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New Shops

Warren Row was built to provision the people of Bracken Bank, Fernbank Place and Wentworth Way + roads off. The end shop by Bracken Bank was a butchers, the third in was the newsagent and the end one by Fernbank Road was grocers. Also there ...Read full memory

A memory of Ascot by jonestommaddock

The Wiltshire's

Me and our Jane knights was born at 20 Brimble Hill to Bob and Doreen Wiltshire. We then moved into Weir Side Ave with nan and Gramp, Frank and Dolly Wiltshire when our mother left. Have memories from before she left but the ...Read full memory

A memory of Wroughton by nannynobbs

Dean Street Showing The Congregational Chapel On The Right.

Here is the Congregational Chapel on the right and the Post office in the Centre distance of the picture. The Congregational Chapel is on the ground where the Spar is now and the Post office is on the ground in the other picture dated 1909.

A memory of Liskeard by Ann Williams

School Journey

Does anyone remember going on a school journey from Park County Primary School in Doncaster in about 1953/54? We stayed at Long Ashes Guest house and our mothers came on a visit by bus towards the end of the week. I remember ...Read full memory

Early Days 1956

Wonderfull Experience spent my sixteenth birthday at the school, Memories fade , I believe my house master was a Mr Morrell, ? my badge was all blue, i had to go to his room for my assessnent sat in front of a blazing log fire. ...Read full memory

A memory of Eskdale by Philip Wells

The Man That Barton Under Needwood Didn't Want

this is a strange but true story and I hope that one day I can meet the family of the above man. Arthur Warrington was born in the village i believe, he went to war in the first world war and also ...Read full memory

A memory of Ilford

Outdoor Pools

I remember going here when I was very young. Must have made quite an impression on me. I was too small to go into the main pool but loved walking and playing in the shallow water along the side. I am sure there was a large fountain ...Read full memory

A memory of Kingsbury

14 Avontar Road

I lived at 14 avontar road from 1953 till 1967 I went to Lennards secondary school 1959 to 1963 I used to walk to school with one of my neighbours Stella Mead.

A memory of South Ockendon


I was an evacuee sent to Torquay in WW2 with our school from Ealing. Not a very happy time I'm afraid. Do remember watching the bombing of Plymouth from the bedroom window. The local children I think, thought we were from another ...Read full memory

A memory of Torquay

Nevern In Wales Mid 1950s.

In the mid 1950s when I was about six or seven years of age my parents took me on a holiday to a farmhouse just outside Nevern, the farm was owned by a couple named Thomas. They were then from photos I have, probably in ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Derek Stocker

Holidays In Ogmore

I never lived in Ogmore Vale but my parents and grandparents did. We went there for holidays and stayed in my grandparents house in 9 Highland Place. They were the Jones family. Grandfather was the organist and choir ...Read full memory

Old Memories Of Woodruffe School

I was a pupil between 1942 and 1944. My name then was Barbara Brown and I lived in Redditch, travelling each day by train. I went to Woodruff because my father had also attended the school (Walter Brown, ...Read full memory

A memory of Barnt Green by barbara

Christ Church

My brother Tommy Nevett,my sister Annette Smith and I Sheila Kirkman nee Nevett were all christened at this church many many moons ago.

A memory of Blackpool by s.kirkman

The Mounts Area

My grandparents lived in Earl street next to the morning star pub , of which I can find no info. There was a Chinese laundry opposite and I remember collecting their Chrisp White sheets wrapped in brown paper. I attended St ...Read full memory

A memory of Northampton


Does anyone know anything about the mounts area. My grandparents lived in earl street next door to the morning star pub , of which I can find no information. Opposite them was a Chinese laundry called sunlight. I remember collecting ...Read full memory

A memory of Grosmont

Summer Holidays

I was born in 1948 and my Grandma lived at Brook Bridge House in Kilby. I can remember hating living in Industrial Huddersfield but only because I could not wait to get to Kilby for my weeks holiday in the summer. There was a farm ...Read full memory

A memory of Kilby by puppyperson

Department Store

As a young girl my grandma used to take me to dewsbury every Saturday and we always went to meet my auntie in Bickers? Cafe I remember it was very posh they used to bring a selection of cakes and buns to your table, very similar ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by m.garside25

Hatfield Cottage Crays Hill

I have amazing memories of crays hill, we lived in Hatfield Cottage Harding Elms Road, my nan and grandad lived there ,then my mum and dad my brother and myself moved in with them around 1958. I lived there until I ...Read full memory

A memory of Crays Hill by hcsinnott

Iron Bridge Cat Steps Stacksteads Bacup Lancs.

I lived across the road very near to the cat steps which was a primitive path taking you up the hillside to a roadway at the top , then leading to Fearns high school.I used this path four times a day. The path is still there today.

