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Monnow Mill 1914, Monmouth

Monnow Mill 1914, Monmouth

Monnow Mill 1914, Monmouth Ref: 67643

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My Dad in The Mill

Monnow Mill 1914, Monmouth
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My dad Albert Joseph Harris and mum Brenda Mary used the mill as a machine shop, manufacturing small parts for Morris, Frances Barnett, Triumph, Norton and others. We lived in Redbrook in the now guest house on the corner of Coleford Hill and the A466, the house's name was/is Inglewood, the date above is aproximate. Isn't it shame you haven't got an old picture of Inglewood. My earliest is about 1956. Regards, Roger

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School Days.

My husband Stan went to Hendre, it is now a golf course. He told us he went to school in a mansion house owned by Rolls Royce family. Fab grounds etc. My son William took us to see it. Stan went there because he would not go to school. Going from Caerau to there would have been a culture shock.

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