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Sweet Shop on The Harrow Road

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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My father and his parents ran the sweet shop and ajoining hairdressind salon on the Harrow road. Somewhere near the kodak factory, where all the factory workers came to buy their cigarrettes, tobacco and sweets. They lived above the shop, he went to the local grammer school. Early closing day was Wed or Thurs, he came running home from school one day forgetting the shop was closed early and put his arm through the glass in the shop door severing his artery in his right arm. His parents relaxing upstairs were unaware of his plight, a van driver passing by stopped and made a tourniquet from his shirt and saved his life. They later advertised in the local paper to find and thank the van driver properly, but he never came forward. He was left with a frankindstein style scar on his right arm for the rest of his life. Does anyone remember the shops my grandparents ran ? They were called Gladys and George Baker ?

Robinsons Chemist

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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My dad owned Robinsons Chemist and I lived over it from 1963 till I married in 68. We lived on Anglemead Crescent prior to moving back over the shop! I remember John Moore at Pinner Park/ Headstone and Moira Francis was my friend! Playing in the allotments, down the air raid shelters smoking! Such sweet memories. My maiden name was Shoobridge. I received my share of casings from Mr Manson and his nickname for me was "nicotine Nancy!"

British Restaurant in North Harrow

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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Since I was working for the firm that built the British Restaurant in North Harrow and I lived on Westmorland Road I had a quick ride to work each morning. Once all the plumbing was done I had to go to Wealdstone to report for work. So on the morning in question I rode past the restaurant in a light blowing rain, wishing I was still working there. Suddenly I heard a rushing sound (like that of a jet engine) then a big bang. I was a Civil Defence messenger, so I turned round and rode back to find the British Restaurant had been hit bu a V1 bomb. My home only got some broken glass and tiles but the restaurant had to be rebuilt.

Air Force Brat

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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I lived with my family from 1959 - 1962 in North Harrow - I have never really left. Penny candy sixpence allowance! Gobstoppers! The fire station. We would walk around in Harrow school! What fun we had! I would love to hear from anyone else with a dad stationed at South Ruislip base.

Fire Station

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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Hi, I used to live in the Pinner Road fire station from 1948 until 1961, it holds all my favorite memories, going to Pinner Park school in Headstone Lane. I remember Mora Francis being picked up after school in a big black limousine to go to the film studios as she was one of St Trinian's girls. We used to play football on our way home in the park opposite and then go to Whites sweet shop on Northarrow Parade and buy penny gobstoppers and sit in the allotments behind the Woodlands or go down the air raid shelter. When I was growing up I then went to Headstone Secondary Modern and yes, Ihad the cane on numerous ocasions from Mr Manson or the slipper from the PT instructor Mr Macnab. I also got a Saturday job at Yaldens hardware delivering paraffin on a bike with a basket on the front. My friend and I would meet all the cyclists outside Iver Clark's bike shop or go and look in... Read more

Happy Days at Elmcroft Crescent

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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Hi, I came across this site by accident but I am delighted to recap on happy days spent living in North Harrow. We lived in Elmcroft Crescent off Headstone Lane and attended the comprehensive school at the boundary connecting George 5th Avenue and the Pinner road. The headmaster I still remember - Mr Manser! Two canings put me in order although our PTI (name forgotten) was also handy with a black plimsol. I recall doing well at sports - particularly shot-putting (I had developed the Parry O'Brien method of swinging at 180% to the front) and also at rugby when I had the unfortunate distinction of falling on an opponent in a ruck and breaking his arm - match cancelled and Day junior mentioned in assembly the next morning! My twin sister, Gladys, excelled study-wise and sports-wise; in fact she was a real clever dick! Her favourite trick was to bring a motley selection of netball buddies home to taunt me and pinch Mum's cakes. My dear mother was... Read more

The Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn, Headstone Manor c1965, North Harrow
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This picture is of the Tithe Barn at Harrow Museum and Heritage Centre. It is one of four listed buildings at the site and is part of the former medieval Headstone Manor estate. Harrow Museum can be contacted on 020 8861 2626

My Grandfather's Shop in Preston Road

Broadwalk c1965, North Harrow
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As a large family and well known in the area, the Rogers of today are trying to contact any others from the past. There were 10 boys and 4 girls, all but 1 are dead now but most of us didn't know many of our uncles or aunties, so are you our relations? If you think you might be then please contact me, in particular we want to find the children of Peter and Queenie Rogers who lived in a flat in Kingsbury, Whippet are you out there, where are you? Please get in touch with me. Joan (my father was Ralph Reginald Rogers).

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