A memory of Stacksteads

Antique Brown Alligator Doctors/ Travelling Bag

Hi . I have absolutely no connection with Clayton Le Moors but a bag being sold on eBay via America does. If anyone is interested or has a connection with a Mrs C S J Halking of ...Read full memory

A memory of Clayton-Le-Moors

Bude Breakwater Ship Wrecks

I remember reading about The Welsh Collier Llandaff in about 1898 trying for the safe haven of Summerleaze Beach being wrecked on the reef at the back of The Breakwater a year ago she was saved from a similar fate at in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bude by warspite2013

Growing Up In Ardwick

Hi my name is paul hothersall i lived at 35 exeter street off devonshire street ardwick from 1956-1967 my first years from being born there in 1956 . I have really enjoyed reading other peoples memories of ardwick,my mother ...Read full memory

A memory of Ardwick by paulhothersall

Harborne Hall, High Halden, Kent 1969

Hello Linda. I came across your message while googling Harborne Hall. For six weeks in the summer of 1989 we rented the first floor flat in one wing of the house for I think about ten pounds a week. It ...Read full memory

Old Man Bainbridge Of 1 Louisa Street, (South) Off Clowes Street, West Gorton

Hello everyone Help please! Any memories and information would be appreciated My Mum was born 1920, Pollitt Street, next to Louisa Street, she went to St Marks ...Read full memory

A memory of Gorton by frankcarman9

Ulrome Shop.

Looking west from the east end of Ulrome, the shop was in the nearest end of the white cottages.

A memory of Ulrome by mikejwatson

Ulrome Church.

Looking east from Leeson's pond across the road to Lissett.

A memory of Ulrome by mikejwatson

Ulrome Chapel

Ulrome Wesleyan chapel built of yellow brick finally shut its doors in late 2014 I think, maybe early 2015.

A memory of Ulrome by mikejwatson

Ulrome Village Green.

I used to live in the asbestos(!) bungalow on the left from when I was born in 1956 to 1972 after which we moved to Hall Farm where my father was in partnership with his 2 brothers. The bungalow was demolished a good while ago ...Read full memory

A memory of Ulrome by mikejwatson

So Proud To Have Been Born In Skares

I had a lump in my throat reading about Skares. I was born there but the family, Mum, Dad, brother Jim and I moved to Cumnock when I was one year old so Cumnock is Hame to me. Mum was a Skares lass Mary Hazlett ...Read full memory

A memory of Skares by andhaz52

Hythe Ferry And The Liners

From 1954-60 I travelled from Blackfield to the Gregg School in Winn Road. It was a 'long and winding' road by bus, so it became an adventure to travel by the Hythe Ferry. A walk or run up the pier, or a fun ride ...Read full memory

A memory of Hythe by Clifford Clifford

Blodwen And Betty

Dear Frith Collection, My grandfather, Llew E. Morgan, was a renowned photographer in Wales, (see FULL CIRCLE at I am convinced that he took this photograph as my ...Read full memory

A memory of Swansea by carolemhopkin

The Dreaded Yellow Lines

I remember riding my bike around in Burnham on the day the yellow parking lines were painted. So this would date the picture to mid 60s say 1965 give or take a year. That's pretty close.

Childhood Memories

I moved to Fareham from Scotland in 1959 when I was 4 and returned in 1966, In that period I have very vivid memories, Living in Wallington, going to Fareham County Primary school. I remember West Street with the bus station ...Read full memory

A memory of Fareham by johnmchoul

Did You Live In Or Near Morland Road ?

from 1945 I lived at 145 Morland Road opposite R White's factory I attended Davidson Infants from 1947 then Woodside Juniors returning to Davidson seniors until I left in 1957 aged fifteen, My first job was in ...Read full memory

A memory of Croydon by gwenandgordon

The Bushby Garage

Does anyone have a picture of the front door with the sign on? Needed for the replica at Wimborne Model Town


I lived on HalesworthRoad.Harold Hill from 1956 to 1973.went to Meade infants and juniors then on to Harrowfields. Remember miss McGill headmistress miss clutten miss Smith. Jackie Taylor.June Coward Rosalind Sessions Sharon Rawlings. ...Read full memory

A memory of Harold Hill by glynis1973

Life In Rock Street Aberkenfig

I was born in 1943 and lived at Ely Cottage, Rock Street. The house was built by my Grandfather around 1920, I have a page from a 1926 telephone directory stating that the house was a business address of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Aberkenfig by wiclad

Summer Rambles

i was brought up in Priesthill in the late 1950/60s and at that time it was quite a new housing scheme and was a great place to stay. My father and some of his friends started a tenants association for the scheme and we had ...Read full memory

A memory of Glanderston Dam by rosena

Rose And Crown

I lived in the Rose and Crown for years with my parents Fred and Shelia Dunbar .. Many happy memories indeed in the village ... I have fond memory of people and business in the village I have been up ...Read full memory

A memory of Highgate by delia.newman52

Good Old Days

My Parents took over the Queens hotel Winsford in the 1970s BOB DUNKERLEY IM HIS SON CHRIS I always have great memories of Living in Winsford IFanybody remembers me or any of the family pls let me know any pictures etc thanks Chris Dunkerley

A memory of Winsford by okienuk

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