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Prince of Wales Road 1938, Norwich

Prince of Wales Road 1938, Norwich

Prince of Wales Road 1938, Norwich Ref: 88659

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Post Office And Prince of Wales Road 1896, Norwich
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I joined the Norwich Post Office in 1948 as a telegram messenger boy.The entrance at that time was in King Street for us .I remember going into the loft above the counter from where the officials used to watch the counter staff.There were about 26 of us boys then aged between 15 and 18 when we were called-up for National Service. Hail, rain, sleet and snow were not taken as an excuse for non-delivery - we always had to get there. We used motor-cycles then,125cc and 250cc BSA bikes (I topped the ton going along Plumstead Road, but don't tell anyone!) Prince of Wales Road was parking on odd and even dates then, and was very busy with the buses using the Thorpe Station as a terminus. Happy Days!

Forever Grateful

The Old Norfolk And Norwich Hospital 2004, Norwich
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Our precious daughter was born here February 13, 1975. This hospital and the entire staff of the NICU were responsible for her survival. She was born weighing three and a half pounds. Only due to their skilled and continued perseverance at her birth did she survive. Today she has become a surgeon, and is giving back for all that was given to her. We, as parents, will always hold this hospital, and the undying efforts of the staff in our hearts and prayers for giving us the greatest gift of our lives .

Hector Read

Read's Mill 2004, Norwich
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What a great picture as mother worked in the wooden ofice and i would walk from wolfe rd to meet her approx 1958 and back up ketts hill or sometimes gas hill.Happy days.If it was wet Mr Read made me go into mothers office to keep dry.


Rampant Horse Street 1891, Norwich
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I originally remember the (now) Debenhams being a bomb site on which cars were parked, then a new department store was built called Curls. The top floor boasted a verandah restaurant where, if I was good whilst out shopping, my mum would take me for a strawberry milk shake. The waitresses wore uniforms with little hats and when my mother`s dressmaking friend dressed my bride doll in the 60`s, I requested my bridesmaid doll had a head dress identical to those worn by the waitresses at Curls restaurant.

Jenny Lind Hospital

Jenny Lind Hospital 1901, Norwich
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I was admitted to this children's hospital in the winter of 1961 aged 5 years, with acute asthma. I remember clearly a green bathroom with lots of hot water pipes and being bathed twice in a morning as I daren`t tell the second bath nurse I had already been bathed that day! I remember my mother bringing a new pair of coffee and cream shoes for me to wear to go home at the end of my stay. I also remember on my subsequent physio appointments twice weekly, playing on a large rocking horse in the main hall.


Pine Banks Tower 2004, Norwich
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Worked at Norwich Union Head Office from 1978-1981 and have lots of happy memories of dances at Pinebanks. Met my husband at Norwich Union and in later years, early to mid 80`s, enjoyed the facility with our children, especially the Christmas Eve Family Evenings right up until 1997.

Visiting my Great Uncle Ted

Ber Street 1891, Norwich
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I visited Ber Street on a regular basis in the early 1960s as my great uncle lived there. This was pre-school days for me. My mum was born in Twiddy's court which is now Warminger's Court. I remember walking up alongside Surrey Street school and through an alley, to get onto Ber Street and across the road to get to my great uncle's home and business premises. There were 2 cottages there which were pulled down in the 1970's and left a space for several years. From the garden you could view the comings and goings of the trains and there was a lovely outside toilet with a bench-like seat made from pine. I always feel sad when I drive along Ber Street, as it seems to have lost its character.

Post Office

Post Office And Prince of Wales Road 1896, Norwich
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I vaguely remember being taken into the Post Office. I was aware that my father held me and I was corrected as I wanted to take the pen out of his top pocket whilst waiting for my mother. I remember it as being very large and spacious.

Norwich Art School

Samson And Hercules House, Tombland 1929, Norwich
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I attended Norwich Art School about 1963. Long hair, self opinionated, and arrogant (I thought I was a beatnik) with a long haired girlfriend, Barbara Lowe. I remember especially the night about six of us climbed across the roof and into the Garth after some College 'do' to kip down. What a larf !! We were young then and could go anywhere and do anything. My friend was Erik Raven. If there is anyone who can remember me and these times, and wants to contact me, please do.

