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Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Hello, I was one of the few children who lived in Mile Oak Road and and also played on Broomfields Farm, we lived at no 222 which was the second to last house before the road dropped down the hill to Mile Oak. The old wagon mentioned used to be the shepherd's hut that he moved around the fields with his sheep, which were kept in pens made of woven hurdles, we spent many hours with the shepherd when the sheep were moved around the field at the bottom of our garden, having mugs of tea and he often shared a piece of cake with us kids. The naughty boys school, as it was known to us, over looked our house, my mother often had some of the boys home for tea on Sundays, I think the masters used to use tea with us as a reward for good behaviour. It was a nice surprise for me to read Bonny Cother's memories, which certainly rekindled a lot of my happy memories of Mile Oak, for which I thank her, I am one of six children, I was eight yrs. old in 1947 with two sisters, five and twelve yrs, older, a sister 5 yrs younger and two brothers eight & ten years younger.

Written by Frank Piner. To send Frank Piner a private message, click here.

A memory of Mile Oak in East Sussex shared on Friday, 25th July 2008.

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RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Lovely to read your comment, mum used to visit a friend, must have been a close neighbor of yours, the lady had two daughters that I recall, and I feel sure one's name was Carol. At the back of their house the garden dropped away sharply, and there was a wooden deck from the lounge doors. In 1947 I was three, so I am doubtful if I attended school with any of your family. Did you all attend St Nicholas Schools?
Recently I have received an email from a boy who attended the LCC school during 1947, if he responds to my email, would you like to correspond with him?

Comment from Bonny Cother on Monday, 16th February 2009.

RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Hi Bonny, I will ask my older sister if she has any memory of the family your mum visited as I can't recall them myself. I and my sisters did go to St Nicolas School. My sister Diane was born in 1944 so you may have been to school with her, I will let her know of this site for obvious reasons. I will be interested to talk to the chap that attended the LCC school, we may have a few memories to share, like chasing and catching the piglets that escaped from the school and ran into our garden!
Regards, Frank.

Comment from Frank Piner on Monday, 16th February 2009.

RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Hello I have been researching my family tree and have recently received the death certificate for my Grandmother who died in 1947 The address she lived at was 279, Mile Oak Road, Portslade by Sea, Southwick. As I am not familiar with this area can anyone please help me with any information and knowledge of I. Norman. Thanks in anticipation Maureen Noble

Comment from Maureen Noble on Tuesday, 19th October 2010.

RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Comments above are quite old now but I have only just found this site.

Ref Frank Piner - Our family moved into 222 Mile Oak Road in 1948 so my parents probably bought the house from your family.The pigs still used vto escape from Bert Brundles styes over the road when we lived there

Ref Bonny - the family you refer to were the Smiths the daughters were Carol and Linda.

Comment from Roger Dale on Thursday, 6th October 2011.

RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Hi, I was a boy of 11 when I was sent to MILE OAK in 1957, and left in 1961, 4yrs & 6mths later. As the saying goes, they were the happiest days of my life. Mr kane and Mr Fordham between them guided me to beome the man I am to-day, for which I am eternally grateful. I spoke to Mr Fordham in the 1980`s when I visited the school from a break in military training. At the time he was sanding down one of three sailing dingies made while I was at the school, it brought back so many very happy memories. Stephen Kane was the very first person to teach me how to play tennis, with his sister, that was when they moved into the house at the top of the drive. Most of the teachers, if not all, are no longer with us but I remember them all with fondest memories; Mrs Williams, Mr Wilks(football), Mr Wilson music(thank you), Mr Yeats, these are the people that I remember who guided me. I also remember the long walk on Sunday morning to Bishop Hannington Church, I even learnt the service off by heart. To conclude, I was very happy at Mile Oak, sorry it was pulled down but life goes on, there are a lot of kids who could do with Mile Oak now though.

Comment from George Martin on Friday, 9th November 2012.

RE: Mile Oak Portslade 1938 to 1950

Hi everyone, the Broomfield farm belonged to my grandfather Maurice Broomfield and his brother Bert and sister Amy. I have so many lovely memories. Maurice lived in Southdown Road, Bert lived at the Stonery and Amy lived with her mother in North House

Comment from Linda Janssen on Friday, 4th January 2013.


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