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Murton Village

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I Was Born There

Does anyone know or have any photos of Foster Avenue in Murton? I think it had a nick-name of 'Wembley estate'. I was born there, my nana and granda lived in the village, Bob and Nella Young. I used to go to stay with them in the summer holidays.

Tyne and Wear memories

1949 - 1961

I lived at Station Road in Murton and remember playing with my best friend, Doreen, down the bakery and in Windes Lodden. Does anyone remember my dad, Walter Simpson Smith, who was born at Cold Hesleden? I also went to Murton Girls Secondary School which is no longer there.

Old Shiremoor

Does anyone have any photos of old Shiremoor as I remember it in the 1960s? The fibreglass factory, the brickworks, the Methodist chapel and the colliery rows, old Emerson Place, the area behind the Blue Bell. The dolly washer on the pit heaps behind Stanton Road, the burn that's now in a pipe that I used to dam and flood the fields! Best playground a young kid could have, no wonder kids now have nothing to do, no pit ponds even... That whole area was great to grow up in, there were loads of old buildings to play in and ponds to raft on. The place is sterile now and heartless and soulless too.

Jimmy Malone

I was born and lived in Forest Hall. My father Gerry Malone was also born in Forest Hall, his cousin Jimmy Malone, lived in West Allotment, he used to sing in a lot of social clubs around the area, and also in West Allotment Social or Working Mens Club. I was told that he had a wonderful voice. Sadly he passed away a few years ago. Does anyone remember him?
Brenda Malone.

Fifty Years or so Ago.

I lived on Hesleyside Road, Wellfield in the late 1950s/early 1960s and as a boy knew all the local fields and highways and by-ways. Although I left the area some years later as I entered my teens I never really lost touch with the vicinity due to a wealth of relatives and friends living in SE Northumberland and on Tyneside. In those days Earsdon had three pubs that I was too young to visit, although I undertook a Scouting 'bob a job' task at the now long gone Phoenix Inn. At that time the no 17 bus used to wind its way through Earsdon village as did the burgundy/chocolate coloured Hunters single decker from Seaton Delaval to Shields. From my bedroom window I could see the beam from St Mary's lighthouse flashing across the night time sky and the distant roof of the Beehive Inn over the flat fields; also in my first year or so living there, the faraway plumes of smoke from the steam-hauled local trains from Monkseaton... Read more

Busy Holidays at The Coast

On the lead up to the Edinburgh & Glasgow holidays, my friends and I used to prepare by building our own 'bogeys' out of some pram wheels, then on the Saturday`we would arrive at the train station and wait for the train to come from Newcastle with the Scots, we would ask the passengers as they came out of the station where they were going to stay and offer to take them and their luggage 'on the bogey' to the bed & breakfast address for a fee, sometimes we were paid half a crown (2/6d), this went on all of the holidays and we did make some money. Another money making idea was, at the end of each nice day that people spent on the beach and on the links, we would go around and collect all the empty pop bottles that were left and take them back to the shop for the deposit. Another way to amuse ourselves was to take newspapers to the Fish & Chips shop and... Read more

Fond Memories of Whitley Bay

Fond memories of Whitley Bay: Taking the 17 bus from South Wellfield to the bus station, Whitley Bay, with John Taylor. Dressed in our best (and only) Mod gear we would go to the Spanish City to seek out lasses and avoid attention of any Rockers! With only a tanner each in our pockets we could get two rides on the dodgems and walk home. On summer weekends the place was always packed, I remember mooching arround Sad Sacks slot machines or sugarcones at the Venitian, collecting bottles from the beach, The GO GO CLUB to see The JUNCO PARTNERS. Watching NEWCASTLE train on the snow covered beach. And the summer holiday I once got a job on the shuggy boats on the beach opposite the Spanna! I got the sack for letting little kids go on free! Football on the beach with mates Jimmy Buckham, Alan Love, Jimmy Green, John Taylor. Jimmy Buckham and I nearly got into trouble once on St Mary's Island as... Read more

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