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Northumberland Road

We lived at 29 Northumberland Road in the 1950s with my grandmother. My sister Moira and I went to Longfield school and I have many happy memories there. My grandmother took me with her to St Albans church as a very small child and I recall sitting on one of the very long pews on the right side of the aisle.

We used to go to ballet classes at the Methodist church at the other end of North Harrow. Another memory is of Pinner Fair, that was an amazing experience at the time. I also recall my first experience of 'The Dentist'. The surgery was not far from Sopers, which was situated at this end of the Broadway on the right, (as you look at the picture shown). Anyway, the dentist used no anaesthetic for fillings which were done with the old grinding drill - I have been phobic ever since!

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A memory of North Harrow in Middlesex shared on Wednesday, 15th June 2011.

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RE: Northumberland Road

I used to live in The Ridgeway, Pinner end, but my mother often used to shop in North Harrow as it was a bit closer. I loved the Streamside Walk and my uncle and cousin, who was a lot older than me, lived at no. 26. I went to Longfield school in 1951 but left in 1956 as I was lost in a class of 40 plus. I am sure the fashion writer Lesley Ebbetts lived nearby and she had a younger sister.

Does anyone remember the names Mrs Jenkinson or Mrs Gotobed?

It's lovely to be be reminded of all the shops and brings back many memories of cycling to the sweetsop or getting fish and chips (a treat!). I think there is a misunderstanding with Sopers as it was in Harrow. I seem to remember another smaller department store further along from Woollies but we never went that far along the Broadway. Does anyone remember a coffee bar near the station called something like the Bandorillo? There was also a cafe above the Embassy cinema with green wicker tables and chairs......... I could go on.

Comment from Shirley Dicker on Friday, 7th March 2014.


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