Nuneaton, Newdegate Street c.1945

Nuneaton, Newdegate Street c.1945

Neg. N89009

Memories of Nuneaton

Queens Road

My family live at the top of Fife Street and always have. I really started to notice the town when I was about 7 (1968). The places I would go to when I was young (mainly with my mum) were;, The Beehive wool shop on the corner ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton by Kay Hope

Abc Minors Club

Seeing the photograph of the old Ritz cinema reminded me of the time when I was a member of the Ritz Minors Club from approx. 1947 until 1952. We all paid 6 old pence to have a morning at the "pictures" watching films like Flash ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton by Donald Baxter

St Joseph's R.C. High School, Morris Drive

My name was Margaret Dooley, I have never met anyone that I went to school with since I left at 15 in 1971. I lived in Coventry but went to school in Nuneaton, at the senior school. I lived in Bucks ...Read full memory

A memory of Nuneaton

The Weekend

I remember calling for my friend Josie who lived in Princes street.We would walk down coton road towards the town and go in a chip shop there.We would sit in the small room at the back and order a plate of chips smothered in mushy ...Read full memory

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