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Borough Hotel

Leeds Road c1955, Nelson
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This photo brings back a lot of memories for me as a kid aged 5 in 1971, when me and my older brother spent around 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon playing outside the pub(Borough Hotel) and the steps of Woolworths (just a bit further up the street). Waiting for one of our parents to come out of the pub every hour or so with bottles of pop and bags of crisps for us, then saying only another 10 minutes, one hour later same again... but we didn't mind too much as it was the most pop & crisps we got all week!!!!!!
I know it's a strange one to remember, but every time I look at this photo that's what pops into my head...

Borough Hotel.

Leeds Road c1955, Nelson
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I remember the Borough Hotel, mainly because it was a Duttons house and they sold their spirits in 1/5 of a gill, when all the other pubs gave 1/6th gill (same price).

Meeting Under The Clock.

Leeds Road c1955, Nelson
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I was aged ten in 1960 and went to Bragley School, and would go swiming every day at the old Baths. Wish I had info on the swiming baths. Walking up and down this street, the clock always stands out, when meeting friends it was always under the clock.

Theres no Place Like Home

Railway Street c1910, Nelson
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I used to walk up Railway St years ago on my way home to Pilgrim St. Looking at these street pictures makes me want visit and see my old home town. I went to Walverden School but can't remember the name of the street it was on. I used to go to the movie houses there; one was the Palace, the Grand, the Magestic and there was one near the railway station but can't remember it's name. Are any of them still there? Love to hear about them.

St Mary's Street

St Mary's Church c1950, Nelson
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My grandmother lived in St Mary's Street with the lovely church on the corner. Her name was Mabel Horsefall (second marriage) first married name 'Mitton', maiden name Scott. My mother was Doris MItton. I would be about seven years old and can remember the church bells and the sound of the milk float on the cobbles. I used to go to a little shop for a bottle of sterilized milk. How nice to see a photo of the church. I remember it had eleven bells. Happy Days

Remembering Our Wedding.

Manchester Road 1958, Nelson
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On the 24th March 1962 we had our wedding reception at The Lord Nelson Hotel. We invited 50 guests and were on a very tight budget but The Lord Nelson did us proud. Next year we will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary so it's natural that my memories turn back to where it all began. At the time I thought The Lord Nelson to be the poshest place in the area and I`m sure it was. Thank you for making my day one to remember. Stan and Marion Warn.

Marsden Park Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool c1955, Nelson
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I have a host of memories of MPSP.

The earliest is from the 1950s when I used to play on the fountain -- seen in the foreground -- with my cousins (Towers) who would visit from Cleveleys.

It was also the first place where I saw a girl's breast. To the left was a 2 or 3 tiered diving board. Kids would line up behind each other on the stairs as they waited their turn. One year in the summer of 1967 (18 yrs old) I was behind one girl who decided to turn to her right adjust her bikini top. As she did, her right breast popped out in front of my very eyes! She looked rather sheepish. An unexpected pleasure to compliment my Saturday afternoon diving.

My father (Arthur Edward Duerden) was particularly proud of my acrobatics off the board, saying to friends, "That's my lad!"

Two years later (1969) I was proud to take my American girlfriend, Carol Brownscombe to MPSP and was... Read more

Marsden Park

The Swimming Pool c1955, Nelson
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I can remember the only time I went in the pool at Marsden Park. I couldn't swim and was about 7 years old. For some reason prob the cold water my mum didn't want  to go in the water so a neighbour took me in. That was the only time I ever went in. I live in Australia now and have a pool in my backyard. I went back to Nelson in 2004 and took my two boys to Marsden Park. I felt really sad that  the pool wasn't there any more. Shame on you Nelson, some things should be looked after. Marsden Park was looking a mess as well. Why don't you spend some money on places that have so much history.

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