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Memories of Leicestershire

Great Easton

I lived the first 22 years of my life in Great Easton amd it is a place that will remain with me forever. My family are recorded as being in the parish for 400 years and my late father was the last one to remain, until his passing in 2001, in a very much changed village to the one I remember as a boy and most certainly how he would have remembered it having lived there all his life. We all went to school at the nearby Bringhurst School and were taught as Infants by Miss Love and as Juniors by the headmistress Mrs Cartwright. We played football in the streets without fear of being run over, we cycled far and wide without fear of being molested or abducted and the surrounding fields were our playground. Most of the people who lived in the village had ancestry that had ties to village for years and by and large everyone knew everyone. We earned pocket money by going 'spud' picking at half term, we... Read more

My Great Great Grandfather Lived Here.

High Street c1955, Caldecott
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My grandfather William Keightley moved to Sheffield, Yorkshire in the 1890s.
He was born in one of these cottages, as was my great grandfather Albert Keightley.   On the 1871 Census he is listed at no. 44 Cottage and on the 1881 Census he is listed at no. 31 cottage with the "White Hart" Inn as No. 32.
I would love to hear from any family members still living at Caldecott.

Sharmans of East Langton

Hi, I am trying to track down where in EAST LANGTON that my ancester Thomas Coleman Sharman lived - or any relatives for that matter. I am the family historian in Adelaide, South Australia.

Memories of Caldecott

I was born in Caldecotte on 26,09,58, a great little village. I came from a family of 5 children, times were hard moneywise, but we always got by. We used to grow all our veg and kept chickens and ducks for meat. Dad was good with the shotgun so we always had a rabbit on the table. I was the youngest (a right Tomboy). Most days we would be up the allotments all day helping out whatever our age, a bit of hard work never harmed you!. I remember with fondness my young life in Caldecott, everyone knew each other very friendly and helpful to each other. My parents still live in Caldecott there both 89yrs young . Over the years since we all grew up and got married, I still visit every week , the people have all changed only a couple that I now recognise, I miss my time in Caldecott I had a good childhood but times change as must.... Read more

My Earliest Memories

I was born at Kettering General Hospital in 1942. My father was the village policeman in Wilbarston since 1939 and we lived there until I was five years old in 1947 when my father was posted to the other end of the county. Wilbarston was perhaps the place I have always regarded as 'home' and I still feel a tingle of excitement on the odd occasions I have visited the village over many decades. My attendance at the local school was rather short but I remember the freedom children had to roam through the countryside without any feeling of danger. My old house still stands although the function as a police station is long gone. It had a thatched roof then and water was via a well in the garden. My father kept pigs in two brick styes in the garden and I remember the pig killer who came to slaughter them. The screams and subsequent rapid despatch remain with me to this day although I do like a bacon... Read more

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