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Newnham Paddox

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Memories of Newnham Paddox

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Warwickshire memories

Fond Lifechanging Memories

I remember the Convent of Mercy as one of my fondest memories. I boarded there from the young age of five until I was eleven. Some of my best memories were of the summers when we made long daisy chains with all the daisies on the front lawn, long walks to the spinney in the early fall, May Day, and garden fetes and playing hide and seek in the closets on the second floor. I remember Sister Mary Rose (she was everyones favourite nun), Sister Bernard and watching the big clock with roman numerals while I practiced my hour of music (she taught me piano/ and terrified many of us back then because she was stern). I never forgot Mother Superior; she loomed over you like a towering beacon, I was only 4' something, so it certainly seemed that way to me at the time. I remember lining up in the dining hall awaiting the dreaded spoonfull of Milk of Magnesia which kept everyone regular (ha ha) but also getting... Read more



When I was a small girl I used to be taken to Monks Kirby by my grand parents, I think an ancester lived there way back in time.

My grandmother always insisted that I kissed a tree, I think it was outside the Bell Inn ., was this just one of grandma's "odd things to do" or does anyone know of a tradition, about kissing trees? its always intrigued me.

Regards, Ann

School Days in Monks Kirby

I vividly remember my days as a boarder at the convent school in Monks Kirby.  I was very young when I attended this school, but the memories have never left me, and I believe my experiences there shaped my personality to a large extent.  Are there any other ex-pupils who attended Monks Kirby school around the same time?  I would love to hear some of your memories!

The Convent School, Monks Kirby, 1955/1960

I lived in Broklehurst Cottage, opposite to Lees Farm and to the left of the school gate. In 1957 we moved to The Kennels in Newnham Paddox, Monks Kirby. Our neighbours were a family called the Tarpies. At school my first teachers were Sister Maryrose and Sister Iola, in the middle class the teacher was Miss Shawcross. In the top class was Sister Bernard. I sat next to Caroline Neville. Other pupils were Vincent, Thomas and Phillip Mcauly. Joseph Casley, Paul Angrave. The parish priest was Father Anwyl. In the village I remember Ronnie Hopkins. At the top of Broklehurst Road lived a lady called Winie Harman. In the park lived a boy called Giles Fielding. My sister was called Margaret and my brother was Sean. We used to collect hazelnuts in the park spinney and chestnuts at the top end of the park. In the field next to the cattle grid there was a huge shire horse. The bus stop to Rugby was situated at the bottom of the... Read more

St Joseph's Convent School

Hi there everyone that went to the St Joseph's Convent School. Myself, my brother and sister all went there between the mid 1950s to early 1960s (myself), 1958 to 1963. I can remember all the names mentioned by yourselves including the nuns' names. We were day pupils and we lived at St Paul's College (Stretton under Fosse), our dad was one of the groundsmen down there. I can rememember having huge great big ice slides in the playground in the winter, we would not allow that now. I can remember a couple of the girls' names who were boarders at the time, a Mary Clarke from somewhere in Lincolnshire who was always very homesick, also a Maria O'Meara from Birmingham, there was also a Burmese girl who came to the school from Coventry, I'm afraid I can't remember her name. Does anybody remember David Broadfield or the Caffery family or the Humes? They all attended the school around this time. I myself stayed in Stretton under Fosse till the... Read more


Hi to all who attended the Convent between 1954 to 1961. My maiden name is Waudby, I have two brothers younger than me, David and Micheal, my parents' names are Ernest and Rosemary and they were married on the 31st of December 1949 at St Ediths, Monk Kirby and we lived at Stretton under Fosse. My father worked for St Paul's College when the nuns had it as a teacher training college. David is still living and working in Rugby and Micheal is living in Bedworth with his family, I have married a Manx Man and have lived on the Isle of Man for the last 33 years. My days at the convent were in the main quite happy ones. I had Sister Rose as an infant then Sister Bernard as a senior, I was very aware of her as she was quite a tartar, I had many canings for playing wrong notes on the piano that stood in the corner of her classroom. My worst memory of her was her temper,... Read more

Brockhurst School, Monks Kirby

My father, Kenneth Hollingsworth, took over the headship of the school in 1951 and I spent the happiest of childhood years both at the school and in and around the village. I particularly remember Coronation Day when the school was filled with television sets so that the whole community could gather together to watch and celebrate. We had a fancy dress parade when I was dressed as Queen of Hearts with a red tray of jam tarts I had helped to make myself. I came second though to a form friend whose name escapes me although many other names leap to the front of my mind. Josie Treadwell, Robert Hewitt, Carole Leason, Ione Duggan, etc.
I had many happy days in Monks Kirby before we moved to Slough!!!

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