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Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich

Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich

Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich Ref: 42146

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Memories of Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich

The Death of Marbury Hall

Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich
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I remember this beautiful building from my childhood and can remember how the old Northwich Rural Council ordered its destruction. To me this was an act of local aurthority vandalism never surpassed in the UK. The hall should have been handed over to the nation and then maintained by the newly formed Natioanl Trust. The councillors who ordered the destruction were never held to account and over the following years quietly retired when the councils became Vale Royal District Council.

Marbury Hall 1956

Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich
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In the 1950s ICI had what was even then a slightly old fashioned ethos - they cared for their employees beyond the workbench! In those days the workers participated in a share scheme which meant that workers benefitted financially from the company's successes. But more than that each Christmas this once great company organised a  Christmas party at Marbury Hall for workers and their families - and all of the kids received Christmas presents - in some cases perhaps the only Christmas presents they got. I can remember the excitement of the day and of going home feeling that I had enjoyed myself tremendously!

What a pity the old hall was knocked down! A hall like that, so full of local history should surely have been saved! Those who participated in its end should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Marbury Hall

Marbury Hall 1898, Northwich
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I am the co- author of 'A house with Spirit' a tribute to Marbury Hall, and loved reading all the comments about your memories at Marbury. I have lots of original photographs in my possession of the Hall and welcome any of you to contact me at any time, as I totally understand your love of Marbury. It casts a spell over anyone who has been there.

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Happy Hartford

When I turned 13 my family moved from Warrington to Hartford, and although I only lived there for a little over four years, these four years provide some of the happiest times of my early life. 13 must be one of the worst times to start a new school in a new town, that I can think of. I attended Hartford Boys School (I believe that the name changed shortly after I left the area) However, I was befriended and accepted quickly. This of course was the time of Mersey beat, and what an exciting time for 13 and 14 year olds. I was fortunate enough to live in Abbey Way, Hartford right next door to Richard Oakes, and across the road from Martin Perry, who were two guitar playing members of the Hartbeats (a local group). Well, it was instant hero worship. They were not only in a group but played at dances for money!. So I did what any self respecting teen would do, I got them to... Read more

My Days in Northwich

I was born in Northwich in 1966, however I moved here to Lancashire in 1980 but I still consider time in Northwich as being the best days of my life. I moved here when I was 14, I lived in Greenhall Road and my best friend Tracey lived on Victoria Road. We were great friends then and still remain friends now even though we both moved away from the area. Most of my best memories were boys boys boys... probably is when your 13 and 14! I used to love the town - Tracey and I would finish school on Friday nights get dressed up and straight to the Rudheath youth club, then Saturdays down the town chippy first though, then downtown, bought a few records, then for a drink in Popormbies cream soda was great, then to Woolworths to look at more records, messed about in the phone box for a while (like you do at that age god knows why). Then home, usually round to my Auntie Nonie's... Read more

Happy Days at The Terminus

The Bus Station c1955, Northwich
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Oh my goodness, this takes me back. Many happy memories of times spent at Northwich Bus Station. There was a photo booth that was housed to the right of the building in the photograph. Me and my friend Amanda Grandy spent quite a bit of dosh doing our random silly face shots in there. There was also a great little cafe to the extreme left of the photo who did an amazing cornish pasty with gravy - well it tasted good to us 13 - 15 yr olds who regularly met up there or hung about outside or on the terminus. Happy memories. x

Ardern's Carpets at The Bottom of Castle

Castle Street c1965, Northwich
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At the bottom of Castle, going down towards the bridge on the left was Ardern's Carpets. this belonged to the father of my friend Mary Ardern, she would have been about 10 in 1960. If anybody knows where she is now, I'd love to be in touch! After being a carpet shop, it became a car showroom, and I think the entire building is now gone.

Opening of Hartford Secondary Modern School

Hartford Secondary Modern School c1960, Northwich
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Peter Drinkwater is mistaken with regards to the opening date of the school. As the first Head Boy I can assure him the school opened in 1956 as a co-educational school. It was later officially opened by Sir John Foster, M.P for Northwich. I still have the original invite etc. The first Head Girl was Sylvia Gre(a)y. Peter is right though, it was a good happy school. Best wishhes to all the former pupils. My grandaughter is now a pupil in the second year. Happy memories.

