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Sandhurst Street

My grandmother, Dolly Harding lived at number one, Sandhurst Street. I was brought up at Davenport Avenue. At that time, before all the new houses were built around Foxhunter Drive and Chesnut Avenue, the way to the infant school was down Davenport Avenue, along Iliffe Avenue, across to Cartwright Drive then up the "Black Pad" to Sandhurst Street. The geese in the field it crossed (Chesnut Avenue) were always a threat! I think they belonged to Billy Goddard. Opposite the school, where the car park is now was a (to me) large glass house that sold flowers etc. Nan's house was a tiny end of terrace house which still had a water pump (though not then used) but on the outside of the house there were the remains of a telephone connection which had been put in when the house was used by the Conservatives on election days.

Written by Robert Maddocks. To send Robert Maddocks a private message, click here.

A memory of Oadby in Leicestershire shared on Monday, 9th August 2010.

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RE: Sandhurst Street

I also was scared to death by those geese, I used to run thru that field, on my way to get the bus. Down by the infant school was a factory that I worked at for a while, then I went to one at Wigston. We used to watch the threshing machine, and people waiting to kill the poor little mice that would try to escape from being thrown on the belt, that left an impression on me! I grew up on Brabazon Road, next door to the Ellson family, they had the bakery. I got married in 1958, and two years later moved to the USA. I would love to hear more, we may even know one another, I still have a friend living on Lliffe Avenue, and keep in touch with another old neighbour. My maiden name was Seton, I had an older brother Stuart, who passed on in 1997, he loved to remember old times. I would love to hear more, Christine.

Comment from Christine Price on Wednesday, 1st September 2010.

RE: Sandhurst Street

Hi Christine, I was 8 in 1958 and my memories of Brabazon Road are vague. I cannot recall what it looked like before Chesnut Avenue etc were built, no matter how hard I try. I will ask my brother if he remembers the Setons. The few people I was aware of were Pat Collins, who ran Oadby Town and a young man who had Downs syndrome. My mother used to take me to see a friend of hers on the right side of Brabazon Road, going down to Wigston Lane. I remember nothing of her. The Ellsons were cousins of the Hardings but I never knew this or really knew them. I didn't even know they lived on Brabazon Road. We shopped at Joe Bramall's on Brabazon Road. If we are not to bore others with our private conversation, you can find me at

Comment from Robert Maddocks on Wednesday, 1st September 2010.

RE: Sandhurst Street

My Grandmother and Great Aunt and Uncle lived at 15 Sanhurst Street. I am now 61 and remember visiting them every Saturday from a very young age. I used to play in the street. The school was opposite their house. My Great Great Grandfather is James Hawker the poacher. I remember going to Mabel's fish and chip shop for scratchings. Happy days before the big change in the 1960s.

Comment from Louise Thornhill on Sunday, 15th January 2012.


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