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Wood Green In The War Years

Does anyone remember the fire station on Bounds Green RD ?? well that is where I lived from 1939 to 1948..#8 Firemens Flats. My father was a fireman and drove a huge Leyland Merriweather shining brass engine... ...Read full memory

A memory of Wood Green by rlinhart

Born There 1946

I was born in Upminster rd sth as it is now, opp the cemetery and Buttons shop. Went to Rainham village school then onto Rainham sec. Where my grandad was groundsman Was married in 1966 in Rainham church, run the brownie pack at ...Read full memory

A memory of Rainham by yvon.malone

Dose Anyone Have Any Inofrmation Leonard Carpenter

I no nothing about uncle Leonard Carpenter who died in Royal Alfred Seamen's Home in Belvedere so can someone please help me thankyou

A memory of Belvedere by jhon90

Cafe On Wembley Triangle

I moved to Wembley in about 1965 and lived on Clifton Avenue. My mum worked at a cafe on the High Rd until 1970 when we moved up north... Looking at Streetview, the area seems totally changed but I think the cafe was on ...Read full memory

A memory of Wembley by redleeder

Trying To Find

My name is Barbara Ottewill (nee Hutchinson). I lived at 3 Bedford Road, Brentford and am trying to find information about Henry James Dearman who lived in Brentford and Isleworth. He was married to Annie Josephine Gooch. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful. Regards Barbara

Barwick House School

I was at this place and it was a hell hole Windows locked shut in bedrooms what a fire hazard Had to strip down to your pants at night were not allowed to have your stuff in case you run away at night or took fags upstairs ...Read full memory

A memory of Barwick by stevefriendtks

Pine Tree

Hi my sister was married to a Barry mace of pine tree caravan site years ago when my father was in the army.

A memory of Bordon by jonesgareth222

Bexleyheath In My Youth 1944 1960

I was born in 1944 and lived at 12 Rowan Road. I lived and played in Bexleyheath until 1960 when I joined Port Line and sailed off into the world. I returned after each trip but around 1962 I "jumped ship" in ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by oliver

Bank Hall School 1974 77

Hi, I have fond memories of bank hall. Mr Brennan, hard but fair. Ian Sullivan (ginge), Derek matthews, les weir. Anyone want a catchup I'm on facebook, or contact me

Grandmother's Sweet Shop

I was born in the flat above my Grandmothers Sweet Shop in Wellington Street in 1955. I think it was on the right as you went up the Street just before the chapel that was on the left.

A memory of Luton

The Awakening

On the right of the photograph the second shop belonged to Arthur Sansom, the Newsagents and Confectioners. It has a sign board above the shop front: PICTURE POST. In the Easter holidays of 1959 at the age of 14½, I took my ...Read full memory

A memory of Locksbottom

This Is Not 1945. The Nearer Boat Was Not Launched Until Spring, 1947!

The nearer "pleasure boat" is the “New Princess Maud” , launched Spring, 1947, designed by Dallimore of Burham, and built of Columbian pine planking on alternate grown ...Read full memory

A memory of Southend-on-Sea

Anyone Remember?

Trying to locate where a family lived, do you remember Gerald green and/or nellie huygens, they worked at the big house we think wimcombe park and married in tisbury. They lived in a cottage in shaftesbury around 1932. any help would be gratefully received thank you.

Frothy Coffee

I lived in Runcorn until I was 8 (1960s) and I remember going into town on the bus with my mother. We would always stop at "Le Rendezvous" (which as a child I remember thinking was a very strange word) and she would get a "frothy ...Read full memory

A memory of Runcorn by sc_taylor

I Went To Peckham Girls School

when it was 3 houses, Sumner, Rye, and Denmark. sumner and Rye were either side of the main rd, but Denmark was further along by the sŵimming baths. It must have been from 1955 to 1960 that I was in Sumner house. ...Read full memory

A memory of Peckham by kaybeechey

Shotley Bridge Hospital

I hope you will indulge me a little as this memory is not mine but my late Mother's. In 1953 my mum was 13 years old. Her name was Eleanor Williamson and she was admitted to Shotley Bridge Hospital into the care of ...Read full memory

Ripper's Joinery

Can anyone tell me if the company had a large house within the Hedinghams? Need to find out if my Mum worked for the family as a domestic servant during the years 1920-1934 approx. Her name was Gertrude Leeks who lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Sible Hedingham

Guyscliffe Childrens Home

My mum and her 2 sisters were in this childrens home from approximately 1926-1936? We have very little information on my mums time there as she was so ashamed of being a "Home Kid" Does anyone have any memories, ...Read full memory

A memory of High Barnet by lindamerson

School Days

I used to live in Langley park up until 1971 three time a week three of us used to have to go to Consett for commercial study typing and bookkeeping we used to get off at this bus stop and walk back to the village on our way home.I ...Read full memory

A memory of Langley Park by carol234

Visiting Broadway Village And Broadway Tower

Around 1982 my two friends and I were on holiday touring England Scotland and Wales from Canada. We were wanting to tour some of the villages in the Cotswolds and Broadway was our first stop. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Broadway by Janis Craig

