Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

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Memories of Norwich

Loves First Kiss

This is the park where Sam and I had our first kiss! xx

Charles Barlow 1813

My great great great grandfather, Charles Barlow was baptised in St Michael at Thorn 13.6.1813, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Stark). His uncle was James Stark, Norwich School of Painters, and his grandfather was ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Lisa Lipman

Family Memory

My father's grandfather used to own Brundall Gardens, he has some photographs of us standing on the steps with great-grandfather holding me when I was a baby, he also has photographs of my brother who is a year older than I in the ...Read full memory

Jenny Lind Hospital

I was admitted to this children's hospital in the winter of 1961 aged 5 years, with acute asthma. I remember clearly a green bathroom with lots of hot water pipes and being bathed twice in a morning as I daren`t tell the ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Steph Tyler

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