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Memories of Mosborough

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South Yorkshire memories


I remember living at 2 Chapel Street, it was a grocery shop fronting a farm owned by the Jarvis family. And I remember my uncle charging accumalators in a shed in their back yard.
Posted by Ted Williams.

Our Time in Spinkhill

When we moved to Spinkhill in 82 there were many people who had lived in the village for quite some time. Gerard Cross and his two sisters Beryl and Agnes were one family. Beryl was a teacher at Spinkhill School for many years. Gerard's dad had a horse and cart in the 40's and delivered milk on it. He also took the luggage up to Mount St Marys School for the pupils when they arrived by train at Spinkhill Station. He told us about the Home Guard sleeping in the Station waiting room during the second world war and how a munitions train was stored out of the way in the tunnel nearby. Gerard used to live in a farm opposite the Gables on Westthorpe Road but this farm was eventually covered by earth and lost forever. At the time of us moving in he and Beryl lived at the Gables and Agnes lived with her husband in a house on Green lane. They were part of the choir at... Read more

When I Went With my Mates

I went with Ellie, Shannon, Caroline, Liam, Josh, Adam and Antman and it was the first time some of us had been there. Ellie said she wasn't scared, but when she got there she was ('cus she could see a ghost)! I am 16, Shannon's 15, Ellie's 12, Caroline's 14, Liam's 14, Josh's 13, Adam's 16 and Antman is 17. We made everone jump! I had my first kiss with Shannon there.


For all those people who like Memories; there is a movie you can buy about Renishaw - it's a great buy. Contains old photos, cini films and old videos scenes as well as modern scenes.


Market Street c1965, Hemsworth
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I was born in Barnsley in 1950 and lived in Hemsworth. I use to go to the pictures on a Saturday morning with my pals and ride my pretend horse home afterwards. I don't know the name of our street but you could walk out of the front door, cross over and go down the dirt path to the main road. I think the market was there and on the other side was the picture house with chippy close by. My dad, who was Polish, worked down the pit and on some Sundays would take me to church which would have been Catholic, some where at the back of the pictures. I also remember there was an old air raid shellter down the dirt track where we would all go in to play. I got burned on me knee one time after setting alight to a plastic shuttelcox holder to use as a torch just like Flash Gorden did when he went into caves on the flicks, only he... Read more

Waiting For The Bus

Market Street c1965, Hemsworth
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As a small child and a grown woman with children of my own I remember waiting for the Wakefield bus after a visit to my grandparents. Some times it would be the West Riding bus, at other times it was the United one. Until his death in 1973 Grandad, whenever possible, would walk us down to the bus stop and wait with us until the bus came.
By Jean Johnson (nee Aston)

Weddings & Christenings

St Helen's Parish Church c1955, Hemsworth
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The Parish Church at Hemsworth is where my parents were married and where me and my twin sisters were christened. In 1959 I was a bridesmaid for my aunt when she got married. The last time I was in the church was for my cousin's funeral a few years ago. I have a copy of this photograph on my lounge wall in my Wakefield home.
Jean Johnson (nee Aston)

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