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Wesleyan Chapel 1912, Menheniot

Wesleyan Chapel 1912, Menheniot

Wesleyan Chapel 1912, Menheniot Ref: 64609

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Mr And Mrs Harris

Hi, I remember Mr and Mrs Harris, our family lived in Oakley House, we had moved from London, but were originally from Wales, we had a mad Irish Wolf Hound. My mum found it very lonely living there as she did not drive, Mrs Harris kept her sane! I remember one New Year's Eve party that my parents hosted, it was fancy dress, the village was still talking about it 10 years later when we went to visit, my Dad was dressed as Gary Glitter, my mum cut my hair so she could stick it on a T shirt to make a hairy chest! It was happy memories for me. I went to the little village school near the church and my friend was a girl called Mandy, who lived in a lovely white house near the school, I think she emigrated to Canada. I also remember a lad called Robert, and Mr Smith the head master and Mr Osbourne, one of the teachers. My father... Read more

Coldrenick House

I was born in 1940, and came home from India with my parents (military family) in 1943. We stayed at Coldrenick House and I remember being introduced to Mrs. Trelawney and being invited to tea with her a couple of times. I cannot remember the connection my father had to Coldrenick House, or how we came to stay there. On a nostalgic trip in the 1980s, my mother and I visited Coldrenick House and were sad to learn that the old house had burned down and a new one had been built. From that visit I remember that there was a rather agressive border collie who was very glad to see the back of us! (I have three borders now, all herders).
I also lived in Cawsand from 1944-49 - went to school at St. Dunstan's Abbey in Plymouth, and took the Cremel ferry back and forth to school.
I would be very interested indeed in hearing from persons having connections with Coldrenick House, so please do get in touch.Read more

Mr & Mrs Harris

I remember your parents so well, running the shop. Your father used to add everything up himself out loud, and your mum was always so quiet and kind, with her long dark hair pinned up. And I remember they had a Ford Anglia car and I remember seeing them going out in their car on the afternoon the shop was closed, to the surrounding countryside and eating sandwiches. I remember Jennifer, she died of multiple sclerosis or something like that and remarkably enough I remember being in Carol's shop when she came in and told them all that she had had the diagnosis from the doctor. I remember she had young children and everyone thought it was so sad. She had dark curly hair, I can see her so clearly. Do you know what happened to the Giddys? I remember Mr Giddy having a heart attack, and I remember their house so well. They were really kind to me and Elizabeth Giddy and I were friends. Thank you so much... Read more

Sylvia Pearse

I remember your grandparents and Sylvia. They used to visit Central Villas a lot. Sylvia was a friend of Florence and Walter Bennett (sister and brother). My parents Rex and Gwen Harris lived next door. I was wondering what had happened to Sylvia only recently. Seem to remember she married and had a daughter later in life. Sylvia and her daughter visited my mother at Hartmeade Estate and the little girl sang a song for her on her eightieth birthday. My parents ran the village Co-Op. Yes, it was sad that the 'big house' got pulled down. Think I saw it once. Hope this is of help, I live in New Zealand now but was in Menheniot just over two years ago, my friend Marilyn Randle lives at Bowling Green estate and I keep in touch with Rosemarie Harding at Hartmeade estate where my parents lived after they retired.

My Childhood Summers in The Village

I was brought up near London but when I was about 8 my brother married and moved down to live in Menheniot as his in-laws owned a bungalow on the Trewint Estate and purchased the village hairdressers (Carol-Anne's) for my sister in law.  (This was in the late sixties/seventies).  My brother and sister-in-law (Brian & Carol) married in Menheniot church and I remember being a bridesmaid and loads and loads of villagers waiting outside the church when we came out.  They lived in Liskeard to begin with, then bought a bungalow on the Fourgates estate when they were first built.  I spent every summer with them and as the hairdressers was somewhat the centre of the village, I got to know many many of the villagers over the years.  I well remember Mr & Mrs Harris who ran the Co-Op, Mrs Scannelberry who lived in the house adjoining the hairdressers, Molly Paler who owned the bangalow called Imago on the Trewint Estate next to the Bowdens, the Giddys and many... Read more

Menheniot And Coldrenick House

Hi. I was born in 1950 so the above date should actually read 1950 - 1965+. My maternal grandparents lived at Coldrenick (not in the big house) but close by in one of 2 bungalows on the estate. I spent many happy times at Coldrenick and often visited the dowager Trelawney at Coldrenick House. I was so sad to see in later years that the house had been demolished. However. I am now compiling (or rather wracking my brains!) many years of memories as a PEARSE decendant at Coldrenick for a novel. There is much more I could share but for now it would be great to connect with others who perhaps were raised in the area. I also have very strong connection with Cawsand as I lived there for some years too. Perhaps someone on the site can help me 'fill in the gaps' of the Trelawneys? Or perhaps knew my grandparents, Hilda and Cecil Pearse and their children - my mother Patricia Hilda, my... Read more

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