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Moreton memories

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Fisiting Grandparents

Church Road - there was a row of old ricketty cottages where my grandparents, Thomas and Alice Wilkinson lived. Next door to them was an old lady always dressed in a long black skirt and a hat. She talked to herself and we were half scared of her -but realise now that she was lonely. Miss Prentice used to make lovely home made sweets. The Old Rectory was Edie Talbot's house and the beams were covered up by plaster, I didn't realise it was so lovely.

My grandfather worked on Sweicher's (?) Farm, he was born in Bobbingworth (Bovinger) My grandparents are buried in St, Mary;'s Churchyard but I couldn't find the gravestone last year. My baby uncle Harry is also buried there.
My grandmother used to tell us of the ghost in the vicarage that used to pull up the bedclothes in one of the bedrooms! I think my mother's cousin Peggy, used to run the village shop at one time.
We used to... Read more

Memories of Essex

Evacuation to Essex

My mother and some of her family were sent/lived in Fyfield Ongar for a short time during the Second World War. They moved there from West Ham in London. Her only memory of where she lived is that it was a large house with swords arranged high up on the walls. Her only other memory is of a pub with the word 'Black' in it - we've located that! Any info will be gratefully recieved.


My family moved to Cannons Green from London in 1953. We were viewed with some suspicion as there were few outsiders at that time. Who were we, why had we come there?! When I started at the primary school in 1956 my dad would sometimes pick me up in our car. Other kids would usually refuse a lift at first. Gradually we were accepted. Some people remember my mum not only as a Dinner Lady but because her Yorkshire accent was memorable. We left the village in 1968 for a wonderful new life in Australia. We had a great childhood exploring the old airfield, hanging out at the sports Pavillion, mucking about in the snow and finding ways to amuse ourselves with very few resources. In the early days me and my sister, Susan, hung around with Christine Fogg and Susan Bretton; later it was Jenny Carrick. Would respond to anyone who remembers us and contacts me. Joan Johnstone (nee Harwood), Eagle Point, Victoria, Australia.

Norton Mandeville

I moved with my parents to a cottage on the Ongar Chelmsford road. The cottage, subsequently named Wythams was located between High Ongar and Norton Heath and between Chevers Hall farm and Cousens Farm. I often walked across the fields to a beautiful church at Norton Mandeville (where years later I got married). A few hundred metres to the West of the church (and the so-called model farm opposite) was the ruin of a large manor house. I used to explore this obviously once-grand manor and remember finding a circular panelled room which I regarded as magical. I recall imagining what life had been like when the house had been in its heyday. The house was subsequently demolished and I can find no trace of it in satellite images. Also, I cannot find the name or history of that house. Does anyone know about the house, its last owners and its history? Another brilliant place for a young kid was the disused Willingale WWII airbase. This was situated to... Read more

Ongar High Street

High Street c1955, Ongar
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My mother had a hairdressing shop on the high street and one corner of the shop had a few books that we used as a small library. I was in boarding school, but on vacations and weekends I'd help with loaning out the books. We lived in North Weald at the time and I'd catch the bus at Tylers Green to make the 15 minute ride into Ongar. Some times I'd ride my bicycle from North Weald, through Ongar towards Brentwood to go swimming. I also remember that there was a friend of a friend who lived on Ongar High Street and had a small swimming pool that I went to once.

Small Church in Ongar

High Street c1955, Ongar
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Hey there, can anyone help me please. My mum is trying to find a small church in Ongar which comes off the Ongar Road, it's on the right hand side and it has a gravel lane, the church is at the end of the gravel lane with a field on the left hand side.  I would be very grateful if anyone can help to offer me any information with regard to this. Many thanks. Sarah

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