Menheniot, Wesleyan Chapel 1912

Menheniot, Wesleyan Chapel 1912

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Memories of Menheniot

Menheniot And Coldrenick House

Hi. I was born in 1950 so the above date should actually read 1950 - 1965+. My maternal grandparents lived at Coldrenick (not in the big house) but close by in one of 2 bungalows on the estate. I spent many happy times at Coldrenick and often visited the dowager Trelawney at Coldrenick House. I was so sad to ...Read full memory

A memory of Menheniot by Ros Allberry

Batten Descendants

I am looking for anyone who has any BATTEN ancestors from Menheniot, Liskeard, St Germans and Saltash. I descend from Robert and Sarah (no other info) whose children were (all born Menheniot) Sarah chr 1802, Richard b Nov 1803 mrd Ann Warne, Sarah b 1805, Elizabeth b 1808,Dorothy Easterbrook b1810, William b 1812, Mary ...Read full memory

Sylvia Pearse

I remember your grandparents and Sylvia. They used to visit Central Villas a lot. Sylvia was a friend of Florence and Walter Bennett (sister and brother). My parents Rex and Gwen Harris lived next door. I was wondering what had happened to Sylvia only recently. Seem to remember she married and had a daughter later in life. ...Read full memory

Mrs Trelawney And Coldrenick House

Hi I was also born in 1950. I was baptised in Menheniot. My parents. Ken and Barbara Jarvis were with my grandparents Elsie and Charles Jarvis. I have some photos of them at Coldrenick House. They spoke of Mrs Trelawney. I am going through photos as I think there are also some of Mrs Trelawnet but I haven't found them yet!

A memory of Menheniot by hilary_terrey

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