Marbury And The Old Hall

Old Houses 1903, Northwich
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I was born in Marbury in 1952. My father worked for ICI. I have wonderfull memories of Marbury especially the old hall. My maiden name was Campbell and I had 3 sisters, Pauline, Christine and Caroline, also a brother, Andrew. I have an obsession with Marbury and go back there often. Although Marbury Park is a beautiful place now I feel the magic has gone, along with the hall. When I was a child I spent many hours in the hall because my friend Isabel lived there with her family. We spent many happy hours exploring and lots of time looking for the Marbury lady. I cannot believe this wonderful building was demolished. If there is anyone out there who remembers our family please get in touch, email:

Hartford Secondary Modern School

Hartford Secondary Modern School c1960, Northwich
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Me and my late twin brother started at this school in 1953, the school was mixed. We were the first ones to be there, it was a brand new school. Fred Beech was the headmaster, he was a grand man and would always listen to you. Mr Phipps was PE teacher, Mr Williams wood work, Miss Hunt music, Mr Bolton art, Mr Simpson RE. THIS WAS A SMASHING SCHOOL, the pupils were all a credit to the teachers. We left there in 1957 but what lovely memories we had. We used to run from Hartford School home to Leftwich nearly every day, some days we would catch the bus home, it was a penny in them good old days.

Brunner House Fond Memories

Brunner House c1960, Northwich
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I started my working life here at Brunner House as a 16 yr old mail girl. I helped to sort out all the mail, then deliver to all of the offices. An opening became available in the filing room with Margaret Johnson. I got on very well with Margaret and had a lot of respect for her vast knowledge. I also worked in transport accounts and finally as a Secretary. I typed for many of the Managers there including John Dunbavand, and Derek Isherwood. I have extremely fond memories of my time at Brunner House and all the friends I have met. Many of which I still have today, like the lovely Irene Thomas, who everyone loves. I left ICI to have my daughter who is now 28yrs old. Good grief where did all those years go..

My Old School

Hartford Secondary Modern School c1960, Northwich
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Hartford Secondary Modern School, Northwich brings back very fond memories. The teachers were very good and enthusiastic, encouraging us all to do well.
Mr Beech was the Headmaster, very keen on cricket. Mr Baines Assistant Head, who was a lovely man, full of good advice. Miss Hunt an outstanding Music Teacher. I remember a romance between our P.E Teacher and History teacher, they eventually got married I think. Miss Bird was our Gardening teacher, she should have been on TV with all the gardening tips she gave us! Miss Allinson was our English teacher, and very good.
Those were the days when there was great respect for the teachers, and the Hartford Secondary Modern teachers were full of enthusiasm.
Sadly we moved from the area, and I had to leave this school, but it has left lots of good memories. The next school I attended in Folkestone was not at all good, and I left school at 14yrs because I was so disillusioned with it.
Valerie... Read more

London Road

Crooked Houses 1903, Northwich
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These 'crooked houses' existed until recently. A friend of mine lived in one of them. They occupied the opposite side of the road and just down from the old workhouse, and were probably shaken as much by traffic on the railway (about 100yards to the left of the picture) as anything.

Joe Allmans Junk Shop

Old Houses 1903, Northwich
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This shop had solid soil floors. It was full of old junk which now I suppose would be classed as antiques. Joe Allman was the owner and was made to leave as the Council stated that the building was unfit for human occupation; another great blunder by the local council that seems to be hell bent on removing anything of interest in Northwich.  The shop was situated at the bottom of Winnington hill, next door to the barrel roofed house (again destroyed) reputed to have been built by Navies who put their canal tunnel building to use.

Always my 'Home' Town.

I was born in Bucklow Hill outside Altrincham in 1945. I lived at 60, Cromwell Rd, Winnington Park. At the age of 5 I started to attend Winnington Park Junior School. I was living with my grandparents at the time. My friends at that time were Frank Kidd, John Harrison, Roy Stanley, Roger Dickinson, John Flaherty & Alan Williamson, all who lived in Cromwell Rd. As there were very few cars at the time and even fewer motorised 'vans', I remember the horse & cart used by a local vegetable seller to bring his wares around. Just off Cromwell Rd was a long back entry that lead down to Verdin's Park. That was where the small shop used to be that I went to collect my grandmother's 'food rations' from. I have vivid memories of the building of the new railway sidings close to Verdin's Park & the footbridge that spanned them. A couple of very large, grand houses were demolished to make way for the sidings. Verdin's Park... Read more

Sir John Deanes

My old school, unchanged when I was there in the mid/ late 70s. I returned for visit in 2007 old building unchanged then as well. Memories of wooden school rooms, chalk and those cranky mobiles from NE8 onwards.

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