Northwich, Marbury Hall 1898

Northwich, Marbury Hall 1898

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Memories of Northwich, Marbury Hall 1898

Marbury Hall

I am the co- author of 'A house with Spirit' a tribute to Marbury Hall, and loved reading all the comments about your memories at Marbury. I have lots of original photographs in my possession of the Hall and welcome any of you to contact me at any time, as I totally understand your love of Marbury. It casts a spell over anyone who has been there.

Marbury Hall 1956

In the 1950s ICI had what was even then a slightly old fashioned ethos - they cared for their employees beyond the workbench! In those days the workers participated in a share scheme which meant that workers benefitted financially from the company's successes. But more than that each Christmas this once great company organised a  Christmas party at Marbury Hall for workers and their families - and all of the kids received Christmas presents - in some cases perhaps the only Christmas presents they got. I can remember the excitement of the day and of going home feeling that I had enjoyed myself tremendously! What a pity the old hall was knocked down! A hall like that, so full of local history should surely ...Read full memory

A memory of Northwich by Keith Wilson

The Death Of Marbury Hall

I remember this beautiful building from my childhood and can remember how the old Northwich Rural Council ordered its destruction. To me this was an act of local aurthority vandalism never surpassed in the UK. The hall should have been handed over to the nation and then maintained by the newly formed Natioanl Trust. The councillors who ordered the destruction were never held to account and over the following years quietly retired when the councils became Vale Royal District Council.

A memory of Northwich by Bob Ridgway

Memories of Northwich

The Soothing Sound Of Steam

Living in London Road within earshot of the long goods trains struggling across the viaduct up the bank with a load of limestone for ICI I loved lying in bed listening to the steam engines. I believe the engines were often the Black 5's with a distinctive voice which still gives me a thrill today, and as for seeing a preserved one today !!!! Heather Morrey ( nee Swindells )

A memory of Northwich by morreys

Crossing The Canal

A regular feature of Saturday mornings was walking ( very carefully ) along the slightly hazardous foot-way across the top of the lock gate on my way to visit my grandparents in Moss Road. This was the short cut also taken by those teachers at the Grammar School who lived the other side of the Weaver. I recall Mrs Aplin saying that she got inspiration for her art classes of each day on that walk.

A memory of Northwich by morreys

School Visits

Once a year all the pupils of Sir John Deane's walked over to Witton Church for a Founders' Day Service. I think we were all pretty over-awed by the building and we certainly sang our hearts out. We were all encouraged to sing by Mr Horrocks, an enlightened music teacher who was also organist at the church. I remember being ...Read full memory

A memory of Northwich by morreys

Marbury And The Old Hall

I was born in Marbury in 1952. My father worked for ICI. I have wonderfull memories of Marbury especially the old hall. My maiden name was Campbell and I had 3 sisters, Pauline, Christine and Caroline, also a brother, Andrew. I have an obsession with Marbury and go back there often. Although Marbury Park is a ...Read full memory

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