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To Sue Bradford Re St Patricks Open Air School Hayling

hallo sue, I tried to answer your message but when I clicked the message button nothing happened so I am writing to you on this page instead. Sister Bertha was the head teacher and ...Read full memory

Waterloo Road

I was born in Burslem and lived on Waterloo Road across from Macintyres pottery from 1949 until 1957 when we moved to Lancashire. Macintyres had a clock tower and we would check it in the morning before leaving for school. I began ...Read full memory

A memory of Burslem by smlowe

My Memory

I went to hassobury school back in 1969 it was a great school only girls I have good memory of being there I don't know what happen to the school if any one who went to the school I would like to hear from them my name was judith hoy. Miss doler miss bogg miss eveans. They were teacher

A memory of Farnham by judy6


I was in Frome Bank from the age of about 4yrs till 12yrs from 1957 to about 1965 and would like to hear from any one who was there at this time

A memory of Bromyard by kieljohn53

Swimming Baths.

The swimming baths were not Victorian they were opened in about 1935 and part of the new fire and police station. (The Reigate baths were in castle field road and these were old probably Edwardian). I went there when they opened ...Read full memory

A memory of Redhill by ralph.henley

Styal = Happy School Days

I went to this great school around 1979 - 1983. I remember some of the great teachers including Miss Curtis, Miss Bowcock, Mr Holland, Mr Burroughs, Mr Bolton, etc. Some fellow class members were Paul Renshaw, Gary Kilby, ...Read full memory

A memory of Styal by marcbleakley

A Special Place

Spent several holidays in the chalets on the beach - remember Edna helping the Sellicks - Robert and Anthony and their mum and dad in the Sea Shanty Cafe. Used to get our milk from Mr.Trott at the farm who kept the milk churns ...Read full memory

Education On Crutches!

After attending Loughton County High School for Girls from 1952 to 1958, I then continued my education at Harlow College of Further Education. This was a two year full time Course, supposedly including languages - lack of ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by rossmeadpa

Sweets Instead Of Payment!

I remember Moot House. I had moved to Harlow New Town in 1952 as a ten year old girl with my family and in my teens I cleared the tables and washed up in a café in the House on Saturdays. As I was too young to be ...Read full memory

A memory of Harlow by rossmeadpa


I remember collecting the Sunday papers from the back door of Ropers house before the shop was built, and an order for a cake could be placed to be made for birthdays and other occasions, I forget the name now of the lady who made these wonderful cakes.

A memory of St Neots by reest

Sister Catherine

when I was 10 my younger sister was 8 and the twins with five , we were sent to St Clare's convent. We were in sister Catherines' flat she was very good to us but we were only there for a year before returning home to our ...Read full memory

Brian Mister Obe

Hi Brian good to hear from you I contacted Ron Mobbs about four years ago and he is well please let me know what your up to.

"He Prince Albert"

I have one of the earliest known photographs of the building that occupied the site in the 1800's. The house was started as a 'Beer House' by a Frederick Smith circa 1851. It underwent a rebuild by Richard King c1898, and ...Read full memory

Doris And Raymond Lee

Hi does anyone know the where abouts of Doris Lee nee Mather use to live in remuir street and tooting before moving to Lincoln . I moved up to Huntington . I am trying to locate Doris, I am Beryl Clark. Nee Jamieson Doris,s ...Read full memory

A memory of Lincoln by Beryl Clark

Looking To Find Someone

Hi, I Tina My mum is Rosemary Fish we lived on Shoreham Road in Smaldole, Just wondered if anyone remembers the name of a house that was knocked down to build Silver Birches Estate?

A memory of Small Dole

Trecco Bay

My family have a long history with porthcawl as my mothers family name was Churchill and my mother and her mother ran the sweet stall and the fish stall in trecco bay in the sixties and seventies. My fathers side of the family is ...Read full memory

A memory of Porthcawl

Butterworths Grocery On Old Chester Rd Tranmere

I remember being aged 3yrs and my mum would walk me down to butterworths grocery shop and let me walking on my own with a huge straw shopping bag and shopping list..the lady in there, Mrs ...Read full memory

A memory of Tranmere by anniemyler

Behind Horniman Museum (The Old Castle)

I remember living on Perry Vale above the old bus garage, and my brother and I would go to Horniman Museum, then go about 400 yards behind and there was a castlelated building consisting of a basement ...Read full memory

Growing Up

I was born in Motspur Park on the 2nd Jan 1940.Lived in Tennyson Avenue until 1950 when we moved to Enfield. Went to Burlington Road infant school. I remember my father having an allotment by the railway station which is now there ...Read full memory

Elm Park In The Winter Of 1947

My father took a position with Costains the big construction company. They had recently built several hundred semi-detached homes in a new development in Elm Park; Dad decided as we needed a new ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromley by Denman Lalonde

The Good Old Days

As a school girl (50+years ago!) when this beautiful old building was as you say, a book shop, it had a toy department on the top floor set up for the Christmas period. I was one of the Saturaday girls who worked over the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ipswich by jen11day

Summer Time

Such a lovely swimming pool. In summer it was always so popular you were given a time limit on the use of a locker, then you took your clothes and put them in the seating area, and took it in turns to watch them. There was hardly an inch to move.

