Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

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Memories of Norwich

1948 1951

I joined the Norwich Post Office in 1948 as a telegram messenger boy.The entrance at that time was in King Street for us .I remember going into the loft above the counter from where the officials used to watch the counter staff.There ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Michael Rowe

Jenny Lind Hospital

I was admitted to this children's hospital in the winter of 1961 aged 5 years, with acute asthma. I remember clearly a green bathroom with lots of hot water pipes and being bathed twice in a morning as I daren`t tell the ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Steph Tyler

Visiting My Great Uncle Ted

I visited Ber Street on a regular basis in the early 1960s as my great uncle lived there. This was pre-school days for me. My mum was born in Twiddy's court which is now Warminger's Court. I remember walking up ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Yvette Ballance

A Wonderful Childhood At St Catherines

My late father, Rev H Roderick Carter, was the Vicar at St Catherines from the early 1950's to about 1968. Living at the Vicarage meant that we had people coming and going all day, everyday. Mum was ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Richenda Carter

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