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Overdue Visit

It's taken 11 years to finally return to the North East. I have just returned to Wales after a short but very pleasant stay in Warkworth with cousins I have not seen for 11 years. We have been in touch for months now almost on a daily basis, discovering our ancestors, hoping to put together our vast family tree. I didn't know much about my dad's family other than he lived in Broomhill. Whilst on my break I visited Leaze Street in Amble where my dad was born and then went to Broomhill and visited my grandmother Harriett Hannah Ormston's grave for the first time. Grannie died when I was a year old so I don't know much about her other than she was married to Thomas Gray in 1907, had a child, Benjamin, who died aged two, a daughter Mary who I believe has children still living in the area, and an adopted son George. Now I have found out so much about my family and loved staying on the North East coast we have decided to make this a regular visit - never mind the 6 hour car journey - and hope to discover more family history. If anyone has any info please get in touch, my grandchildren are getting quite excited with all we have found out so far.

Written by Maureen Burton. To send Maureen Burton a private message, click here.

A memory of North Broomhill in Northumberland shared on Saturday, 17th July 2010.

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