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Newark Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool c1955, Newark
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I too remember the cold dark (and wet) changing rooms and the fountain and the Bovril. I went to the Mount and I too walked there with my cossy in a towel, but the teachers were different.

Willie Hall

The Swimming Pool c1955, Newark
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Hello, I am researching for a book and need information from friends and relations of Willie Hall who played for Tottenham Hotspurs. I believe he was born in Tenter Buildings in Appleton Gate in 1912. I would love to hear from you, thanks for your time. John M Taylor

The Cold Stone Floors...and Unheated Pool!

The Swimming Pool c1955, Newark
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I loved swimming at Newark Swimming Pool..great memories of the smell of the water gushing from the fountain..and having a hot mug of Bovril to warm us up after our time in the unheated pool, for which we paid one shilling. The changing rooms, dark and cold, with stone floors, did not put us off..hardy little kids in those days....I also had to attend with our class of Mount School pupils for our regular weekly swimming lessons, which were carried out in all weathers, and we got pushed in by the Teacher (Mr Padgett I recall) if we took too long standing in our costume with our toe dipped in the water, shivering at the thought.. we had to walk from Mount School, with our costume wrapped in a towel. I also remember being chosen to swim for my school and came first in the backstroke, which we held here against other schools. Mr Gold our Headmaster presented me with my school colours the next day in the... Read more

First Girl Choristers!

St Leonard's Church 1890, Newark
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I loved to sing, and asked when we were in school (Mount Parish C of E) if any of us girls would like to join the Church Choir at St Leonard's, as there was only three boys and a couple of mature males, left, so they decided to ask girls to join! So I and a few other school friends decided to give it a go, and we arrived for practice that evening after school to meet the Choir master, who checked our singing voices to see if we had any 'tone'. I was selected, and cycled from my home in Stephen Road, to choir practice once, sometimes twice a week, and then again to the morning and Evensong services each Sunday in all weathers!

Christmas was always my favorite time, and we use to 'belt' out all the Carols at the midnight Mass, all of the choir in great voice. Sometimes though I recall, the 'White Swan, situated nearby, would be closing, and... Read more

The Governor's House

The Governor's Old House 1909, Newark
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I lived in part of the Governor's house in 1973. The back of the house extended to where the car park access ramp is now, before the shopping centre was built. In the cellar were bread ovens and a bricked up tunnel that went under the market square - a number of tunnels apparently linked important buildings. The upstairs rooms, on 2 floors, had stone floors which were very uneven - difficult for furniture! The wooden windows had what is called a Yorkshire sliding sash which goes horizontally not vertically. The shop on the right at the front was owned at the time by Lees Tobacconists, who also had a shop in Chain Lane, where I worked for a while. They also had another newsagents shop. I also worked at the bank opposite, which was National Westminster in 1973. Because you could access the house through a back gate off what was just an open car park, people occasionally mistook our house... Read more

St Leonards Church

St Leonard's Church 1890, Newark
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My dad was a choir boy here in the late 20's and early 30's he was born in 1919.

Holy Trinity Church, Parliament Street, Newark

Roman Catholic Church Interior 1908, Newark
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I remember making my first Holy Communion in Holy Trinity Church, which was by then a wee bit changed from the photograph. It changed a great deal after the altar was set on fire in the early 1960s, when the Sanctuary was redecorated and we had to have a new altar, which was light wood. So very different from the original, nice in its own way but nothing like the beauty of the highly decorated altar. Eventually I was confirmed and married in that church and I loved it. I'm very happy in our 'new' church, which is now 32 year old, but my heart belongs in the old one! As I grew older I joined the choir and the acoustics in this church were absolutely wonderful. I'm still in the choir, albeit a tiny bit older and rustier, but I have a recording made in the old church and even after all these years it is still pretty good. My daughter was one of the last children to make HER... Read more

Pastures Avenue, Nottingham

Castle Gate 1904, Newark
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I remember Clifton in a different light. We lived at 17 Pastures Avenue during 1966/7, my brother or one of them, he's the youngest, was born there. I met my half sisters and brothers there. I have always liked animals and started to collect farm animals. When I met one of my half sisters, she was also into farm animals. We started to collect them in the hundreds. Our father, good with his hands, built us a farmyard out of wood, it had a pretend duck pond, painted blue, and he made some stables for us. Sadly they are all gone now. I would play in the front garden and use the grass as fields. There was a bush under the window that had bright pink and purple flowers, years later I found out it was a Fuschia. My school was Pastures Avenue I think, right at the bottom. Across Farnborough Road, there are a couple rows of houses with just a pathway and grass, my cousins lived there. Read more

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