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Chevington Drift

My father was born and brought up at Chevington Drift, James William Smith, born 1946. He met my mother who lived in Amble, Kathleen Roberta Mclaren born 1945, at a dance that was held in Amble. They married in 1967 at Amble. My childhood memory in the 1970s is of visiting my granny and grandad Smith whom at that time still lived at the Drift; they moved when the Drift was to be knocked down, I think it was in 1978 or thereabouts. I know this may sound silly to others, but I used to love the smell of the smoke from the chimneys as we drove into the Drift. Going to the toilets used to scare me a little, as it was outside. My grandad used to work down pit, he was Thomas William Smith, known as Willie, my granny was Hannah Smith, my great grandparents were Oman and Whittle, who also lived at the Drift. Would love to hear from anyone who may have known them, or to share any memories of the same place. My parents, after moving to various places in England, have now returned back to the North East, and I just love to visit, to get some of those childhood memories back. :)

Written by Heather Caruso. To send Heather Caruso a private message, click here.

A memory of North Broomhill in Northumberland shared on Thursday, 9th February 2012.

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RE: Chevington Drift

Hi Heather, I was born at the Drift in 1942, we lived at 63 Hedge Hope. My dad was Norman Scott and my mother was Lyndis Scott. I left in 1960 when I was 18 to get work in the pits, I think I remember your dad with blonde hair but I would 4 years older than him. My pals at school and play were J. Stanton, Harry Donkin, Harry Hardy, Bobby Bell, Jack Ross and Sammy Hardy. I still visit North Broomhill at least 3 times a year. There are lots of photos of the Drift in the brick red row or the Mining Museum at Ashington. Even now, the Drift people still have a bond with the Drift although it has been gone a few years. Hope you are well, take care, Jim Scott

Comment from Jim Scott on Tuesday, 12th November 2013.


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