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Police Dog Training USAF

I am looking for any information of the time I was training in U.S.A.F class 7 and my dog Rusty, Oct to Nov 1957. Mr Frickey was my trainer. I had spent two weeks in hospital of my 6 week course. Still came out 1. I do remember that Special Forces were traning there at the same time, and one evening we wanted to go into Salisbury and they invited us to go with them. I was all for it until they told us they were going on foot at double time (softie Americans can't take it). We went but did not arrive until much later, need I say more. I do remember the so-called kennel maids were now properly recognised and we all got along well. The worst day was the day we had to go down the run with the dogs on both sides, trying to get us, to meet our dogs. The dogs could sense my fear, but one of the girls came down, went right in to my assigned dog's space, sat with him and spent about one hour with me, getting my hand at least on my dog's nose without losing it. After training we were sent to RAF Manston in Kent. Nuclear weapons duty (F84's, F86's), then some time at RAF Alconbury, where my dog died on the operating table of an enlarged spleen. I still miss him today. I have pictures of him and I on the FLT lines etc. Being 73 now, I have a nine year old golden (would not bite a soul if told to), "Halt or I will release my dog", fond memories.

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A memory of Netheravon in Wiltshire shared on Wednesday, 22nd December 2010.

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RE: Police Dog Training USAF

I remember being at netheravon in 1954' and being shown into the dog compound to select a dog. On the right hand side by the entrance, was this large White Alsatian, which flew at the cage . I knew then thar dog handling was not my future

Comment from Tony Groome on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014.


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