Newnham, School Hill c.1955

Newnham, School Hill c.1955

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Caption for Newnham, School Hill C1955

Here we are looking up School Hill towards what was the New Inn, kept by Albert Howard, who started supplying fuel for the new motorcar, perhaps in addition to beer for the passengers. The petrol pumps were still in situ when Frith's photographer took this picture. The school, which is still flourishing, is on the right just round the bend - note the old 'torch of learning' school sign. The school opened on this site in 1915. It was built using timber from Russia.

Memories of Newnham

Growing Up In Newnham/ Happy Childhood Memories :)

My name is Lisa Rebecca Haynes. I was born on the 13th May 1972 and I lived and grew up in Newnham until I moved to Daventry and left My Family Home. I am the youngest of 5. I have 3 Brothers and a Sister.., Stephen the Eldest, then Mark, Graham, Juliette and then Myself. Our Parents ...Read full memory

A memory of Newnham by lisahaynes72

On The Grn

Iremember when Ry and Tania took over the Roma and we had the Maltsters at Badby. And I remember when the takings went missing from the 'music on the green' charity event last Sat, June 2008. [Well, someone has to leave a comment.]

A memory of Newnham by Marcus Hume

Vine Cottage

Visited the place my grandmother was bought up in, Vine Cottage - now Meadow Cottage - next to The Nuttery. My grandmother was Fanny Alice Spencer, her father was Joseph. She met my grandfather, James Hudson McKellow, who was a New Zealand soldier in the First World War in London where she was working as ...Read full memory

A memory of Newnham by Mary Molloy

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