A Wonderful Childhood at St Catherines

St Catherines Church, Mile Cross 2004, Norwich
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My late father, Rev H Roderick Carter, was the Vicar at St Catherines from the early 1950's to about 1968. Living at the Vicarage meant that we had people coming and going all day, everyday. Mum was very supportive of Dad taking her part in helping to run a very large Parish. The Vicarage garden was large and we had many friends enjoying playing games with us. I loved going out onto the Aylsham Road where we would throw sticks up into the tall 'conker' trees and take our booty home to 'roast' them in the Aga to make them hard for the next conker fight! It was a wonderful childhood - going for a Sunday afternoon family walk upon Mousehold Heath or Ringland, playing on the slides and swings at Wensum Park and drinking from the fountain. I sang in the choir under old Mr Hammond - we looked so angelic in our blue robes and blue hats! Ringing the bells was a special treat. During... Read more

Love of Norwich

Samson And Hercules House, Tombland 1929, Norwich
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There were many very fond visits to the 'Sam and Herc', Elm Hill, the birth of our daughter, and our much loved home in Norwich.

Monday Nights

Samson And Hercules House, Tombland 1929, Norwich
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Will always remember the Monday nights with Howard Platts disco such happy memories of young love.

The Waggon & Horses

Samson And Hercules House, Tombland 1929, Norwich
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From 1942 to 1960, I lived at the Waggon & Horses Pub next to the Samson. My memories are as a young boy listening to the sounds of all the big bands that played at the Samson. The kitchen staff used to open their windows at night so the music flowed across to my bedroom window. Samson nights were one of the weekly highlights in Norwich, then. And they laid on a late night Bus to get you home!

Royal Hotel And PO

Royal Hotel And Post Office 1901, Norwich
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ref w46672. The PO is the second building on the right with the columns. The nearer brick building is The Agricultural Hall. The old Cattle Market was behind this. Anglia TV set up studios in this building and renamed it Anglia House.

POW Road Norwich

Agricultural Hall Plain And Prince of Wales Road 1938, Norwich
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The wide area in the foreground is actually Agricultural Hall Plain. Prince of Wales Road starts in the background. Roads are quite rare in Norwich - they are mainly streets, lanes, plains and gates.

Love of my Life

Samson And Hercules House, Tombland 1929, Norwich
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I was stationed at RAF Coltishall and earned money working weekends at the Heartsease Pub on the Heartsease Estate where the Norwich footballers drank!

I met a lovely girl called Joy Collings who lived in Portersfield Road, and fell madly in love and we became an item. Unfortunately, due to a posting to Berlin in 1968, absence did not make the heart grow fonder for Joy and we broke up. I will always remember her with love and affection for she stole my heart like no other woman has since.

John Stroud, now an ex-pat on the Costa del Sol.

Family Memory

Brundall Gardens 1922, Norwich
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My father's grandfather used to own Brundall Gardens, he has some photographs of us standing on the steps with great-grandfather holding me when I was a baby, he also has photographs of my brother who is a year older than I in the gardens with the stone statues.  My father being the eldest son would have inherited the house and gardens.  Unfortunately his grandfather's second wife sold it and it now  a housing estate.

Loves First Kiss

Castle Gardens 1891, Norwich
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This is the park where Sam and I had our first kiss! xx

The Blue Room

I was having a pint in The Blue Room pub [now The Compleat Angler] on June 10, 1962 while waiting for my train to depart from Thorpe Station to Shippea Hill for my return to RAF Mildenhall. In walked 'the love of my life' with her mum...we dated until my return [Nov. 5, 1962] to the US for military discharge. We lost contact [no available telephones or computers then] and we made contact once again in August 2009...we married on Sept. 11, 2010 and are now living in the USA.

Charles Barlow 1813

My great great great grandfather, Charles Barlow was baptised in St Michael at Thorn 13.6.1813, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Stark). His uncle was James Stark, Norwich School of Painters, and his grandfather was Michael Stark, Chemist and dyer of Norwich, formerly Fife Scotland and his grandmother Jane Elizabeth Ivory. At age 21 Charles was convicted for stealing a silver ring and gold pin and sentenced to 7 years in Australia....this is my first visit to Norwich and I sit here now typing this......I will be back. If you have any info or connection to this family tree I welcome contact at would love to find family from this tree.

Early Years

Too much to say, so in brief: lived on Wolfe Road, played on Mousehold, fireworks night great and sledged on cardboard in the summer and sledge in the snow; watched the soldiers in Brittania Barracks and them lowering the flag just outside the main gates in a railed enclosure long gone; horses at Nelson Barracks at the bottom of Ketts Hill; collected old newspapers which I stacked on old pram wheels which I took to Warmingers by the river to get pocket money; stood on Carrow railway bridge to watch the steam trains, and Derek Warman's father was a signalman so sometimes we went to the signal box, that box has now gone; was photographed by the EDP with Dennis Mathews; watching the old knife sharpener on Brittania Road - still have the photo; used to swim in the rivers around Norwich, no Health & Safety then, we had to use our own common sense; the Heartsease was an open field, saw the first house and at the end of... Read more

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