A memory of Finchley by btrimmer03

Benhurst Gardens

Hi I have just joined and I'm constantly trying to find out about my family's history even if I have many photos and do know quite alot but sadly my mother passed away this Christmas so I want to hold on to every ...Read full memory

Doodlebug In Central Avenue

I lived at 6 Camborne Road, Welling with my mother Hermine Wright and my grandparents Fred and Elsie Wright from 1943 to 1948. I attended East Wickham Infants School, where my teacher was Miss Sharp. I think the year ...Read full memory

A memory of Welling by xpristpher

Little Boys Home South Darenth/1938/War Time

remember being packed off to this boys home, well it was a self contained village really. every amenetie was taken care of church just inside the,,,,about 8/10 ...Read full memory

A memory of Bromley by roywhitey

Caldey Island

My mother, Enid Fowler(Thomas) told me that her father, Oliver Frank Thomas,(honorary mayor of Tenby 1930) often enjoyed going to Caldey Island to talk with the monks.

A memory of Tenby by fowlerdv

Happy Days

It must have been in the early 50s that I would go to Brundall with peter tooke and his parents to prune roses I doubt it I was any help as I was about 8yrs old. The tookes lived on Plumstead Rd Norwich.Is peter still around and where. Gerald Wase Hunstanton

A memory of Brundall by Gerald Wase

My Early Years


A memory of Batley Carr by johntho3

Enjoying Life At Blacksmith Cottage With My Nan

As a young boy just moved to bracknell " in the Earley 60 my parents lived in a bungalow oposit the Green Man pub on the site to which wildridings junior school is now It was called one Acha ...Read full memory

Swimming In The Bowl 1956

I went to red house school further down the road , And I have to say the best days of my life But getting back to the sugar bowl used to walk up with class mates and swim !! Absolutely Fantastic.. If there's ...Read full memory

Matlock To Moscow

Between 1961 and 1964 I attended the The Matlock Teachers Training College at Rockside and was resident at Rockwood for 3 years. It was a wonderful time for me with my highlight being the co-organising of the double decker bus ...Read full memory

Old Memories

Mr Maunders the janny, litter picking, Dilly Charters the English teacher, Mrs HOLROYD, the Music Teacher JON PEEL, sports teacher, so many memories..........

A memory of Malmesbury by mandmworms

Ernie Kidd The Best Maths Teacher

Ernie Kidd the best and most accurate thrower of blackboard rubbers, hit his targetb9 out of 10

A memory of Malmesbury by mandmworms

Italian Restaurant South Road

can anyone help with regards to a family discussion regarding an Italian restaurant Which I could have sworn was on the right hand side of the South road coming down from Lady Margaret road . I don't know Southall ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall


My nana Iris Harris moved from Bargied to Rhyl every summer she would take us to visit my uncles Cyril & les My memories of these times are the walk up the hill to my uncle Cyril's house at the top of the road was a park with an open ...Read full memory

A memory of Bargoed by t12hilton

The Greyhound.

Was the waggon ever found after it was stolen?

Winter By Tina Edwards. Nee Eggleton.

When there was snow on the ground in the 60s people used to hair down the common on anything they could find to sit on. I don't know how many people carried on off the Common and landed on the road as ...Read full memory

Broadway Cinema

I remember going regularly to see films there and also to the amateur dramatic society shows as well

A memory of Eccles by Lynette Foster

Emborough Pond

As a young lad in the mid & late '70's I'd cycle up from Shepton Mallet with all my fishing tackle strapped to the bike & in a rucksack. A friend's parents had a farm in East Horrington, & I'd kip in a barn. A day ticket was ...Read full memory

A memory of Emborough by bru.enzer

Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander was born in Old Newton 1780. He is my great great great grandfather. He was married to Mary Sharman, don't know where she was born but she died in Bacton 1852. I am coming to Earl Stoneham for a week ...Read full memory

A memory of Old Newton by regknowles

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