Estate when I was 3, went to Clifton Road school and then on to Western Rd School when I was 11, does anyone remember that time. My maiden name is Cowburn

A memory of Southall by j.farquhar486

Happy Days

I lived in Stockwell park road and we used to go to the ram jam club on a Saturday or Sunday I worked at woolworths when I left park side secondary modern school happy memory's

A memory of Brixton by jacquieburton1


Unfortunately I do not have memories of Kewstoke as my Mother was moved from the maternity home after I was 2 weeks old to Bognor Regis. I would like to know more about my birth place. For instance where the maternity home was , and possibly what it is now if it is still standing. Can anyone help with this please. Thank you.

Hazel Jane And Reba Wright

I have wonderful childhood memories of staying with family friends during the school holidays in Gt. Wenham. Joyce and Goggy along with their daughters Reba who was about 6 and Hazel Jane who was still stilling up in her pram. They emigrated to Australia when I was still young and I never heard anything after that.

The Baker Family

I was born in chattisham in 1955, my mother worked as a maid for Mrs Charrington (of charringtons breweries) at their big house, I have photos of us there when I was about 3yrs old. My dads family came from Hintlesham nearby. The Baker family

A memory of Chattisham by durkinsue55

Old Flea Pit

Saturday morning pictures at the cinema that we used to call the Flea Pit. I attended Holmshill school unitl I left in 1965. I remember playing games of hockey at Hillside school that we used to refer to as St. Trinians as we were lucky to escape there without too many injuries. Has anyone got any memories of the Arcade, ...Read full memory

A memory of Borehamwood

The Last Restaurant Manager.

I worked at the Beach Hotel in the early 1990s. I worked as the Restaurant manager ,the last one just before it closed . All so sad . It was supposed to be fully refurbished,but it all fell through. The Hotel was so busy, and popular , and loved so much . I remember the manager (Roy Edicar) saying that it ...Read full memory

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