Sutton Flats

I lived on Sutton Flats from 1943 until 1961, my grandma & relatives went by the family name of McMahon, my parents were Sid & Evelyn Wilde, with me (Diane) & my brother Geoffrey.....I also had cousins who lived on Cross Lane across ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Diane Wilde

More Contacts

Have been in contact with Arnold ? Steve ? Stephens, who lives in the USA , is the son of the late Denis Stephens and claims that he is your cousin (but you have never met ? ) a fact that he seems to regret but he did make ...Read full memory

A memory of Irby by lindafydd

Norwich Road

In 1955, just after my brother was born, we moved from West Ham to Forest Gate (Norwich Road). I was 8 years old and starting a new school was traumatic to say the least. My elder sister was at Plaistow Grammar School, so ...Read full memory

Do You Remember

when I was very young around 8-10 and I am now55 I see to remember been in the army barracks and this overlooked a very old house which as kids we thought was haunted also I went to the primary school which had another school for younger sibling next door does anyone know were these may of been

A memory of Aldershot

The Davison Family, 33 Downs Lane

My family all lived here in the 1911 Census. Alfred, Sarah and 11 children. When Alfred was killed down Eppleton Pit aged just 41, Sarah was left to bring up all the children on her own. They moved to 13 ...Read full memory

Happy Day's,,,, Now,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not Then. !!!!!!

I arrived at Blandford in September 1954. B company. Took a little time, but got sort of used to it pretty soon. I remember all the different types. Bankers, plumbers, labourers, carpenters office workers, ...Read full memory

How I Loved The Saturdays In The Early 60's

Saturday morning my sister Cheryl and I and friends would walk down to Severn Beach from Redwick. We went to the pictures which was on the corner opposite the pub The Salmon. If the weather was nice we ...Read full memory

A memory of Pilning by janice.hodgetts

Bugler In 1964 Maurice Day. Alias (Cheddar)

i attended the school march/april 1964 and when i arrived they were looking for a bugler. we went half way down the cliff road to a cave in the side to audition.i had never played one before but had an ...Read full memory

A memory of Sharpness by m.day455


trumps was my families business. long before me! my family lived there up until 2005 last to leave from flat 1 was my mum. funny to see it thanx Melissa Tedbury

A memory of Sidmouth by sistert

The Arena

I was born in Anchorsholme and Cleveleys was where I went as a teenager. The Arena was where I caught my first bit of theatre. I eventually had a 25 year career in theatre which included a spell at London's Players Theatre, the last bastion of Music Hall, reminiscent of The Follies in the Arena

A memory of Cleveleys by d.mcgeary

Ruislip Blacksmiths, Bury Street

Back in the 1950's, on the way home from the Sacred Heart School, we sometimes used to come down the High Street and go to the blacksmiths. They were located between the duck pond and the bowling green. We used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Ruislip by oneperson001

Memory From My Late Mother

My mother maiden name was McConnell and she lived in Union street and Tavener gardens her father worked on the railway in portadown my mother had twelfth or thirteen in her family most are now deceased there is only one ...Read full memory

A memory of Portadown by linenhall20

The Love My Life Is Not Forgotten

In Nineteen eighty six I met a girl called Rossamund mills who lived on forest road in binfield with her parents and two brothers and their dog they lived in two Cottages converted to one .her mother was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Binfield by linenhall20

Farnham Royal

I remember walking from home on the britwell estate to school at St Anthony RC Primary or to st Anthony RC church walking past Travis court now a private housing development and past the village hall with Farnham royal men's ...Read full memory

Greenland Crescent

I also remember Ives newsagent, used to get my Mandy and Bunty comics from there regularly. The Candy Box was a treat. The other shops on the parade next to the Prince of Wales pub that I can remember were Lester's the ...Read full memory

A memory of Southall

Brighton Avenue Boys School

i left Brighton avenue boys school in the summer of 1953. I was then living at moorfoot gardens lobley hill. Before that I had attended Alexander road school and lived at Chichester street. My favourite teacher there ...Read full memory

A memory of Gateshead by fredmusham9

Wonderful Wimbledon Common

My playground when I was young. Long summer days swimming in the ponds and lovely walks to the windmill. I remember falling through the ice one winters day. Brrr!!! Not recommended.

A memory of Wimbledon by d.feist

Born In Saford 5

Lived in Gurner street from 1944 untill about 1960 down one side of the street was Ordsal hall and on the other a street with a wonderful sewing shop, owner was a Mrs Cob, it was full of little draws with embroidery thread, Same ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by matad

Famous Family "Fields"

Does anyone remember any cosmetics or soap produced by the Fields. Does anyone have memories of the FIELDS FAMILY. Does anyone know any of the ROBSON Family of Hartlepool dated from 1870. Thankyou Deborah Peel (Farrow)

60th Anniversary

'' In 1955 Marton Camp School came alive sponsored by Northumberland who didn't even know it was built on sand '' Marton wonderful Marton Marton wonderful Marton Marton is the place for me. '' Swimming pool is ...Read full memory

A memory of Whitegate

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